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Al Qaeda helps US to reduce carbon footprint

December 31, 2009

It seems Al Quaeda is doing its bit to combat Global Warming.

The Security overkill at U.S. airports, especially for those travelling on UK visa’s, must mean a reduction in flights to there.

 The consequent reduction in Carbon emissions will be greeted with cheers, by those heroes, who flew to Copenhagen, but were unable to agree on measures that they could use.

cut benefits and cut wages!

December 31, 2009

The line being taken, by those of the Right (such as the Political Editor of the Daily Express), that we should reduce the drain on the Economy, by the benefit system has some merit; Even though potential savings will be like spitting into the Wind, when considered alongside cash we have, generously donated to the Bankers.
However, the avowed intent to help people get off benefits by offering a hand up, needs to be considered in terms of the attacks by the Right on Unionists.
The pressure on those in work to take less pay and worsening conditions, hardly provides an incentive to come off benefits and take up employment in today’s workplace.
Put another way; you can’t give someone a hand up, while you’re standing on their neck.

ice on garden path

December 31, 2009

The sudden return to a traditional British Winter has caught many off-guard. Whilst the Salt Gritters can treat our roads, what can we do about our garden paths?
Few garden plants will tolerate Salt.
However those, who listened to their Physics teachers, will know that any substance that will dissolve in water, will have a similar effect.
I suggest using Chemical fertilizer.
The nitrate and phosphate salts will lower the freezing point of the ice and the subsequent run-off will benefit the garden.
Alternatively, instead of risking fines from the Council over all the extra waste from Xmas wrappings, why not build a bonfire. The ash produced will have a similar effect and will also act as a grit

WEP iced pavements

December 31, 2009

My leg is still stiff from slipping on an iced pavement in Wigan Centre and, although I appreciate the legal aspects, as pointed out by Ziganda, I would have been happier if the Council and local shops had cleared the ice for shoppers.
It’s ridiculous that Case Law has created a situation, whereby my clearing my path (which I did), I could be sued by someone slipping on a missed patch of ice.
Wouldn’t it be nice if one of our MP’s had the decency to bring in legislation protecting us and the Council from being sued, in such circumstances. There would be fewer accidents, less strain on the NHS and less danger for us old’uns.

WEP letters on under-age drinking

December 31, 2009

Although there are some people, who are genetically pre-disposed to alcoholism, for most of us it is a sociable lubricant and not a problem. I never offered my children drink, as, except in particular circumstances, it is illegal. The problem with alcohol abuse is that these kids are trying to get “blathered”.
All teenagers need to “gang up” and find their position in Society. If the only place that they can do this is on street corners, etc., then getting blathered becomes a means of eascaping the grimness of those conditions. Later, when they are legally entitled to enter clubs and pubs, this “learned behaviour” becomes the accepted norm.
If youngsters were allowed into clubs and pubs, at all ages, then perhaps, as with Councillor Wilkes children, they’d learn Social Drinking.

MP’s could drown

December 31, 2009

If Global Warming is an undoubted fact and, as such, is embedded in all relevant Government policy decisions, how soon can we expect to see Parliament, Whitehall and Government archives moved to higher ground.
I suggest somewhere nearer the centre of the country.

Unfortunately, the latest predictions give a mere one metre rise over the next Century ( and this would only seriously affect the area’s east of the Blackwall tunnel (

However, MP’s might like to consider the effect of a breech getting into the Tube train tunnels. Besides potential flooding of a vital service, there’s also all the archive and Civil Defence storage facilities to consider. Engineers might also like to do an assessment of the effect on surface structures, as the whole of London is sitting in an Artesian basin, with problems for supplies of drinking water and land movement.

