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strange timeline of St Pauls protest

October 31, 2011

4:30 p.m. Bishop of London announces that he’s in charge.

9:30 p.m. Announcement is made that Corporation of City of London will take legal action to clear tents.

So, The Dean will still be in charge, when the heavies move in but it’s the Bishop of London , who will give God’s blessing to the very people, against whom the protestors are campaigning.

In the words of George Monbiot, of the Guardian, “The Church of England is not just working with Mammon; it’s colluding with Babylon.”

The piece in the Guardian ( )  gives a nice summation of what these protests are about.
The intriguing bit is why these people are allowing European powers to talk about transferring their institututions to Germany and France, when they have such wonderful legal concessions in The City of London.

I like the footnote about The Lord Mayor’s procession being on 12th November, the day after Remembrance Day. I suggest that protestors should decamp to St. Stephen’s (Bishop of London’s on-line church, next to Mansion House), scuppering indignation about disrespecting the War Dead, whilst spoiling the Bankers and the Moneymen’s big parade.

totally unbiased BBC saying that protestors have claimed another scalp.

October 31, 2011

Now the Dean of St. Pauls has announced that he will be resigning his post.

The totally unbiased BBC has called this a second scalp for the protestors, without having heard any further explanation from the Dean, apart from his statement —It has become increasingly clear to me that, as criticism of the cathedral has mounted in the press, media and in public opinion, my position as Dean of St Paul’s was becoming untenable. In order to give the opportunity for a fresh approach to the complex and vital questions facing St Paul’s, I have thought it best to stand down as dean, to allow new leadership to be exercised. I do this with great sadness, but I now believe that I am no longer the right person to lead the Chapter of this great cathedral.

He is resigning because of criticism, as stated.

None of that criticism has come from the protestors but, as he says, from their antagonists in, and through,  the media.

Surely, then, it is the media and who they represent, who have claimed another scalp.

( a rock doesn’t cause you stress, unless there’s a hard place to oppose it, with you in the middle)

The Bishop of London is now in the front line between the media (interestingly, his wife is a freelance writer) and the protestors.

As he says on his promo for the internet church ( he is all for face to face discussion and communication of the Christian message.

As his internet church is based upon St. Stephen’s, Walbrook, which is right next door to Mansion House, perhaps he will invite Boris and the protest organisers to step  inside and have a face to face chat.

QI: Boy Sperm by order

October 31, 2011

Stephen Fry missed a trick, when Sandy Toskvig mentioned the difference in motility of male and female sperm.

In the continuation, whic centred on choosing the sex of the baby, he could have pointed out that male sperm were faster, because they were smaller and hence one way of pre-determining the sex of a baby is to centrifuge the sperm, separating the male and female for the old Turkey Baster process.

He finished with restating the research that the diet of the mother had an effect on the sex of the child.

As diet would affect the pH levels of the vagina, he (or rather his researchers) might have checked out the vinegar-soaked sponge  method for making the vagina more hospitable for male sperm.

Discussion of killer sperm and sperm feeding stations might have proved QI.

Stephen Fry: Golden Age of Greece based on slavery

October 31, 2011

Stephen Fry does have a blinkered view of Classical Greece. In one program he perpetuated the myth, held dear by our ruling class, that everyone in Athens had the vote and,  hence, was a democracy.

This is like saying that the Southern States of America were a Democracy.

You have to redefine “rule by the people” by defining who counts as “the people”. In both cases the gentile and beautiful world enjoyed by “the people” relied on the Labours and Misery of the slaves.

No matter how comfortable the lives of the slaves, they had no say in the running of the State or in running their own lives.

My fear is that we are being guided back along the road to those pre-Socialist regimes, where only some people count as citizens.

We are to some extent on the way, with most of us only getting a vote on who is “king” for five years at a time, with a view to European Unity, where we get to vote for someone to vote for our Euro Emperor, every ten years, or whatever.


QI: Amazons did exist.

October 31, 2011

The researchers for QI obviously don’t watch the discovery channel, where we have been told that the Amazons,  of the Greeks, are not myths but legends. The Society of warrior women, who cut off one breast, so they could more easily fire their bows and arrows did exist. Graves of some have been unearthed, along with their warrior possessions, including their horses.

Fancy them letting poor Stephen twitter on about Xena, S.America and the warrior women of Some African Tribe, without pointing him to the source of His beloved Greeks stories of the Amazons.

Question Time summary: Sod off, we run the country.

October 31, 2011

I’ve only just watched my tape of Question Time but my summary seems to be that on the EU referendum, the public was not (?)really interested and anyway the manifesto’s of all three parties might have sounded as though they would let us have a referendum but they didn’t and so it didn’t matter which of the three main parties we might have voted for, we weren’t really given that option.

So even though the polls showed a majority in favour of a referendum, we weren’t going to get one, because we wouldn’t give the right answer and the lesson of the Irish referendum was that it would cost too much, holding referenda until we got it right.

This was immediately followed by the discussion on Protests, where it was generally agreed by the politicians that we should be allowed to protest, in a Democracy, but not where it would attract attention, or force politicians to take notice.

