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September 19, 2017

Sent to Daily Mirror 12/9/17

So we are to have robot cars and robot teachers.
Robots are going to take our jobs?
Good luck with that.
How can anyone, who’s ever been frustrated by a computer, had one hacked, had to pay to get rid of viruses, etc., believe that this will not end badly?
There are already stories of cars, with computer controlled electrical systems, being remotely controlled by hackers.
How many versions of Windows have had to be replaced because the number of patches, needed to mask software faults, has made successive versions unstable?
As for robot teachers, that’s even more ludicrous.
Twenty years ago teachers were being told that remote learning would mean the end of schools, as pupils would sit in their homes, beavering away at their computers.
That failed and robot teachers will fail for the same reasons; plus a few more.
This discussion was had back in the 80’s, with robots predicted to handle situations, which were too dangerous for humans.
That brought forth human controlled, bomb detonation robots, pigeon controlled sea-to-sea missiles, Cruise missiles (how many were on target in Trumps recent attack on an Iraqui airfield?) and search dogs with cameras, for checking unlit buildings.
Even our present drone technology needs a human operator.
I predict robots might fill a few niches but a highly trained, highly paid human will be required to get them to work at all.

published version


The idea of robot teachers taking over classrooms is simply ludicrous.

How can anyone who has ever been frustrated by a computer, had one hacked, had to pay to qet rid of viruses, etc., believe that this won’t end badly?

Robots might be used for some jobs but a highly trained human will be required to actually get them to work.

Sent to Daily Mirror 13/9/17 (all in one email)

You report a council spokesman as saying:”All Art is meant to be a talking point…”.
When did this come about?
In my youth, Art was about beauty and giving pleasure.
Although often used merely as an excuse for Galleries full of pictures of naked Ladies and statues of Greek Gods.
Nowadays, it seems to be about the gross, the obscene and the absurd.
Is anything, which we talk about, Art?
If so, Jeremy Hunt is one of the greatest artists of the millennium and the destruction of the NHS is artistic.
I know the ultra rich and elected officials need to have something on which to fritter away excess cash but why the pretence that it is Art?
If they need to display their “Loadsamoney!”, they should commission a Louvre or Kew Gardens, which others can enjoy.
That would satisfy both definitions and protect us from sights that would have non-artists in court.

Sent to Daily Mirror 16/9/17

Carrying a full 20 litre builder’s bucket is not easy and would be noticed, especially if negotiating a ticket barrier in Rush-hour. It would also have been transported to the station. Why haven’t there been requests for witnesses to such scenes. Many, who might help, will not know who to quickly contact.

Whilst MP’s agonise over on-line abuse to themselves, they might consider extending their deliberations to protecting ordinary people such as Laura Simpson, as reported in Today’s edition. Politicians shouldn’t use such trolling as an excuse to attack Social Media. These things will go on even if the Internet is put beyond the reach of the General Public. Social Media is just a vehicle and as with cars, it’s the driver, not the vehicle that should carry the blame. The only problem is the public anonymity of such people. There should be no problem requiring Twitter release the ID of offenders.

Network Rail is an “Arms-Length” public body. Why hasn’t the Minister at the other end of that arm required that State-owned, State-funded organisation to buy British, instead of pretending to be privatised?

I have to disagree with Stephen Hawking but (Mars apart) the chances of finding another habitable planet, reachable within 100 years, are pretty slim. Even with his sail driven ships, colonisation requires more than an Adam and Eve and a load of test-tubes. A viable colony would need hundreds of people and ships to carry them. Just getting one spaceplatform in orbit has been costly and difficult and that one has to be re-supplied from the ground.

Kyle Morgan has shown the way. If you’re homeless and it’s January, go for a dip in a Novotel swimming pool. You’ll get a warm crib, meals and the best medical care for free, for a month. It’d probably work for other victims of austerity, also.

Why would little Mix claim that “everyone” would be “buzzing off their tits” over pictures of scantily clad young women. I can’t name one straight man, apart from their dad’s, who’d complain. It’s the same problem with women, walking the red carpet, having their dresses criticised. It’s other women who do this: Not men.

