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nuclear reactor siting

April 30, 2011

Nuclear reactors have to be sited near a large body of water (therefore can be affected by Tsunami), to provide a heat sink for the turbines and it makes sense from the admin, political and engineering points of view to have them sited close to each other.

We no hear that  Jaitapur (about 200 miles south of Bombay in Western India) is to site a proposed 9900 megawatt (MW) $10 bn nuclear plant with 6 reactors, potentially the world’s largest.

However, one lesson from Fukushima is that close proximity creates additional problems. The Japanese had difficulty (and therefore a delay) in coping with reactor number 4, until reactor number 3 had been contained.

Perhaps, as these are not expected to be on-line until 2019, there is time to re-design the plant lay-out, to take this aspect into account.

price of gas/petrol

April 30, 2011

The poor Yanks are growing concerned as the price of  gas approaches $4 a gallon (thats a US gallon, or 3.785 lites).

We’re paying £1.33/litre = $2.22/litre = $8.4 / gallon.

But then we have to support the European superstate and its army of French clerks and hoteliers.

Drought resistance

April 28, 2011

Years ago,I wrote to my MP (McCartney) suggesting that reservoirs could be covered in white, floating pontoons to conserve water, which was evaporating from reservoirs.

Now The New York Times reports that Start-up Companies in California are experimenting with floating Solar Panels.

What a great way to save water and to save energy but who wants to listen?

 United Utilities only has 0845 numbers to phone.

MP’s are too busysunning themselves.

If only I could let on to someone with an eye for a profit.


April 28, 2011

Why, when I type in, am I re-directed to

However, I found this:

Typing “/ncr” after the address takes me to that site with no redirection.

For Example: = =

Alternative comedy.

April 28, 2011

I used to enjoy jokes and watched shows like The Comedians but then there came a big Social Engineering exercise and those entertainers were replaced by a new breed of entertainer, called Comics, because they were a verbal version of Charlie Chaplin et al.

But you can only go so far with Situational Comedy and the alternative comedians, having also exhausted scatological humour, then switched from attacking stereotypes to attacking individuals, who fitted that stereotype. e.g. jokes about Julian Clary and buggery aren’t homophobic, whilst jokes about an unnamed “puff” and buggery are. The thick Paddy Jokes are totally unacceptable but okay in programs such as Father Ted. It’s the same as how cartoons exaggerating racial characteristics are OK, providing the character is recognisable as a particular person and not given a name like Sambo, Jock or Ali.

However Frankie Boyle and Mock The Week seemed to have soured that particular seam, so now we have Stand-up that seems to consist of repeating the same phrase, repeatedly in several different ways, whilst acting in a manic fashion. Sometimes a 20 minute spot can be broken down into five mildly amusing observations that would have been by-passed in ordinary conversation.

It’s small wonder that I still receive so many old fashioned jokes by email.

Some may just be childish or psychotic but many are funny and can be laughed at, in private, without fear of being “told off”. 

Unsurprisingly, with Europe becoming ever more oppressive, it seems to have become OK to start making adverse comments about cheese-eating surrender monkeys, even although The French seem to have had the same mix of heroes and cowards as any other Nation. I wonder how long it will be before we start hearing jokes about garlic-chewing, onion sellers and maybe humourless jack-booters.

Post-Feminist politics

April 28, 2011

Version published in The Daily Express:

MOST people who saw or heard the Commons exchange that led to David Cameron telling Labour MP Angela Eagle, in the words of Michael Winner, Calm down dear’ would have probably considered it an appropriate riposte (“Fury at PM’s Calm down dear quip”, April 28).
Unless the Opposition gets back in touch with the public instead of its own party elites it will continue to alienate itself from its core voters.
Apart from Labour political careerists, few people bother with any but the most blatant shows of male chauvinism.


The Female Eunuch was published thirty years ago.

The 70’s were a terrifying time for men; harangued for using terms such as “love” or “darling”, harangued for any acts of gallantry, even holding a door open, and harangued for referring to female employees as “girls” or “women”.

