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Rishi Dhir @dhirhunter help save #NHS

July 30, 2016
Photo published for STAND UP - Dr Rishi

STAND UP – Dr Rishi

JUNIOR DOCTOR PENS PROTEST ANTHEM WITH STAR MUSICIAN DAVE RANDALL (Faithless, Dido, Sinead O’ Connor) The NHS is in trouble…junior doctor…

thank goodness fo the mute button

February 28, 2015

There a lots of things on TV, which irritate me, especially as I have to wear headphones to hear it without causing complaints from the neighbours. Mostly it’s whistling and the fact the adverts and promo’s are intentionally louder and, in some cases, deliberately ennervating.

However; there are certain adverts, which make me grab for the mute button on the remote control:

“Mummy, Teddy is feeling proper poorly”

“People are always asking me, which were my best interviews”

“there’s a mountain of money…

“the power to switch energy saver is …..

@VodafoneUKhelp. You’re right, I’m wrong. I still feel T&C scammed.

October 14, 2014

Obviously you’ve got me bang to rights but if you read the section, that I’ve repeated below, I’ve obviously misheard and I think I am agreeing to the new lower price, which he had offered of £4.50. I am pretty sure that the three months had not been mentioned in normal conversation. So you may be in the right but I still feel aggrieved and will be changing away, as soon as this over-priced contract is complete.

[5:02:29 PM] Visitor: ok. so you will just amend my present Direct Debit to the new lower figure. then I accept the T’s and C’s

[5:02:59 PM] Haseeb: That’s correct, the new price will replace your current price from midnight tonight!

[5:03:17 PM] Visitor: please go ahead



Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 16:50:38 +0000
Subject: RE: WRT165 [#8072024]

Hi Mr Shale,


Thanks for your reply.


Please find below the chat section where you were advised that the discount will be for the first 3 months only and then you accepted the terms and conditions.


[5:00:59 PM] Haseeb: You’ve chosen 300 minutes, 500 texts and 250MB of UK data allowance, at a cost of £9 per month with the first 3 months at half price.

[5:00:59 PM] Haseeb: You will receive a full allocation of minutes, texts and data, for your new price plan from midnight tonight.

[5:00:59 PM] Haseeb: Your bill will show your old tariff ending today and your new tariff starting from midnight tonight. For full details about products and services please refer to the Terms and Conditions with in your upgrade pack, or alternatively, at

[5:00:59 PM] Haseeb: All our price plans which include an unlimited element are for personal, non-commercial use.

[5:00:59 PM] Haseeb: We always try to keep charges as low as possible. But like other UK businesses, we sometimes have to put up our charges or change our services during your contract. We’ll tell you before we do this. You can read more about this in our Terms and Conditions (Sections 7a&b).

[5:00:59 PM] Haseeb: This agreement is for a minimum period of 12 months, plus any outstanding months from your old agreement.

[5:00:59 PM] Haseeb: Because you are billed in advance we will credit any unused part of your current price plan and you will be billed for your new one from midnight tonight. This means that you will pay from the start of the billing month until today on your old price, and from today until the end of your billing month at your new price. You will receive a full allocation of minutes/texts/data for your new price plan from midnight.

[5:00:59 PM] Haseeb: Your Billing date will remain the same, on or around the 18th of each month. This is when your allowances begin and end, if you pay by Direct Debit we will now take payment 7 days after your billing date, this may be slightly earlier than previous months.

[5:00:59 PM] Haseeb: You can give 30 days written notice at any time to terminate this agreement at the end of the minimum period. If you wish to cancel your contract before the end of the minimum period, you will be required to pay a termination charge. This charge is calculated by taking the remaining period of your contract and multiplying it by your monthly line rental. You must still pay all the line-rental charges left for the rest of the minimum period UNLESS (a) The agreement ends because Vodafone ends it giving 30 days notice, (b) You terminate because Vodafone is in material breach or changes the agreement to your material detriment, or (c) Vodafone terminates because it is permanently unable to provide the services.

[5:00:59 PM] Haseeb: Please let me know once you have read and accepted the terms of the above upgrade deal

[5:02:29 PM] Visitor: ok. so you will just amend my present Direct Debit to the new lower figure. then I accept the T’s and C’s

[5:02:59 PM] Haseeb: That’s correct, the new price will replace your current price from midnight tonight!

