@David_Cameron @UKLabour shame on those defending Hunt and destroying #NHS

September 19, 2015

This is really so shameful that I had to get it onto Twitter from Facebook. One wonders what Hunt has to do to earn the condemnation of any of our Centrist(?) MP’s. Surprisingly the same people advanced the argument that this situation had been ended by joing the EU . Just another EU lie.:

Níall Ó Gréacháin

I’m a 24 year old Junior Doctor, currently in an A&E post in the North East of England. Having just finished shift tonight and finally gotten home, I’ve arrived into an quiet house, my two house mates in bed, most likely asleep as most people are at this time of the morning.
I haven’t seen my housemates in 4 days. That said, I’m not quite sure when I will see them next, as the next day I finish work before midnight is next Saturday.
That will be 13 days straight that I haven’t seen those people that I live with.
I haven’t had a proper meal in nearly a week, just a few bites of a sandwich whenever I get a chance. The first break I got tonight was 22:30. I had 5 minutes before being called back to resus.
Tonight, I’ve held the hand of a old lady with advanced dementia, who had fallen over and injured her hip. I held her hand while she screamed and punched at those around her, she was frightened. She didn’t know what was happening.
Tonight, a middle aged man was brought into to resus; sweaty, clammy, dizzy and genuinely frightened.
He thought he as going to die.
His heart was literally beating that fast it couldn’t adequately perfuse his body. And he was scared, and his wife was too. She looked at me, ‘But Doctor, he’s going to be okay isn’t he?’
Tonight I had a young woman who had drank a bottle of whiskey, passed out and was brought in via ambulance.
She was of course nothing but pleasant to me and the rest of the emergency staff. How dare I interrupt her sleep to ask her some questions.
Tonight I got paid less than a manager of a fast food store.
Subway, McDonalds, KFC.
They all get paid more than me and my colleagues.
Tonight I face the news that the government has imposed a renewed contract upon us junior doctors, more hours, less pay.
The government states that hours worked between 7am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday, would be ‘Normal Working Hours’ and not be afforded premium pay.
Tonight, I’m now questioning myself why? What is the whole point of this anymore?
Am I, and the rest of the over worked, underpaid, under-valued junior doctors worth less than a manager of a fast food outlet? Do we matter that little in society that its acceptable for the government to impose a real terms pay cut in the region of 30%. THIRTY PERCENT, when MP’s have just taken a 10% pay rise.
Tonight I ask you to question, do you feel this is fair?

@no2id FOI to cost more but spooks want greater access to our privacy. Brits for sale

September 19, 2015

In a perfect world, there’d be no terrorists.
In a perfect world, there’d be no need for MI5 snooping on everyone.
In a perfect world, there’d be no need to worry about intelligence services ( spooks for short ) opening your mail, listening in on your phone conversations, recording your computer browsing, including any adult viewing, or marital infidelities etc.
It’d be nice to believe that the spooks could be trusted with your intimicies, as if they were medical professionals.
But there’s the rub:
Since the onset of privatisation of the NHS, the disclosure of personal details has become a source of concern.
Government in recent years have seen voters and their details as saleable commodities.
They have privatised the Office of National Statistics, who sell their anonymised data to Marketeers etc.
They have privatised the Swansea DVLA, who now offer car registration details for sale. This has led formerly free car parks, to become money makers, with firms able to send invoices for parking on what is private land belonging to supermarkets etc.
To an extent these invasions of privacy can be loftily dismissed, by a certain type of person, as trivial and legitimate business practices.
The real problem is deeper in that it gives greater power to politicians; whom we all trust implicitly?
Already in the USA, where their FOI laws have more teeth, it has been found that politicians have used (illicit) access to personal communications to besmirch political opponents.
Considering the nature of our own politicians, I, personally, do not trust them to show any integrity.
Consider Andrew Mitchell and Plebgate, Tony Blair and Iraq, Mandelson and anything  that irked him. Consider the latest Tory campaign to get Corbyn.
OK! You’re just an ordinary member of the Public. Suppose you expressed concern, on Facebook, over an issue, you had uncovered, would you feel safe, if some private indiscretion suddenly became public?
Getting paranoid?

I am.

It’s past time to rebuff the banshee’s of feminism, homophobia, racism etc.