Sent to Daily Mirror 17/9/17

The story of the 12-yr old girl threatened with prosecution by a member of the CEOP throws up the problem of creating such bureaucracies. They seem to be set up to employ jobsworths, who have minimal empathy but great diligence for following rules.
Prosecution of this girl may be within the letter of The Law but the message has now gone out that if you’re being groomed, don’t report it because the CEOP will get you.
That one crass statement has undone the whole point of creating this Quango and may have given groomers a powerful new weapon

Poor Lib Dems: lost a moralist leader and seem to have got an amoralist one

September 19, 2017

#bbcdp Most remoaners just say 17.4 Mn of us morons.
@vincecable is saying we’re worse.
He called us #Brexit fundamentalists, implying we’re on par with Jihadi’s and KKK Christians i.e.religious fanatics.
He also called for “Remoaner” politicians to come together to have an “adult” conversation on how to overturn #Brexit. The implication is that no pro-brexit politician is grown-up enough to be taken seriously.
He must have worked hard to find new ways to sneer and smear by such semantically worded phrasing.


@vincecable, who sold the P.O. to his mates in a Fire-Sale, is reared up on his hind legs (pretending that he wasn’t a Tory fellow traveller) claiming to be their Arch-foe and spouting Corbynist policies as if he originated them.

@daily_politics ..@DailyMirror survey says 2/3 don’t want a second #EUref. Most want quick #Brexit

September 7, 2017

The Daily Mirror’s survey raises the point that voters were given insufficient information on the EU referendum to enable them to make valid choices and, then, it proceeds to give us hard facts from its survey.
The problem is that the way it’s presented actually misinforms.
For instance, we’re told that 66.6%, of those voting remain, and 12.8% of those voting leave, want a second referendum.
Anyone who has watched “8 out of 10 cats does Countdown” can see the abysmal Math ability of non-specialists.
It is highly likely that too many Daily Mirror readers would read these hard facts as:
(66.6 + 12.8 =) 79.4% want a second EU referendum.
If the Daily Mirror were truly concerned about voters being given enough information to make sound choices, then it would provide the simple analysis,below.

The vote in the EU referendum was51.9% leave 48.1% remain

66.6% of 48.1% = 32.0% remainers
& 12.8% of 51.9% = 6.6% leavers
—————–> 38.6% wanted a second vote

check the complementary figures

(100-66.6=) 33.4% of 48.1% = 16.1% remainers
& (100-12.8=) 87.2% of 51.9% = 45.3% leavers
—————–> 61.4% don’t want a second vote

It shows that if their survey were applied to the way votes had been cast, the correct conclusion is very different, from the one that readers might infer.
Only about one third of the people, whom they had surveyed, wanted a second referendum.
Twice as many didn’t want another referendum.
This is the hypocrisy of The Media in its presentation of “facts”

And a little warning for Keir Starmer.

The Daily Mirror survey says that 45.6% of those they surveyed supported Labour’s delayed withdrawal from the EU.                That’s slightly less than those who voted to Remain (48.1%).
Put another way, the 51.9% who voted to leave has risen to 54.4%, who don’t want the delayed withdrawal, which Keir and the old guard hope will kill off Brexit.

blog posts 12 (23/8/2017)……………. mostly #Brexit

September 2, 2017

letter to Daily Mirror 1/8/17

Here’s a puzzle.
The majority of those voting in the referendum called for Brexit.
They were told that the economy would crash, yet they still voted to leave.
They were told they wouldn’t get a second vote, yet they still voted to leave.
They were told they’d lose their jobs, yet they still voted to leave.
So how can these be used as justifications for a second referendum?
Remainers say that Leavers were conned by Boris’s bus, but it’s not Leavers claiming they were so stupid that they believed what the Tories were telling them.
Only remainers are claiming that they believed them.
What other excuses for a second referendum have been put forward?
The Tories are making a mess of it?
Did we think any of our politicians were so skilled at negotiation that we’d leave the EU with a Europe wide party and a car boot full of going away presents?
When we actually get towards the end of this exercise and remainers are still calling for a second referendum, what excuse will they use to force one on us?
Will they claim a poll (a mini referendum aimed at a selection of people likely to have voted to remain) says we must?
Are they of the opinion that they can spend more money on a new Project Fear than was used last time?
That another £9 million Government leaflet, explaining the disadvantages of leaving, could be better designed?
The only case for a second referendum, would be if we end up inside the Single Market and the Customs Union but I can’t see it happening in that situation.