[5:03:17 PM] Visitor: please go ahead



As informed earlier, if you still wish to receive full information on the chat transcript, please contact our Privacy Team.



Darshit Soni
Customer Service Agent (eForum)

Vodafone Limited
Vodafone HQ, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN
Registered in England No 1471587

@thegreenparty I hate Junk Mail, especially now it’s privatised @David_Cameron

May 22, 2014

The postman delivered a load of snail mail spam this morning. Junk from British Gas, Virgin media, Matalan and the Co-op.
A total equivalent to 8 sheets of highly glossed A4, which is not easily recyclable.
The last is my bone of contention.
I’ve immediately filed them in the appropriate wheelie bin (stuck in front of my house and not enhancing its main aspect).
So, A privatised State asset, paid for via my taxes, is now being used to enrich mainly Yanks, dumping junk mail on me, which I am then paying to get rid of; all the while being berated by sanctimonious bastards complaining that I’m destroying the environment.
I’m getting screwed and then being blamed for inviting it. Sound familiar?

Why do I have to buy “The whole package”? especially package politics.

May 15, 2014

If I want to buy a Xmas Pudding, I am not forced to buy a Xmas hamper but when it comes to TV programs or politics that’s exactly what I’m faced with.

TV programs, first, because I’ve got a choice, of sorts .

I’ve always had to pay a TV licence to watch BBC1, so the Freeview package isn’t such an irritation. I can accept those other channels as freebies. The loud and prolonged adverts/promo’s/ station identifiers are a serious irritation but at least they don’t pick my pocket.

It’s Sky and Virgin, who really irk me.

Sky, I hate, because I remember the days when we had lots of free satellite TV, with channels such as Bravo, TNT, SiFi and Discovery.

Then Sky hijacked them and put them into packages. If I wanted to watch Discovery, I had to buy a package with  dozens of unrelated, mostly crap channels. With Sky it was “never mind the quality, count how many channels we offer”.

Same with Sky Sports, which I subscribed to. There was an occasional LFC match and regular Wigan RLFC games. Worth the money. I could ignore the endless turgid Golf, yachting and Cricket. Along came Sky Sports 1,2,3 etc. To ensure the same access you had to buy all these channels along with programmes on various bizarre activities, described as being Sports and numerous “celebrities” describing the thrills involved.

Still! I don’t have to watch them and I don’t have to pay for them and I can bin the incessant junk mail (may soon have to pay for that) and “f### off”  the incessant sales people.

With politics, it’s not so easy, because we have party (package) politics and I have to pay for these crapheads, by force of Law, through taxes.

I’m for free (quality) Education, free (quality) NHS, nationalised rail, water, fuel supplies and other essentials of everyday life. I’m for basic housing for all (if you want a large family pay extra for housing it).

I’m against political vanities such as the public funded “The Dome”, HS2, Chunnel etc.

I have no choice except to pick a package. The worse thing is that I effectively have to pick one item and choose a package that contains it. Worse it has to be a package, which has some slight chance of “winning”. This time arounf I’ll vote UKIP, even though it’s for privatisation, which I viscerally oppose.

At least I’m not a student, who voted for Lib Dems, because their package included free tuition (reminds me of Sky and their Sports packages and “Sky1 will always be free”).

I want to be able to pay for the TV channel, which I’m watching, not the 200+, which I’m not watching.

I want to vote on single political issues, not some pillock, who’ll use my vote for things I oppose.


Are re-branded goods better than counterfeit ones?

May 3, 2013

Years back we learned that own-brand tinned goods were often branded goods from end of runs.

We  then learned that loaves on a production line were often simply changed from one brand to another with the instruction to “change wrappers”.

Forumites, on Martin’s Moneytips, revealed that most digestive biscuits were made on the same production line, with only M&S having any quality control; basically the colour of the biscuits had to be in a certain range.

Then we found that various brands of TV were all being shipped from China with the casings being produced by their alleged European manufacturer’s.

The whole horsemeat saga showed up how much branding and the associated advertising actually meant.

Consider these in context of how nowadays, we, the customer’s, are constantly being chided for buying pirated/fake goods, with claims that we are funding criminal’s and terrorists.