The Sisterhood had supremacy and could even physically abuse a man for an imagined slur, without fear of recrimination.

Few people, apart from Labour political careerists and a few older alternative comedians, now bother with any but the most blatant shows of male chauvinism.

Germaine Greer ignores the half-hearted prods of Merton and Hislop on “Have I got News for You” , Jo Brand no longer bases her act on any aspect of this “right on” political correctness and most normal people, witnessing the exchange that resulted in David Cameron’s parody of Michael Winner would have probably considered it an appropriate riposte.

Unless Labour MP’s get back in touch with the General Public, instead of their mutual grooming elites, they will alienate the people, who might vote them back into power.

Dripping butties

April 28, 2011

A while back, we were persuaded to switch from Lard for cooking to olive oil. We were told it was healthier and even that lard was verging on being toxic.

Since that time, we have been edged towards rapeseed oil,  and huge swathes of our land are covered in yellow, as a result.

 People now baste pork joints with rape oil and throw away the “dripping” produced.

Olive oil is edging towards £2 a bottle and Vegetable oil is a minimum of £1.

Lard lingers on the shelves at 30p for a half pound, although we are now told it isn’t really all that bad for us. Certainly no worse than vegetable oil.

Maybe the cash crisis will see a return of the dripping butty.

depressing Real Madrid

April 28, 2011

I watched the Real Madrid versus Barcelona match. As a Liverpool supporter, I was inclined towards Real Madrid because of Xabi Alonso and Arbeloa, rather than Barca, who only had Mascherano.

I very quickly switched allegiance. Barcelona played football, Real didn’t.  Barca, unsurprisingly,  reminded me of the World Cup winning Spanish Team with Alonso and Casillas on the wrong side.

God forbid that Mourinho ever comes back to this country. The defence in depth, the petulance of Ronaldo, challenges that required both hands to be projected into the face of opposing players, the feigned injuries and the constant display of studs.  All the signs of top class footballers being coached to cheat their way to a win.

Topped by the exploitation of a Press eager to promulgate any perversion of the Truth, in order to get a Story for their Editor’s.

The trappings of The Special One should be kept in Southern Europe. If certain female columnist’s want to wax lyrical about this person, then perhaps they should find employment in Spain and leave us with the less glamorous but capable managers who enjoy football.

Whom the Gods….

April 27, 2011

“Whom the Gods would destroy, they first drive insane.” lends itself to “What the Govt would privatise, they first cripple.”

They did it with Hospitals, soon to be sold off to profiteers.

Schools are in the process but are being hampered by people complaining about totally under qualified, or even unqualified staff (cheap child-minding) being used as teachers. It hasn’t helped with the NASUWT spilling the beans on how heads are being replaced by CEO’s on 5 figure salaries.

They are doing it to the Royal Mail, having tried to sway Public opinion against it for the last decade, without success. Now Widdecombe has poured her own little bit of vitriol on The Royal Mail pointing out the reduction in services and the rise in postage, as if she wasn’t well aware that this was necessary to sweeten the goods on sale to those who would like to buy a virtual monopoly.

How about some politicians, who want the job to serve their fellow countrymen, instead of selling off their property to foreigners in exchange for a handful of silver.

Cameron on AV

April 27, 2011

Dave has said that AV is a system that supports dead Governments. Shouldn’t he be voting yes then?

If AV is defeated, then Cleggie is for the boot and the Coalition will collapse. Dave will have a minority Government and a need for a big cabinet re-shuffle. Those Ministers won’t have even got their boots under the table (I suppose “snouts will be in the trough” in that they immediately get entitlement to a bigger pension) before there will be a Commons vote defeat and Dave will hear the cry from opposition benches of “Dead Man Talking”.

A YES vote may annoy some of the greedier old guard Tories, who have directorship’s to support but it will get Cleggie out of the mire (for a while) and allow his Coalition to linger on long enough for Dave to gear up for the next General Election, where he can try to get a bigger share of the Lib Dem second choice votes, than Labour.