Still I suppose the Government’s on top of all that.

defeat old age

December 22, 2009

It has been observed that, when growing skin cells for grafts, the cells can only divide a fixed number of times before ageing and becoming unviable.
This has been related to the telomeres, which are a group of units on the end of the DNA strands. Apparently these get shorter at each cell division and result in the cell walls becoming thicker. This has the effect of making tissues less elastic (wrinkly skin) and inhibiting the passage of chemicals in and out of the cells. The inability of cells to take up nutrients and expel wastes is what leads to features such as grey hair and muscle wastage. It may well be a factor in Cancer being more predominant in older people, as cancer cells seem to be cells that have been damaged in some way but have failed to suicide (apoptosis).
It also leads to the curses of old age such as prostatis and impotence, because these are controlled by endocrine glands, whose cells no longer secrete adequate amounts of hormone.
It occurs to me that gene therapy could be used to prevent and maybe reverse old age.My limited understanding of gene therapy is that it is the modifying of the DNA by inserting suitable sections of preferred DNA into a retrovirus. This could presumably be used to replace lengths of telomere and restore a cells ability to divide, without ageing.
Unfortunately I don’t know where/who to put this suggestion, in order to find out if it’s a load of cobblers.

Phishing scandal

December 22, 2009

How can banks absolve themselves of blame in phishing scams and such?
So far, I have successfully managed to ignore several hundred attempts to phish my bank details by email spam and live phone calls. I’ve also managed to evade Trojans, which attempt to extract those details from my computer, and I file or shred any hard copy that has my details on it.
What about the day one gets through?
My bank account has very modest comings and goings and it wouldn’t take much to clean me out. My bank knows my regular outgoings. Surely it’s not beyond the wit of their software to raise a query if there is unusual activity, or if a withdrawal request means I’m likely to be able to meet regular commitments.

The Government (Maggie Thatcher) repealed the Truck Acts allowing Employers to insist on wages being paid into a bank account. The present Government is trying to force pensioners etc. to have bank accounts for payments from the State.
Everyday we are edged closer to electronic banking, with all our transactions open to demolition by a single button press.
Electronic money may be a sensible way to handle things (assuming no power failures, or solar flares knocking out computers, or such.) but we need Government to set up measures that will allow us to feel secure that we will not experience the panic and despair that engulfed the arch villain in the film “ghost” and those who have, perhaps foolishly, already been scammed.

Identity theft

December 22, 2009

If my identity were “stolen”, I could lose my life savings and end up bankrupt. My life would be in ruins. As an innocent party, I would have no redress and the Government, whose sole function is to care for its citizens, would not only turn its back on me, it would actively aid my persecutors; i.e. the banks and finance houses, who had given money to criminals and now demanded recompense from me. How can this be?
Don’t these people, who hand over money, in someone else’s name, have any responsibility?
If someone came to you and asked for a loan, for taxi fare home, you might loan them the money, in hope that you would get it back. You wouldn’t go banging on someone else’s door demanding repayment, because you had been conned into believing the false name and address that you had been given.

buying back the UK

December 21, 2009

It seems that everything that can create wealth is or has been sold off to foreigners but everything that soaks up wealth and lets it moulder is being kept.

All the utilities belong to countries that do not have our best interests at heart and will no doubt pauperise us. Even the future expansion of nuclear power will only benefit American companies, who will build and run future power plants.  The only cash that will be staying in this country(apart from taxation) will be that paid to advisers, such as my local M.P…..(not advisor, as he has been bought by an American company),

Meanwhile a hoard of EarlyEnglish, Christian gold artefacts must be prevented  from being bought by the Vatican. Why? So some museum curator can gloat over it and , from time to time, put it on public display. Why does my tax money have to be spent on these items.

 I go to a museum and I’ll see what? Replica’s would be just as meaningful.

What about Churchill’s letters,” bought by the Nation”,. Why? His grandson is the only to benefit. I’m no richer for having some mouldy old bits of paper being stored in a temperature controlled vault. Even if I was interested in what he had to say, an on-line transcript would be just as good. They should have let whichever “more money than sense” private collector have them.

And all those pathetioc old daubs, hiding away in rich men’s houses, which we (the plebs, who’ve bought them) can only view if we write for  and receive a response to view at a time that is suitable for their possessors.

I’d sell all these artefacts off, replace them with facsimiles and use the money to buy shares in our utility companies.

A thought: As P.M. I could buy shares in companies that I was going to grant tenders to and do a little bit of market manipulation that would benefit the Country: a sort of reversed Nigel Lawson.