I want to be a good citizen, so tell me how we are to differentiate between re-branded goods and some of the “fake” goods,  often made in the same factory, except by the extreme difference in profit margin.

Elections — fair and free. @guardian @daily_express

March 5, 2013

There will be Council elections in May but until the actual declaration, the main political parties are free to promote themselves, as much as they can afford, without worrying about the legal limits on spending on canvassing.

In our area, Labour dominates the Council, so we can expect the Council to be very active.

I’ve already noticed a gutter cleaner zoom up and down our street.

I expect a lot of cosmetic work on Council houses to commence shortly and for potholes to have temporary asphalt toppings.

I expect to see a lot of A5 flyers on streetlights, advertising the “think once, think twice, think bike” and the ” don’t drop litter” campaigns, or whatever free Gov’t campaign leaflets remain in stock.

I expect a lot of jolly pictures in the local press of Councillor’s handing out swimming certificates, or shaking hands with local voluntary groups.

I expect the Council will shortly put out their self congratulatory “Borough life” magazine, with more pictures of Councillors, along with the sort of information on this postcard that I have received.

labour cardlabour card2

My point is that new independent opposition are greatly disadvantaged, in terms of cost, use of Council resources and opportunities for free publicity.

In other safe seats, I assume Conservatives and LibDems are doing the same (Eastleigh?)

@ChrisDaviesMEP Strange new bit in the usual T&C’s. Time for some protection from unfair exploitation of the ACCEPT button.

August 18, 2012

It seems AVG is going commercial and I was offered a free copy of its driver update.

Of course it wasn’t free, only the scan was free.

Doubly annoying, because, whilst I do appreciate how AVG has protected me, I really do detest this scummy scam of offering freeware, only to say:

“We fooled yer!     We fooled yer!     It was only a free download.”

” If you want the free driver updates, you’ll have to BUY our program”.

Just h-a-t-e it.

Especially as it was probably knocked out by a programmer during his lunch hour.—————————————-


However the main point of this blog was the weird addition to the usual T&C’s. They seem to be inspired by the wave of control freakery, which is presently gripping the likes of the CIA and their counterparts, worldwide.

Why would someone trying to sell me a driver-updater find it necessary to add these demands:


As a condition precedent to your implementation of the “SlimWare Utilities Inc.” Program(s), you agree to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to your use of “SlimWare Utilities Inc.” Program(s). These laws include, but are not limited to, US and international copyright laws and all intellectual property laws as well as laws governing obscenity, possession and/or distribution of child pornography, violence against racial and/or gender groups, and other prohibited pornographic materials pursuant to federal, state and local laws. You acknowledge that depictions, images, portrayals, or other representations of public events and personalities, if any, constitute “fair use” and/or “parody” under state, federal and international definitions thereof. Finally, you acknowledge that the “SlimWare Utilities Inc.” Program(s) is a personal search tool and may NOT be used to:

  • Transmit content that is deemed unlawful, hateful, threatening, vulger, harassing, defamatory, abusive, obscene, invasive of another’s privacy, harmful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;
  • Harm minors in any way;
  • Impersonate any person or entity or to falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;
  • Forge headers or otherwise manipulate party or personal identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any content transmitted through any means;
  • Transmit any content that you do not have an explicit legal right to transmit under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships. This content can include, but is not limited to, inside information, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under nondisclosure agreements;
  • Transmit any content that infringes any trademark, patent, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party;
  • Transmit any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, limit or destroy the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment;
  • Violate, intentionally or unintentionally, any applicable local, state, federal or international law, including but not limited to securities exchange and any regulations having the force of law;
  • “Stalk” or otherwise harass another; or
  • Collect and/or store personal data about other users. You acknowledge and agree that “SlimWare Utilities Inc.” may preserve content and also disclose content if doing so is required by law or in the good faith belief that such preservation and/or disclosure is reasonably necessary to:

(a) comply with legal process;

(b) enforce this Agreement;

(c) respond to claims that any content violates the rights of third-parties; or

(d) protect the property, rights, or personal safety of “SlimWare Utilities Inc.”, its users and the public.

  • Monitor network traffic or make search requests with the intent to accumulate information about individual users.

