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A sop, by EU, to appease French farmers, protected name status is last block to #TTIP

July 30, 2016
As someone, who lacks a refined sense of taste, I find the protected name status a puzzle.
I can’t see how anyone can distinguish Welsh lamb from any other lamb, especially, when covered in mint sauce.
I marvel at James Bond’s ability to fork out huge sums for named Champagnes but always has to check the label to be sure.
On the other hand, if there are people with a more refined palate and deeper wallets, then they have the right to indulge themselves.
I’m confident that the French will insist, as part of any Trade negotiation, that the protected name status, demanded by their farmer’s, will be kept.
Indeed, reports are that this aspect has been the main barrier to the signing of TTIP, with USA food producer’s having woken up to the fact that they’ll have to re-label their, allegedly, plastic cheeses.
Our posh food producer’s are worrying unnecessarily.

school for 15 to 17 year old boys is counter-productive

July 30, 2016
Sent to Daily Mirror 21/7/16
An old theme, based on my experience as a teacher that school for 15 to 17 year old boys is counter-productive (13-16 for girls and they’d be better served by segregation from Society, during hormone storm of puberty.
Your editorial takes issue with Michael Caine for advocating National Service, with a comment about the young needing jobs not being trained to march and shoot.
However, the article referenced makes it clear that Michael Caine doesn’t advocate using them to be sent off to fight but rather that he feels it turned him and his generation into men.
I’ve seen how former pupils can be transformed into proud, self-confident adults, by a few years of Army life.
The point is that National Service doesn’t have to be about being trained to kill but rather being trained skills that transfer to being useful citizens.
At present, we have young men, testosterone surging, being tied to school desks, instead of being given an opportunity to release their energy in a productive way.
The recent water fight that ended in violence, the young muslims going off to join ISIS, the wanton vandalism and gang warfare could all be reduced by removing boys in years 10 and 11 from school and setting them challenges that let them test theirselves against common standards of self-discipline and fortitude found in Army training.
Maybe the Generals don’t want this role but their jobs isn’t to play soldiers, it’s to serve us in whatever capacity we demand of them and what better than a generation of fit confident young men with skills that can be used to help others and find future careers.
In times of Emergency, we call on the Army to deal with floods, train crashes, epidemics etc. What better, if people on the scene already have the training to cope.

Rishi Dhir @dhirhunter help save #NHS

July 30, 2016
Photo published for STAND UP - Dr Rishi

STAND UP – Dr Rishi

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