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extract flow open day minutes

April 11, 2010

Minutes of FLOW Open Day Meeting – Monday 29th March 2010.

Attendees: Cllr. J. Ellis, G.Barratt, J.Haggarty, G.Workman(WLCT), C.Knott (LWT).

Apologies: Brian Acton, Mark Champion.

Date and Time: The pre-arranged date for the open day of 21st August 2010, was discussed as Joyce reminded us that many local people would be away on holiday within the school holidays. The group decided to leave it as 21st August this year, as a hay cut at the correct time is important this year. The wild flower meadow will need to go to seed before cutting. Times have been agreed as 12 – 5pm.

Fund Raising:  As last year, FLOW would like to raise some extra funds to help with costs. Joyce  wrote to 4 local Premiership clubs and 2 Super League clubs. Wigan Warriors- recommended buying tickets at a reduced rate for a raffle. Manchester United have redirected us to their website, however, FLOW would need charitable status to apply for goods.  Cllr Jim Ellis confirmed that there will be at least £1000 towards the open day.

Open day activities: Already booked for the open day. Twiggy wood turning, Willow weaving, and Pottery crafts, T ree Folklore, Mark Buxton story teller, Further suggestions:

  1. Rachel Costigan:  Paper Crafts and kite making (from recycled tent fabric – very sustainable), Cheryl will ring Rachel to check on availability and cost.
  2. Farmers Market stalls: Local food. Cheryl will check on this.
  3. Falconer: GW will make enquiries into this.
  4. Apple Press and corer:  to be brought and manned by LWT staff.
  5. Wigan Wood turners – Joyce to look into this
  6. Pye Studios Art work – Jim Ellis to look into this.
  7. A Coconut Shy – Cheryl will look into this.
  8. Horse shoe throwing competition
  9. Music – GW suggested musical entertainment, ie. 1 musician, Cheryl will look into the local George Formby group.

Food: Provision of food would have to go to tender, unless hired by the friends of group. GW asked what legislation we would need to comply with. Cllr Jim Ellis will look into the needs for licences and the Health and Safety regulations. GW suggested ‘hog roast’, Cheryl will look into this. Cllr J. Ellis suggested a local caterer, Liam Lewis, who has provided for other events, he will look into this.  Joyce suggested (as per requests last year) an ice-cream van, Cheryl will look into this.

Welfare: It was decided that despite there not appearing to be a great demand for it, a porta-loo is an essential. The group cannot be seen to be ignoring welfare needs.

Marquees – Cllr. Jim Ellis may be able to source a marquee for the open day and will look into this. Cheryl will check on the availability for the group to borrow the Wigan Flashes marquees.

Tables – Jim Ellis will look into the provision of tables from local sources.

Joyce and Geoff hope that the Borsdane Group may get involved.

Group Insurance– Cheryl and Geoff are to fill in the proposal forms needed not only for the open day but also for the latest funding bid.

Advertising: GW suggested a large banner advertising ‘Friends of Low Hall Country Fair’, or a similar slogan that can be re-used annually. Local quarterly magazine – Joyce will check on dates for submission.  Posters will be put into the reserve sign. Posters around the area will be put up in the days prior to the event. Local schools will be told before the summer break.

Next open day meeting to be held after the FLOW meeting on 12th April.

rosebay willow herb

October 25, 2009

I’ve always thought of this plant as a pernicious weed but this link

refers to it as fireweed in the states and details its use as a herb and food source.


October 24, 2009

A typical site is Low Hall Park Nature Reserve, which spans the border between Platt Bridge and Hindley and is a patchwork of woodland, wetland and rough grassland. There are similar sites around the area, reclaiming derelict mine sites. Most are managed by local volunteer groups, such as “The Friends of Low Hall” of which I am Vice-Chairman. We meet first Monday of the month at the Balmoral in Hindley, if you’re interested.


July 29, 2009
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Re: Low Hall Park NR

I’m the Vice-Chairman of “Friends of Low Hall Park”. (BBC – Manchester – Nature – Damsel rescued in Wigan)
We are one of many local groups, set up by Wigan Council, to help manage these old mining sites, which have become naturalised.
Most of the land between Wigan and Leigh will be made over to such sites, as part of the Council’s sustainability program.
The official access to Low Hall (formerly known by locals as Sammy’s floods) is a car park next to a bus stop and an electric sub-station.
Unfortunately there are other points of access, which can be used by off-road bikers etc. We are seeking means to limit such access, whilst still permitting disabled access.
Local police have been active in trying to re-educate the bikers.
(low – Google Maps).
We have recently had our opening day.
(Stuart Maconie And The Damsel Not In Distress) (Wigan News :: wiganworld)
and under the guidance of Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust countryside manager, Graham Workman. We hope to have a website, soon. We are also hoping to erect a highly visible name board, at the site.

meeting august

July 29, 2009
The August Friends of Low Hall (FLOW) meeting will be held next Monday, 3rd August in The Balmoral, Atherton Road, Hindley at 6:30pm.
As always everyone is welcome, particularly if you’re attending one of our meetings for the first time.
See you there,
Ian Wright
Wigan Community Projects Officer
The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester
and North Merseyside
Wigan Office
The Grange Community Complex
Highfield Grange Avenue
01942 233976
07740 419 183
Lancashire Wildlife Trust is a Registered Charity number 229325 and a Company limited by guarantee number 731548.
We receive no direct government funding, relying upon donations and membership subscriptions to continue our work.
Lancashire Wildlife Trust is dedicated to the protection and promotion of the wildlife in Lancashire, seven boroughs of Greater Manchester and four of Merseyside, all lying North of the River Mersey.
We provide protection for endangered species, own and manage nature reserves, educate and inspire children to carry on the work, offer opportunities for people to volunteer in worthwhile conservation projects and campaign at every level of government.

Low Hall

July 29, 2009

Sammy’s floods is now known as Low Hall Park. I am Vice-chairman of a local group set up to help improve it as a nature conservancy area (wetlands).

Wigan and Leigh has lots of land, which has been despoiled by the mining industry and then left to rot.

Wild flora and fauna have moved in  and the Council has finally realised that they can actually do something to improve our environment. They’ve done this by setting up similar groups of local people to mind/tend these area’s and encourage the enjoyment of them, by our neighbour’s.