I’ve no problem with compliance but why ask me to agree to it?

Usually, like most people, I don’t bother reading T&C’s anymore.

Problem is what next?

Will I download a piece of software one day and find that I’ve signed my soul over to the Devil, converted to Islam, bought a timeshare, subscribed to Reader’s Digest?

I hereby rebut all T&C’s which are not germane to the actual negotiation.

@BabylonDotCom @AskDotCom @Yahoo @NortonOnline Get your spyware off my computer.

August 15, 2012

I bought a laptop, It had Norton pre-installed, although I don’t like it and much prefer AVG, not just because it’s free, it’s also better and doesn’t slow my desktop down, while it transmits my keystrokes back to base.

I then read that it was Norton that had installed various add-ons. I don’t know what else it’s done but I disabled the add-ons and will try to clean them out later.

The add-ons are………….. TOOLBARS……………

On my desktop, I have Google (not Google+ or Google Chrome) as my exclusive home address, in I.E.9.

If I want to paste, or type an url into my address bar, I can just overwrite Google.

Not so with Babylon,Bing, Ask, Yahoo etc.

They all want to HELP me by turning my url into a “search” request and then offering me a load of options which have no relevance to the url that I have pasted, or laboriously typed, in.

They refuse to let me do it myself.

It’s my bloody computer.

I paid for it.

I pay for the broadband access.

What right have these companies to try to seize control of it?

They log the sites that you access (Google keeps all your searches for 6 months but passes them onto the CIA, who keep them forever…. betcha didn’t know that) and sells the details to spammers.

By spammers, I include the likes of Yahoo, who are the official BT email site, who slow down your access by making you wait, as various flash picture adverts are pasted onto your screen.

I am paying for this violation of my Broadband access and the disruption to my use of the Internet.

I have my emails transferred to Windows Mail (still advert free, at present), so I don’t  have to pay the ransom demand to have this SPAM removed. (I wouldn’t mind so much, if Yahoo was a well thought out site).

I seem to spend most of my on-line time, digging out these parasitic bits of software, cleaning cookies, deleting useless downloads, cleaning my registry of poorly uninstalled software, digging out PUPs, defragging, updating my antivirus, my anti spyware and the thousands of Windows patches.

I pray that one day Bill Gates will use his Billions to write a Windows platform that isn’t so riddled with trapdoors that hackers are drawn to the intellectual challenge of finding and exploiting them. Most of my RAM is tied up with these patches, which I can’t tidy up.

Government is trying to control the web and shut out the plebs. At the rate that Private Enterprise is finding news ways to  abuse and exploit it, they’ll do that job for them.

I’ll eventually give up and force myself to switch to Linux and learn its vagaries.

From what I’ve seen of Windows 8, this might be sooner rather than later.

@BTCare BTHomeHub3 seems to be causing a lot of concern

August 13, 2012

In desperation, having tried to get a wieless connection to my computer, I stumbled on this Forum on BT’s own website.

These aren’t newbies, like me.

They are old BT customers.

Basic message seems to be, either learn a programming language and do your own software patches or chuck the BTHomew hub3 and use another router. Many seem to be suggesting the BT home hub2 or a Netgear kit.

I was considering trying an old netgear router from a friend but my wife pointed out that I needed to use the BTHomehub3 for my BTvision+ (I assume this is correct).

So, a third Way seemed to be to use the land line gear and ethernet cables provided.

I was concerned that my house wasn’t set out in a manner that allowed me to use them, as advised, and that I’d have to buy extra long ethernet cabling.

Luckily they seem to be working via an extension multisocket (touch wood). and my homehub is close enough to the main phone socket to directly fit the ADSL  lead.

My wife’s got her BTvision+, I’ve got my desktop broadband. Just need to see if I got any drop-outs and if My wife can use her WII connection.

I’m desperate to avoid the £130 call out charge, which seems to be whole point of not actually fixing BThomehub3.

I’m also dreading having to tell the wife that she’d have to connect up her old cheap freeview box, if she wants the teletext service, after passing on BT’s little lie about getting Freeview services.

Here’s hoping that a big organisation like BT can find the technical help that it obviously needs to provide the service that it’s “suits” are advertising.