letter to Daily Mirror 4/8/17

Are low interest rates really so bad?
For those at the bottom of the economic ladder, it means credit is more manageable.
Most people have very little in the way of savings and the difference in interest rates means very little on the sort of sums a family may be able to put aside.
However; most people have debts, even if just their mortgage, and a rise in interest rates would have a disastrous effect on them, with many losing their homes.
The only people to benefit from high interest rates are the rich and lazy.

letter to Daily Mirror 4/8/17

So; over 3-4 years, 40,000,000 bottles of fake, expensive plonk have been sold to those with a “discerning” palate?
Nobody complained. Nobody noticed.
The scam was only discovered by French customs querying some paper work.
I always suspected I was not alone in being unable to do more than recognise whether or not a wine was drinkable.
Obviously most people pay for the label, or judge a wine by the price tag.

letter to Daily Mirror 4/8/17

A recent survey was asking about who should pay for hospital treatment of victims of car accidents.
Should it be the person causing the accident, the State, or some combination?
At present, it’s the driver’s responsibility, assuming he has obeyed The Law and taken out car insurance
I suppose the problem lies with the increasing number of uninsured drivers, leaving the State to pick up the bill, at a time when politicians are trying to privatise the NHS.
I can only infer that we will presently see a requirement for personal Health Insurance for treatment beyond emergency aid.
I.e. a back-door introduction of a two-tier Health Service, via some new Car insurance legislation.

letter to Daily Mirror 6/8/17

Who cares about “protected geographical indication” status?
People, whom I know, eat pork pies, pasties, spiced sausages etc. but they don’t care if they are made in Melton Mowbray, Cornwall, Cumberland and such.
Put another way many can’t afford to care.
That’s the key; it’s about manufacturer’s being able to charge more.
It’s about the French selling sparkling wine (Champagne) at exorbitant prices.
It’s about snob value.
So why should Daily Mirror readers be expected to get upset about losing PGI on products, which most will never buy.
Look on the bright side of Brexit: If you like wine, Australian, Californian and Chilean will all be cheaper.
New Zealand lamb (frozen) will slash the prices we have to pay for portions we used to feed to the dog (breast and neck). The rich can still get their fresh lamb cutlets and pay as much as they want to.
The Cadbury’s heir is upset about what Kraft has done to the chocolate that Cadbury used to make.
After Brexit he can set up a factory in Nigeria selling his chocolate, to his recipe, at a price, which is good for him and good for Nigerian producers, who because of EU tariffs can only profitably sell us the raw beans, at present.

letter to Daily Mirror 14/8/17

I understand Kevin Maguire’s call for a Republic but it’s just as much a fantasy as believing we can have a Democracy.
We would have to have a President as chief meeter and greeter but would we get someone elected on popularity?
Would the people, who run the country, allow us that choice?
No matter how it was presented to us, we’d end up with a careerist from the political arena.
Such a person would be far more forward than Prince Charles with his secretive letters to cabinet ministers.
We could end up with a quiet, retiring figure like the Queen but my money would be on someone like Trump buying his way in

Published version

I understand Kevin Maguires call for a republic but it’s just as much a fantasy as believing we can have true democracy.
” We would have tn have a president as head of state and would end up with a careerist from the
political arena. Such a person would be likely to be far more forward than Prince Charles
with his secret letters to Cabinet ministers.
We could end up with a retiring figure like the Queen, but wed be more likely to end up
with someone like Trump.

letter to Daily Mirror 23/8/17

When I went canvassing, the people, I spoke to, who said they were likely to vote BNP, instead of Labour ( I was “old Labour”), didn’t use derogatory racial slurs.
Those, who did, weren’t very approachable or interested in explaining their views.
Those, who were prepared to talk, were concerned about what could be grouped as cultural changes. I don’t mean eating curries, although that used to be an issue.
Mainly of my generation, their parents hadn’t wanted to be Germans, or Nazi’s, and they didn’t want to have to accept the new immigrants and their ways, either.
The line: “some of my best friends are…” is usually sniggered at but it expresses the same point.
Those who assimilate are readily accepted.
They would have applauded Saira Khan and her rebuke of @silverbengle.
If Labour wants to fight racism they need to accept such concerns instead of simply decrying them as racist and attacking the likes of Sarah Champion for trying to address such issues.
They also need to confront such people as @silverbengle