September 14, 2015

The recent story about the man, who refused to leave the train seat, which had been reserved by a heavily pregnant woman, shows how feminism has messed things up.
Not only did this boor prove himself a bully and a snide, he proved how the rest of those on board had been intimidated by this perverted dogma.
A recent TV program (It was alright in the 70’s) poked fun at the attitudes of that era, ignoring the fact that it was that generation which brought in the legislation, intended to end racial prejudice, homosexual prejudice and female inequality.
It is the present generation which has taken the victim culture to the present extreme position, where this man felt safe from censure by those present.
Back in the bad old days, no man, even a sadistic bully, would have dreamt of sitting, whilst a heavily pregnant woman was made to stand. This would have also applied, if he had booked the seat, himself.
If he had remained seated, others would have been quick to enjoin him, possibly forcibly, to offer his place to her.
I know that many of the present generation would offer their seats and would have disliked this boorish behaviour.
The point is that we are scared of the banshee’s, always so ready to launch an attack on anyone who betrays even the slightest hint of behaviour that can be misconstrued as racist, homophobic, or sexist. Ageism, fattism, lycra-wearism and no doubt other -isms, which seem to be awaiting legalisation and social legitimacy.
I’ve no doubt that in another generation they’ll be mocking this pathetic social malaise, if we haven’t all become totally paranoid before that time.

#SocialismToday #Corbyn time to win the battle of the Media.

September 14, 2015

Blairites describe themselves as moderates and modernists. All semantically euphonious.
They describe Corbyn supporters using Tory terms of abuse, such as Marxist and fantasists; all with negative connotations
This needs attention;
e.g.Blairites are hawkish, right-wing careerists.
Corbyn supporters are caring, populist, Labour-traditionalists.
Right-wing politicians from UK are going to the States and soaking up the lessons on propaganda gleaned from Goebbels and refined by their own marketing techniques. In the process they are being seduced into adopting Republican values and seeing them as normal.
If Corbyn is to be successful, he needs to counter this acceptance of American political values (basically what we’d think of as Victorian e.g. the Poor deserve contempt) and begin pushing notions of fair treatment and true equality of opportunity.

Don’t privatise BBC2

August 29, 2015

Letter to Daily Express 28/8/15

When we talk of BBC, we usually think of BBC1

There, we’ve lost Newsnight to a Luvvies gabfest show.

Breakfast News has become a chat show plugging theatre productions, various artistes and charity sponsored cause célèbre.
Question Time seems to have become a platform for politicians to practise re-gurgitating their party lines.
Whilst Daily Politics seems to have edged closer and closer to a vehicle for pushing the Andrew Neil World view.
BBC can’t openly run advertising breaks, so seems to have opted for expensive and annoying promo’s of upcoming programs.
It has lost a lot of its justification for remaining independent.
Except for BBC2.
BBC2 has always produced shows, which cater for those, who aren’t entertained by:

Reality(?) shows, which seem to rely on humiliation.

Variety acts, which rely on hooping and hollering to mask the their low standard.

Soaps and other melodrama, with constant major tragedies and screeching women.
BBC2 has always shown quality programs on Science, History and all those area’s, which Libraries categorise as non-fiction.
Now I find that BBC2 has restored the News program with its “Victoria Derbyshire”.
I’ve only seen it with Naga Munchetty, but she is perfect in this role, delivering and presenting without any sign of bias, or hidden agenda.
If the BBC is privatised, it’d be nice if this channel could be kept, separately, as a Public Broadcast Service.

Tories seem to be throwing every argument they can think of to stop Corbyn

July 25, 2015

Letter to Daily Epress 24/7/15

Whether or not Jeremy Corbyn wins to leadership of the Labour party is not something that those supporting the Tory party have any say on. In fact they do not have any right to a say on it, having cast their vote elsewhere.

If Corbyn does win, it will be because a very large number of voter’s believe that the present Labour Party does not represent them.

Each attack on Corbyn’s belief’s, is an attack on those voter’s and will be seen as an attempt to stifle them and deny them a say in how the country is run.

At present David Cameron and his supporter’s are triumphalist in their ability to impose their belief’s on how the country should be run.

George Osborne is almost bursting with pride at the apparent stamp of approval for his handling of the Economy. So much so that he approaches the despatch box with an overwhelming and almost gleeful confidence, announcing even greater austerity with another huge hack at departmental budgets.

Corbyn’s support is coming from those, who have already been sacrificed in the name of austerity.

It will not be lessened by denigrating the views of those at the bottom of the heap, or by threatening to swell their ranks.

The most ridiculous aspect is that there are member’s of the Labour Shadow Cabinet, who are still denying that it is Labour voter’s who are supporting Corbyn.

Tony Blair’s speech is reminiscent of a compere berating the audience, for not clapping the acts

Only those brought up in Islam and converts are joining Isis.

July 25, 2015

Letter to Daily Epress 24/7/15


It is an abuse of the English language for Abdul Quddus to say there is no link between Islam and terrorism.

It would be perfectly fair to say there should’nt be any link between Islam and terrorism but that is not what we keep hearing.

He, and other apologists do not help the situation by denying the link.

It is not Christians, Hindu’s, Buddhist’s, Jain’s or atheists journeying to join Isis and kill anyone who does not accept their version of Islam.

We know they are killing mainly other Muslims but the clue is in the word “other”.

Imam’s, such as Abdul, need to look at what aspects of Islam are being perverted and used to persuade member’s of their community to join Isis.

