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hand driers

September 30, 2009

I like the idea of the new hand driers.

 Instead of a weak blow of extremely hot air, which burns, whichever part of your hand gets dry, the new driers use an extremely strong blast of air.

This blows off droplets of water, instead of just evaporating it. This means less energy is wasted in vaporising  the water and replacing the heat taken from your hands.

American aid

September 30, 2009

In an episode of “friends”, Elliot Gould (Ross’s Dad) tells Tom Conti (Emily’s Dad) that if the Americans hadn’t entered the war (WW  II), then we would have been Germans.

The Whooping and Hollering of the Studio audience strongly that this is a popular misconception amongst Americans.

This irritated me considerably, as it was mainly their “aid” that crippled our economy and set up our “special relationship”, which has pauperised us ever since (Suez, Blue Streak, Nimrod etc. etc.).

No doubt, if America hadn’t entered the war, we would have, eventually been beaten, when we could no longer afford to barter for American aid; However, I paused to consider what would have happened, if Hitler had been able to press his advantage at Dunkirk  and we had (unlikely) capitulated.

One could suppose that Rommel would have given Germany control of North Africa and the Middle East oil fields. Hitler would have opened up his war on Russia without  having to protect his rear and with Rommel’s  army attacking up through the Caucasus and able to replenish supplies.

The Germans would have had the Spitfire and the factories building his armaments would not have been destroyed by British bombers.  Meantime, with India under his control, he could have perhaps persuaded the Japanese to postpone Pearl Harbour and help him partition Russia first.

The American government were only able to drag the American public into the war because of Pearl Harbour and would have stayed neutral until it was too late. They may have been a little nervous about militant super powers on  both opposing ocean coasts but likely the Yanks would have felt secure behind these watery buffers.

Hitler, meantime, assuming that he was still compos mentis, would have pressed ahead with his terror weapons. He had Werner Von Braun’s rocket research, his and our jet engine research and the basic atomic research, from Oxford,  which America would have been relying on. He would have had the Heavy water from Trondheim. In short, he would have had the resources of Africa, Europe and Asia, nuclear  technology and rockets that could have devastated American cities.

Japan would have been able to rely on the assistance of Hitler’s U-boats, in beating the Americans, in the Pacific and America would not have had the intelligence about enemy plans, that we had supplied from our recovery of the enigma machine and the work of Bletchley Park.

This is a lot of supposition and doesn’t take into account that the major Commonwealth nations of Canada and Australia (and New Zealand) would have possibly joined forces with America.

It might behove the Americans to prize our efforts in saving their skins, too, and accept that it was mutually advantageous; as both Roosevelt and Churchill realised.


September 30, 2009
It used to be the Parliament enacted Law and The Home Secretary saw that The Police enforced that law.
Now, apparently, Chief Constables have been allowed to decide, which Law’s they will or will not enforce.
No politicians, at any of the Conferences, have, or likely will, speak out about this situation.
Nature abhors a vacuum, as was seen with the Weimar republic when the Nazi’s and Communists marched the streets, seeking to gain power.
Similarly, when the Americans introduced “Prohibition”. There, Street gangs became organised to fill the vacuum, and the Mafia emerged as a powerful criminal force.
We have similar youth gangs on our streets now.
Politicians and Judges may deplore vigilante action but with the likes of Blunkett urging Large Corporations to hire their own private police and suggesting that wealthy neighbourhoods “sponsor” their own beat bobby, it can’t be too long, before groups arise that will volunteer or impose their protection on neglected communities.
What’s more, people will welcome and support them, as they used to do, the Police Force, when it saw its job as protecting the Public.

Blackpool speed camera’s

September 27, 2009

I admit to a degree of Schadenfreude over Blackpool’s loss of trade in the present recession.
The road out of Blackpool is plagued by alternating stretches of 40 and 50 limit stretches, with the 40 stretches equipped with speed camera’s.
So, one trip to Blackpool could cause an uwary/tired motorist to not only face numerous fines but to quickly tot up enough points to lose his/her licence (assuming that they have one).
The whole point of Blackpool, in recent times, seems to have been to rape visitors’ wallets, in one way, or another.

British wine!

September 27, 2009

I’ve noticed that corked wines tend to taste more pleasant than capped wines. I’ve learned to always check to see if the wine is marked as British wine, which is made from concentrate and tends to be sickly sweet.


September 27, 2009


I like cider but can’t find any bottled cider that doesn’t have added sugar and sweeteners.

use dirigibles to reduce freight costs.

September 27, 2009

The biggest problem with freight haulage is the energy needed to overcome friction. One way of reducing friction is to reduce the weight of the freight being carried. This could be done by employing dirigibles. This technology died with the Hindenburg disaster but I propose that the dirigbles be propelled, by the same system as ski lifts. The cables could be erected to run alongside Motorways, railways and canals, with the Network being centred somewhere like Sheffield, which is near the population centre of the Country.

recyclable cars

September 27, 2009

I would like to see Government support for a recyclable car. I don’t mean the Euro idea of a car built to be disassembled, rather on built to be re-engineered.
My idea would be to have a bronze skeleton, designed to have the other parts (engine transmission, skin etc.) attached in a replaceable fashion.
The Bronze  skeleton would not only be corrosion resistant, it would provide a safety cage, as well as an electrical Earth.
The skin would be Papier Maché or Plastic, which would be a lightweight, replaceable, shock absorbing, self coloured and styled cosmetic that could be changed according to the latest styling.
The engine could be any type one wished; the only requirement being that it matched the mountings of the skeleton and the transmission system.
Instead of car manufacturers building in obsolence, they could concentrate on perfecting or improving add-ons.
As the amount of energy (carbon footprint), invested in a car, is quite considerable, the adoption of this principle would be a huge leap forward in creating a “greener” planet.

urban Guerilla planting on waste/unused land

September 27, 2009

I recently watched an episode of “River Cottage Autumn” and found the idea of Urban Guerilla’s planting crops, on unused plots of land, very exciting.
Even people, who don’t have green fingers, could reclaim vegetables, normally consigned to the bin, or compost heap. Potato peelings often have small sprouting points. If thes are planted deep, they could provide a free potato crop. Even the tops of carrots, turnips and other root crops could provide plants, which will, flower and seed new plants for future years. The bases of spring onions often have just enough of a root, to regenerate the whole plant. Even onions will do this, if there is enough of the base of the bulb. Spices, such as fennel and dill are sold as seeds, which will produce plants that can provide hundreds of seeds from each one planted. Similarly, with Poppy seeds, which have the added benefit of a nice flower show.


September 27, 2009


I hope as many people as possible log on to
to vote for an elected Mayor.
The alternative is for the man (Baron Peter Smith of Leigh), who wanted to bring us the congestion charge, to stay as cabinet leader but with greater powers.
This could mean that he would be able to introduce these sort of changes without any real challenge, even if Labour loses overall control of the Council in March, as the Conservatives, whose policies are virtually identical to those of New Labour, will be supporting him.