letters to the press

I’m not au fait with blogging and it’ll probably take me time to get used to blogging in a socially acceptable manner. (God knows what pings are. I don’t yet)

My main motivation is to use the blog to as a means of letting local voters get an insight into who I am, in the hope that they’ll vote for me at the Council elections.

I appreciate that some of the things I say may be self-contradictory but they reflect my thoughts at a particular time and in particular circumstances.

I also appreciate that more savvy political opponents may use them to try and score points off me but that’s okay, because my main concern is local politicians putting in 100% effort when electioneering and 2% effort into doing what they were elected for.

If I can get it sorted, I’ll be posting letters that I’ve sent to the press. Some of them have been printed (or at least a version of them(!) has been printed), most have been rejected. I’m not going to put them in context, initially. I’m just going to try and upload them and then  contextualise them later.

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