They need to then ask themselves, if they are explaining their belief’s properly, or are they perhaps sending out conflicting messages, as Christianity once did: e.g. Love thy neighbour but kill witches!

which petitions are from plebs and which from Government?

July 25, 2015

Letter to Daily Epress 23/7/15

I’ve just received an e-mail from 38degrees.org.uk, saying:
“In a matter of days or even hours, our Environment Minister may allow banned toxic chemicals to be used on UK fields. It’s the profit hungry pesticide industry vs. our beautiful countryside.

Liz Truss, the Environment Minister, is about to decide whether to rubber stamp a request to ignore the European ban on bee-killing pesticides, and allow them on our fields this autumn. Even her own experts rejected the application, but they’ve now been gagged by the government. It’s all pretty dodgy. But it’s not too late.”

Of course it is important that bees are protected (for commercial reasons, if for nothing else) but what concerns me is that Government is alleged to be going against the EU on such an issue, which can not really be a cause that they’d wish to defend, when they roll over to have their bellies tickled on every other edict emanating from Brussels.

It’s also an issue, on which I’d expect 38degrees to achieve success.

So how has this story come out?
This disconnect makes me wonder if this is the beginning of a black propaganda campaign to persuade the “concerned” section of the electorate that they need to be protected by the EU.
I’m also wondering if we will see other straw-man issues, where the EU can ride to the rescue, distributing largesse.

will NHS charges come in before Labour elects a leader?

July 25, 2015

Letter to Daily Epress17/7/15

It has been published that The Government proposes to set up an inquiry into moving to a “pay NHS”.
I appreciate that they can’t just issue a statement that this will happen, after denying it in their manifesto; however it does seem an awful waste of money just to be able to provide a defence that their manifesto was untruthful about not charging for NHS use.
Nobody believes any political Manifesto, anymore, do they?

Plus even the simplest minded voter knows that inquiries aren’t to enquire but either to justify, or to bury policy.
As this inquiry would be of the first type, I bet that, if it goes ahead, it’ll publish a lot quicker than Chilcott.

MEP’s seem to have little real power, except as squabbling rubber stamps

July 25, 2015

I’m very much against the EU and even more against it’s willingness to sign us up to TTIP, so willingly sign any petition against the TTIP.

I signed two such, little realising that one was Labour and one was Tory inspired.

I was angered to find that Labour MEP’s had voted against an amendment and wrote to query the reason.

I have since received a response, which makes it clear that I was being played in a game of Party Politics.

I have put my re-response first:


Thank you for your response, it helped clarify the politics of what’s happening.
I was under the misapprehension that MEP’s were like MP’s, whereas your description makes them appear more as the House of Lords. The only query left is whether, or not, you can be guillotined, i.e. forced to pass legislation, with which you disagree.


Labour MEP Response

From: theresa.griffin@europarl.europa.eu
Subject: Response to your email on TTIP
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 16:46:29 +0000

Good afternoon,

On behalf of the Labour MEPs for the North West of England, thank you for your email and please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to you.

The European Parliament has been working on a resolution on the ongoing negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) for the past number of months.

The European Parliament has no formal power while trade negotiations are ongoing, but it has the power to veto any trade deal once negotiations are concluded. In order to influence the TTIP negotiations at this stage, Labour MEPs have been pushing the European Parliament to adopt a text setting out clearly what we want to see in the final agreement and what we reject. This is one of the most significant means at our disposal to ensure that TTIP negotiators take the public’s concerns into account. The vote on this resolution took place on Wednesday 8 July.

The specific amendment you mentioned in your email regarding section 1 point b point vii was tabled by conservative MEPs to weaken a Labour amendment. We had managed to introduce a strong paragraph calling for a full exclusion of all public services from TTIP, however conservative MEPs were trying to remove a crucial element of this paragraph.

I was not prepared to accept this. Labour MEPs will not accept TTIP if it endangers in any way our public services, and we have made it clear that we will vote against the final deal if this is case. We therefore decided that we would vote against the European Parliament resolution if this conservative amendment was adopted.

Please remember that this vote is only to set the opinion of the European Parliament and it may be many more years before a TTIP agreement emerges. When this happens, MEPs will have to decide whether to ratify or to veto the deal. We will review the deal on its merits, and oppose any TTIP that endangers our public services, our standards or our democratic rights.

As Labour MEPs we are clear that our redlines are the protection of public services and a rejection of ISDS. We also need to ensure that TTIP increases workers’ rights and environmental standards.

Thank you again for your interest in this important issue.

Best wishes,

Theresa Griffin


Theresa Griffin
MEP for the North West of England
ASP 13 G 310
European Parliament
Rue Wiertz 60
B-1047 Brussels

Phone +32 228 45 271
Fax +32 228 49 271

LOW 7 T 67
European Parliament
1 av. du Président Robert Schuman
F-67000 Strasbourg

Phone +33 3881 75 271
Fax +33 3881 79 271

Email theresa.griffin@ep.europa.eu
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