Political truth and actual truth are antonyms

Although we pay taxes in various forms, including National Insurance, it seems that less and less of that money is actually being used for its intended purpose.
Like the residents of the former Soviet Union, We are becoming accustomed to the official version of the truth contrasting with its actuality.
The new official truth is that We weren’t paying for our own pensions, we were paying for the pensions of the few of our parents who survived the war.
We weren’t paying for a free National Health Service, we were paying for a National Health Service, where people had the decency to die soon after retirement.
We aren’t paying for armed forces to protect us from foreign aggressors, we’re paying for an armed militia that can be hired out to countries with cash/oil to pay for it.
We aren’t paying for an Education Service, we’re paying for a child minding service to dishes out diploma’s that have no value in the job market.
We aren’t paying for rubbish collection, we are paying for the collection of suitably cleaned and separated materials placed at the appropriate location, between the designated times. This, with severe penalties attached, for non-compliance or avoidance.
We aren’t paying for road road maintenance and improvement, but we are paying for ever more ingenious methods of traffic calming and the creation of hazards for unwary motorists.
We aren’t paying for politicians to carry out electoral promises, we are paying for politicians to disport themselves on The World Stage and lead us by the nose into foreign entanglements.
We haven’t paid for adequate nursing and must now be able to provide Gran with bed-baths. Presumably spare visitors will be directed to Grans without visitors.
We aren’t paying for border security, we are paying greeters, with one arm tied behind their backs and the other holding multi-lingual directions to the nearest Benefits office.
We aren’t paying for access to a vast European market, we are paying for an army of self-serving bureaucrats, whose sole point of existence is to devise new ways to justify that existence.
We aren’t paying for grot spots to be made presentable but are urged to join volunteer groups, who will do this.
Political truth and actuality are effectively antonyms.
Privatisation of the utilities was allegedly provide a leaner, fitter, more pro-active service, at a much lower cost. The actuality is that politicians have absolved themselves of blame for ever rising prices, worsening services and and the creation of a new service industry purporting to find us the best deals from an overwhelming barrage of un-comparable tariffs.
Car Insurance (Road Traffic Act) was intended to provide for people injured in car accidents, not the present rapacious and revenue raising system for gouging motorists, whose cars are nudged by uninsured illegal immigrants.
We are no longer working for a better tomorrow for our children.
Those, who have gainful employment, are working to provide a better Today for politicians and their patrons.

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