Best would be to let the politicians get on with the business of selling off the country, as their counterparts in Greece are doing, and where, apparently, they are selling off whole islands to whomsoever can afford one at a bargain basement price.

It’s not clear, whether that’s with vacant possession, or whether those living there will now become serfs, again.

Of course it won’t be so bad here, as the Enclosures Act, dispossessed the peasants ages ago and all the land is now owned, most by a small group e.g. Duke Westminster, The Queen, The Churches.

I almost forgot MOD land that was seized for WWII; that could be sold off.

It’d be ironic if Germans bought it.


The Daily Express’s campaign against St. Paul’s protestors is more worthy of The Sun.

October 27, 2011
Letter to the Daily Express
I am vey concerned about the Daily Express’s campaign against those occupying land around St.Pauls.
My understanding was that they were invited to stay by the Vicar, who actually instructed the Police to leave them unmolested.
Obviously there will be protests from certain quarters, mainly those that have created the cause for protest.
The protestors would rather have occupied land near the Stock Exchange but, as is the right of the owners of that land, an injunction was sought to prevent this.
The land that is being presently occupied is also private land and it is my understanding, particularly after last night’s discussions on BBC radio, that the owners of the land, The Church, are in broad agreement with the aims of the protestors, which is why they were given permission.
The recent dissension was created by officials concerned about Health and Safety (usually a bogey phrase to the Daily Express) i.e. access for fire and ambulance services.
This has, as you correctly reported, been resolved to the extent that the H&S officials are satisfied that access can be achieved, allowing the Vicar to announce that he will be able to re-open the Church for public services.
I suspect that it would be difficult for those with jobs to be able to get permission to join the protest, meaning that the majority must be unemployed, or have private means.
I am annoyed that you do not think your readers are capable of appreciating this and that you insist on portraying all of the protestors as latter-day hippies with nothing better to do and devoid of any moral cause.
Their views, and that of the Church, may not accord with your views but it would show greater respect to your readers, if you relied more on argument than on a similar sort of manipulation to that used by our political leaders.

Angela Merkel’s European War: a fear, a prediction or a threat?

October 27, 2011

Letter to the Daily Express.


Obviously, Angela Merkel was under great stress when she claimed that failure to resolve Europe’s financial mess would (not could?) lead to war.
It is equally obvious, to most of Europe’s population,that this is an issue, which can not be resolved, under present conditions.
If these political leaders can spend so many hours, talking to no greater effect than  to borrow more money, effectively to buy a few more months, or weeks, then they have already lost the struggle.
Better to give up the unrealistic hope of unifying disparate nations by imposing a common currency and to attend to the even more vexing problem of a common
Unless these leaders can speak to each other, without the need for interpreters, there is always going to be the possibility of misunderstandings between nations.
The key problem, which is more the proper meat of the political mindset, is to choose a common language for Europe.
I suspect that most would choose English but The French would veto it.
That is the real stumbling block to a United Europe, so scrap the Euro and return to being a trading block, as treaty partners; bearing in mind that dogs can best work
together as a pack, when they are not chained to each other.

As it was,is, and shall always be

October 25, 2011

The Opera study neutrino’s have caused a buzz. They appear to have travelled faster than light and that’s after some of the best brains have investigated various alternatives. I’m sure it will have been considered and rejected but I’m still going for gravitational time dilation.

There was a similar conundrum caused by mesons, created in the upper atmosphere living long enough to reach The Earth’s surface. That was explained by Special Relativity and i’m sure this will be.

My big problem, in the coverage of this topic, is getting my head around what imaginary mass might be.

I like time dilation. I think it explains why the Big Bang wasn’t really a Big Bang but just one point in the infinite lifetime of The Universe. As it was,is and shall always be. Sod Dark matter: It also explains why expansion of Universe is speeding up.

This is a parliamentary democracy, you have no right to any further say in how the country is run.

October 23, 2011
What a contrary lot we British are.
Apparently, 52% of those polled would choose to come out of Europe and 72% want there to be a referendum on this issue.
People just don’t seem to understand Parliamentary Democracy.
It doesn’t matter what political candidates say before the election, it’s what the leader of their party says after they have
achieved power that counts.
In this particular case the majority of those eligible to vote (53.4% ) gave their support to a Conservative, a Labour, or a
LibDem candidate.
You surrendered your right to any further say in what the Prime Minister chooses to do, in your name.
It was you, who engaged in an illegal war against Iraq, not Prime Minister Blair (or President Bush, as some
Parliamentary candidates do not represent you, as was originally intended, they represent the policies of their party leaders
Under a Parliamentary Democracy, the leaders of the three main parties are empowered to deny the expressed wish of the majority of the British people, using a process of Blackmail and/or corruption, euphemistically referred to as “a parliamentary whip”.
Apparently 70 to 100 MP’s will have refused to be blackmailed, come Monday. These people are correctly labelled as renegades and could well be expelled by their parties.
That leaves over 550 who either believe that they are meant to loyally represent their party policy, (not the wishes of their electorate), or are more concerned about losing party patronage than in acting as parliamentarians and standing up for true Democracy.
The fact that they are destroying this country is an irrelevance. The majority of you voted for them and accepted this system (T&C’s applied).
Either read the small print or vote for a candidate, who does not represent a large party.