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Blogpost 34: 22/04/19-30/3/19

April 22, 2019

Letters to Daily Mirror

Embassies 21/04/2019
It’s nice that the Culture department works hard to minimise the cost of transporting valuable Art treasures from embassy to embassy around the World but it begs the question of why we need to.
In fact why do we need embassies and ambassadors.
We no longer live in the days when “Important People” had to spend days travelling long distances to chat about important issues and had to be fêted in a grand style.
Nobody’s more than a heavily encrypted Whatsapp away from anyone else.
I reckon the only reason Theresa May is stretching out Brexit, is so she can jet over to the Brussels VIP canteen , twice a week.

climate change 18/04/2019
For 3 years now, Theresa May has been jetting around the EU having chats. Liam Fox has been jetting off to all parts of the World. Various other ministers have been attending climate change summits, G8 conferences, Arms Fairs, Bilderbeck love-ins and other high level soiree’s where they enjoy fine dining and chats, before jetting off again, first class, with an entourage of Press and Civil Servants.
At home, we have homeless people freezing to death on our streets, people dying from cancelled operations, people dying of starvation or suicide, because they can’t make ends meet.
Are these people really going to change their ways, because a few Eco-warriors have glued themselves to a pavement slab in London?

For three years, PM Theresa May has been toing and froing around
Europe having chats, while various ministers attend high-level get-
togethers where they enjoy fine dining and first-class air travel.
Are these people really going to change their ways because a few eco-warriors have glued themselves to a pavement slab in London?

Lammy 15/04/2019
As one of the 17.4 Mn., who voted to leave the E.U., despite Project Fear telling us we were all doomed, I resent Lammy claiming that hard Brexiteers are Nazi’s.
He talked, on the Marr show, as if he was only referring to Tory Ministers, such as Rees-Mogg and Johnson, but he means anyone who wants to actually leave the EU, which is what we voted for.
The demand that we have a second referendum shows the contempt such people have for us. The claim that many leave voters would, or should welcome it, is equally contemptuous, because they omit to mention that what we voted for will not be on the ballot paper. They omit to tell us that the only choice we would have is between rejoining, or just leaving a little bit. If May dropped her demand to stay out of a Customs Union, the remain MP’s would grab it Tomorrow. Remain voters would bring out the bunting, 17.4 Mn would possibly never vote again and the next generation would curse us.

road markings 08/04/2019
On a recent long journey, my sat-nav took me along a heavily, congested A-road with many a no-Left-turn and no-Right-turn junction.
These are indicated by suitable arrow markings, painted on the roads.
In light traffic this is helpful and speeds flow but in heavy traffic, cars, in front, block your view of them.
It’s not so bad, for strangers; you simply stop and indicate your wish to change lanes, until some kind soul let’s you in. Regular commuters are obviously frustrated but what can you do?
The real problems arise at complex roundabouts, where a lane bearing one heading, leads into a lane with a different heading and suddenly you find that instead of a town centre, you’re headed for a motorway.
This is not good enough.
Our roads are covered in red, green, yellow and white paint. Why not devise a system, similar to lane markings, which are visible even in traffic queues and which allow drivers to change lanes, early , avoiding lost tempers, panic and accidents.

Google 08/04/2019
Instead of trying to tax Google, why not set up in opposition?
I’m sure that GCHQ has the people and computer power to create our own version.
Such an organisation would give us 100% of its advertising revenue.
I’m equally sure that not only would Brits favour this search engine, which almost invariably puts Amazon at the top of its search results, but other peoples will welcome an alternative search engine.
With our people in charge of , let’s call it Broogle, we could give our own businesses prominence and make Amazon pay a premium to offset its low tax payments.

football racism 04/04/2019
On a football pitch, the most powerful person is the referee.
He is the representative of the FA.
If the FA truly wants to stamp out racism, they only need to give him the power to end a football match.
If there is any complaint of racism from the crowd, then the ref should be able to demand that a representative of the home team stop it. (How that is achieved is up to their management).
If they fail to comply in a reasonable time, the referee should have the power to either have the stadium cleared (problematic), or to simply declare the home team the winners.
This is not without parallel, in that if a team is reduced to 7 players (too many red cards), a referee can declare the game forfeit.


– If the FA truly wants to stop racism they need to give the referee more
powers. If a player complains of racism from the crowd, then the ref
should be able to demand to a representative of the offending team’s
supporters that it stops. If it doesn’t, then the stadium should either be
cleared or the other side should be declared winners.
This isn’t without parallel, in that if a team is reduced to seven players
through too many red cards then the ref can declare the game forfeit.

Gaby Logan 30/03/2019
Gaby Logan has been very brave, possibly foolish, in claiming that transgender women should not compete in female sports.
There is a lot of Official sympathy for these women and their wishes but it may be time to take a less favoured view.
I’ve noticed how women’s football has come on in the last decade but how would it fare, if transgender women began to dominate, as, in general, they would.
It could kill off the flow of young women into the sport.
If you have a Y-chromosome, should you compete against those who don’t, unless it’s labelled as a mixed chromosome event?
If Chelsea Manning wants to compete against Serena Williams, at Tennis, I’m sure there are some who’d pay to watch, but it’d be a niche sport.

General Election 30/03/2019
A General Election won’t resolve Parliament’s dilemma over Brexit, because most MP’s don’t want to leave the EU. Neither of the main parties will offer that option in their manifesto’s.
Labour will win but on anti-austerity and unravelling privatisation.
A second referendum won’t work, either, and for the same reason.
Parliament will get its way but the turnout at the polls will make the claim that the UK is a democracy look very shaky.