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sneaky leakers, or whistle blowers

April 17, 2020

One man’s sneaky leaker is another man’s heroic whistle-blower.

On the whole, I’m on the side of the whistle-blowers.

When someone has decided that I shouldn’t be allowed to know something, it angers me. Either, they think they have the right to condemn me as unworthy to partake of their insider knowledge, or they have some dirty little secrets, worthy of censure and possibly imprisonment.

Nothing, which can harm others. or has already harmed others, should be kept secret from public knowledge.

It is public opinion and the judgement of the masses, which decides what is moral; so such secrets are innately immoral, lacking public scrutiny.

Once The Public has pronounced judgement, then Justice has been served and the issue is cleansed.

covid19 experts

April 17, 2020

Covid19 has presented us with the battle of the experts.

The main battle is between the health experts and the money experts, although these have their clans.

The health experts have the clinicians who understand how epidemics spread and how to combat them and there’re the number crunchers, who draw graphs and try to scry for trends, citing conjectures as scientific truths.

The money experts have similar clans. There are the market manipulators, who win, no matter what the Economic circumstances and who rely on panics to shake out the loose change from pension fund managers. Then there are their number crunchers, with numerous graphs and statistical markers, from which they produce auguries based on past events.

Like vultures at a kill, we have the political experts, squabbling over, who gets greatest advantage from the diseased corpse. We have the hapless Raab left in charge. Whilst his boss lies low, Raab can be relied on to rationalise, whichever set of theories is needed to fend off those who would like to be in control.

Chief antagonist is the leader of the Opposition, calling for primary schools to re-open and score points with those whose immediate concern is being on short money. Whilst those parents concerned with their children being put at greater risk, will focus on Raab, if and when the decision is taken. Such tactics will be praised by the political experts scurrying around Westminster.

Meantime, the shadow health minister has chosen, the wiser course of voicing the opinions of the health clinicians: At least until the pressure from lobbyists pushes for loosing control on movement.

When the lobbyists become pressing and Raab is told to lift restrictions, the political theorists can always dump the blame on Raab and his epidemiologists, if the corpse blows up.