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anti-kettling tactics

December 24, 2010

Kettling seems to be a way of not only reducing the cost of policing but of provoking a crowd reaction and thereby distract public attention from the political actions, which have prompted the protest.
In a way quite clever and yet evil in its intent.
It seems reminiscent of the filming of how dolphins and sharks bottle up sardines in order to feed on them more readily.
Perhaps the way to counter this tactic is to avoid shoaling in the first place.
When planning a demonstration, organise your protestors into groups of say 30 people.

Select nodes on the street plan of the region, where the protest needs to be seen, and give each group an itinerary of nodes to visit.

The visits would be scheduled, so that at any one time, a group of thirty would be approaching each node just after another group has left.
The police would have to spread their forces out and would only be able to use the kettling tactic if they force successive groups to muster in the same venue.

Organisers would have to have a system of warning other groups, when a node had been targetted in this way.

Then as each node is “poisoned”, it is dropped from group schedules.

If there are say 100 groups, then there needs to be 100+10% nodes, to provide for variations.

When a group reaches its last node then they could simply repeat their schedule.

Timing might be a problem but, as with police “poisoning” of a node, group leaders could simply direct their groups onto the next node, always avoiding more than two groups in the same area.

another Triumph for Democracy

December 22, 2010

Vince Cable expressed an opposition to the expansion of Murdoch’s empire building and was replaced, allegedly because it left the way open for Murdoch to lodge a judicial challenge against his probable ruling.

His replacement Jeremy Hunt has already made it abundantly clear that he is almost certain to accept any finding by OFCOM, which is in favour of Murdoch.

Of course he hasn’t said that he will definitely give Murdoch the go-ahead and The Telegraph probably won’t to try and trick him into doing so.

As it seems unlikely that anyone will lodge a judicial challenge to such an outcome, the Government will have proved once again that Democracy works, if your pockets are deep enough and you back the right party.

spring cleaning

December 22, 2010

just published all draught/draft entries, without updating them. Guess I’m just too lazy.


December 22, 2010

In ancient times, vassal states had  to pay tributes to the rulers of countries that had conquered them. (C.A.P. contribution of £10,300,000,000 p.a.)
The conquering nation exacted its own taxes (V.A.T. at 17.5%) on the enslaved population and forced them to contribute to the cost of their defences (Galileo system to be paid for via road charging).
In this context, one can sympathise with Stuart Wheeler deserting the Conservatives for UKIP.
However, even if UKIP could gain power and lead the Nation out of EEC bondage, how would the ordinary voter be better off?
Taxes, now going to the EEC, would, probably, still be exacted; just squandered, in a different way.


December 22, 2010

france 24
lisbon treaty
By john shale –

I signed the petition at this url:
Why are so many politicians so determined to be so authoritarian and oppose the will of their electorates? I can only suppose that a corrupt action is prompted by corrupt motives, which certainly won’t be in my interest.
I have been opposed to joining Europe, ever since my Government agreed to Europeans destroying our fish stocks, driving the cost of fish into the luxury bracket and putting many species on the endangered list.


December 22, 2010

Ann Widdecombe, quite rightly, condemns the policemen, who prevented neighbours from rescuing the mother and children from being burned to death.
She, correctly, directs blame at their superiors, who will have instructed these officers in the “proper” course of action.
The officers can not absolve themselves of blame by the claim that they were only following orders but let’s consider the forces that created this ridiculous state of affairs.
The police hierarchy are responding to H&S apparatchiks and the compensation culture, portrayed in your front page story (congratulations on a superb April 1st article; it was utterly convincing).
Who created this situation? It wasn’t the courts. They interpret the law, in the light of their rather blinkered view of modern society.
The blame ultimately rests with the law-makers, such as Ann, who nod through legislation, thinking only of their own immediate concerns, instead of the wider implications of their actions.


December 22, 2010

How about tony on the 500 Euro, Mandy on the 200 Euro. Brown on the 100 Euro, Straw on the 50, Darling on the 20. Smith on the 10 and the Queen can have the loose change?


December 22, 2010

How about tony on the 500 Euro, Mandy on the 200 Euro. Brown on the 100 Euro, Straw on the 50, Darling on the 20. Smith on the 10 and the Queen can have the loose change?


December 22, 2010
Instead of handing over subsidies to car manufacturers, to keep them afloat, remove car tax, purchase tax and VAT from new cars.
If people aren’t buying cars, subsidies to build more won’t help.
If people aren’t buying cars, the Treasury isn’t taking in any revenue from them, anyway.
Slashing prices by removing these taxes could revive sales and cost the Treasury virtually nothing, whilst keeping car companies ticking over and their finances above board.


December 22, 2010
In the latest issue of “Borough Life”, Lord Peter Smith proclaims that “Despite the headlines most young people aren’t the ogres that they are made out to be”.
The only one equating young people, with ogres, is himself.
It may come as a surprise to him , but most of us common folk are fully aware that the scum that have terrorised some Wigan estates do not represent the majority of young people.
We are also aware that they need somewhere to socialise of an evening.
We were hoping that the Council might provide such facilities. Something a bit better than a night a week 2 hour session of ping-pong. Possibly a Young person’s version of the every night of the week Labour Clubs that their elders enjoy.

Lord Smith goes on to say:”It’s good to talk…. and to listen”.
This is the problem. The ruling party has been talking and listening for decades.
We’d like them to DO something; preferably for the benefit of the community, rather than more Grandiose Civic amenities for their own convenience.
The magazine tells of how the Methodists have helped people like Rob Owen, through “The Brick”.  An excellent piece of Social Activism.
Instead of basking in the reflected glory by proclaiming that they support (???) the scheme, I’d be more impressed, if this Socialist Council had initiated the scheme. 
Last comment “Borough Life” refutes criticism,  offered in a reader’s letter, with the statement that 800 out of the Citizen’s Panel of 1000 thought that the magazine was “good or very good”.
Someone obviously slipped up, when choosing 200 of this panel.
Just because they regularly attend a Labour Club, that doesn’t mean that they are Labour supporters.
It doesn’t mean that they will vote for the Congestion Charge to be brought to Manchester and, later, to Wigan,Leigh, Bolton Oldham, Bury etc..