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I’m with Leveson, except he never dotted the i’s or crossed the t’s in terms of a resolution

November 30, 2012

The debates on Leveson in the Media, including Twitter, seem to surround whether the individual speaking sees himself (as a pre-feminism Grammar school pupil I apply the male singular to imply both genders) as someone to be constrained by legislation, or one who does the constraining.

The argument that self-regulation has slipped and failed , too often to permit it to continue, is hard to refute.

Unfortunately, the problem in underpinning the regulation, with legislation, is that someone has to be given the power to police the legislation.

Murdoch has shown that politicians and the Police (specifically The Met) can be corrupted by such power.

So, the problem would be finding a regulator, who can be trusted.

For me, the legal profession must be excluded, because they use precedence to dig ruts, which lead us away from justice.

We need someone who will be a mouthpiece for public opinion, not someone whose strings can be pulled by plutocrats and other power seekers.

The difficulty lies in the fact that when you concentrate power into the hands of one person, then they can be corrupted by external agents, even if they have an intrinsic moral rectitude.

Something along the lines of the e-petition but where each petitioner’s name is published would seem immune to corruption.

I can’t see this happening, because those, with the power to make these decisions, will not readily surrender such power to the “mob”.

I fully expect the outcome will be some shitty quango, with someone like Chris Patten paid £300k to pretend to be in charge of regulation. Reports will be created and filed. A P.R. dept. will base some sort of yearly statement on this and send a copy to the “Patten”, who will discuss any issues “over lunch” with any miscreants and with his political bosses, providing a buffer, or more correctly, a go-between for the two parties. Over time he will arrange for the two to meet and thrash matters out to their mutual satisfaction. Eventually they will meet without even a nod to the “Patten” and a new enquiry will be called for.

“Le plus ca change, le plus ca meme”


#occupy we need MP’s who don’t have an interest in fostering tax avoidance, which is effectively treason.

November 26, 2012

tax avoidance may be legal but it is denying the State of the means to defend the people against external and internal enemies and it’s time politician’s stopped treating it so lightly.

When a pleb avoids paying taxes by doing “favours”, or by working “cash in hand”, he is treated severely when caught out.

When the likes of Goldmann Sachs are caught doing it, they come to a generous accommodation (many in our Government being ex-employee’s, it seems) with HMRC.

It’s time that we had legislation criminalising anyone attempting to deprive the Revenue of the sums intended to be collected. The legislation should enable retrospective collection, where a judge can ne persuaded that there was an attempt to exploit a loophole, or deliberately and perversely interpret regulations.

There should be a special agency set up to discover loopholes and any exploitation of them.

There should be a Minister, with responsibility for ensuring that this agency makes discovery, before a few reporter’s with access to basic technology achieve that objective.

This Minister should be given enabling powers to introduce legislation to close loopholes immediately.

He should be denied the authority to delay implementing measures, which could enable transgressors to cover their tracks, or secrete the funds “stolen”.

He should be denied the power to create delay by claiming “operational security” etc.

Black Swans

November 21, 2012

I liked this little bit of philosophy from the Fullermoney pages:

The original notion of the black swan, propounded by the philosopher Karl Popper, was based on the idea that if someone saw that all the swans on a particular village pond were white, they would have a good working hypothesis that all swans were white. This would be reinforced by visiting the next village etc.

The trouble is that searching for more white swans can never prove that all swans are white, while the sighting of a single black swan disproves the hypothesis completely.

@daily_politics guest used “trickle down theory” to falsely argue that plutocrats be given tax break

November 21, 2012

the rich and their apologists have seized on the “trickle down theory” to justify bigger tax breaks, uncorrected tax loopholes, lower tax rates, excessive salaries, pensions, golden handshakes, golden farewells and write-off’s of underpaid corporate taxes.

I’m all in favour of trickle down from lottery winners etc. I’m not in favour of diverting protection money ( modern taxation has little to do with providing a service) money from the plebs to the “families” of the rich and powerful.

Society and economic growth gain a lot more benefit from dishing out welfare payments to those who need it than in reducing the taxes of the rich.

These Government’s have been throwing 5,000, or so, experienced Coppers on the scrap heap, every year.

Saving how much?

Enough to pay Virgin’s tax default?

They robbed my wife of 7 years pension and have been equally casual about the lives of so many other plebs, such as Remploy workers.

There are millions who would have fed that money into the Economy at the level of the small business’s that Cameron is allegedly basing his financial plans on.

What will the corporate cheats do? (apparently the Chancellor’s family’s business doesn’t pay a lot of tax)

How will their gift’s from the public purse grow the Economy?

How many second class train journey’s will George Osborne make? How many meals will he eat? All the people tightening their belts to feed Georgy Porgy’s “austerity” campaign, represent a much bigger consumer base than all the banker’s, politician’s and plutocrats.

@DrEoinClarke @guardian tweeter’s need a validation service

November 21, 2012

)I am now hesitant about RT-ing your  words (DrEoinClarke) but that is effectively agreeing to a gag on someone who ferrets out the truth, on our behalf.

Rather than gag those such as yourself and even someone slightly frivolous, such as Sally Bercow, we need a verification service such as a newspaper editor provides for his reporter’s.

I.e. a reporter submits an item. The editor decides, possibly with some discussion, whether to approve it.

Just as https//: means that a site is certified secure, it’d be handy if tweets could be given a certificate that the tweeter has provided substance to support his statement.

I don’t now how this could be worked but just as I feek more confident about an on-line purchase to a https//: site, I’d feel more confident of RT-ing a tweet that has a @G retweet symbol (or similar)

We need a way of keeping Twitter free of the easily offended and those who may smell a profit in being easily offended, whilst not encouraging trolls.

meeting to stop nhs closure’s 19:30 – 20:30, Tuesday 20th November Brocket Arms Hotel 38 Mesnes Road Wigan WN1 2DD

November 17, 2012

Next Tuesday could be an important day for the future of the NHS in Wigan Borough. 38 Degrees members are getting together to decide what’s next in the campaign to protect local health services. Could you come along?

The details of the get-together are:
19:30 – 20:30, Tuesday 20th November
Brocket Arms Hotel
38 Mesnes Road

“The pub is a 15 minute walk from the main train stations and a 10 minute walk from the bus station, town centre.”

As well as helping to save the NHS, these get-togethers are a great chance to have a chat with other 38 Degrees members who live in Wigan Borough.

Elsewhere in the country these get-togethers have been well-attended. Could you come next Tuesday? Please click here to join in or find out more:

Right now, local doctors in Wigan Borough are forming a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). This new group will have power to decide what health services you and your neighbours are able to access and who provides them.

The doctors on Wigan Borough CCG will be under pressure from the government to slash costs and hand out contracts to private companies. That could put vital services at risk.

Next Tuesday evening’s meeting will be a chance to plan things we can do to ask doctors in Wigan Borough to use their new powers to protect our NHS, not privatise it. If we work together, we can make sure they hear from hundreds of local people as they make these crucial decisions.

Can you join in? Click here: I hope this party grows. A seed of hope against privatisation

November 16, 2012

If the NHAP (National Health Action Party) grows and becomes a National Party, I believe it could gain votes from Labour, Tory and LibDem parties.

I would recommend a snappier name, possibly just “The Health Party”

I am convinced that the three main parties are collaborating on privatisation and Euro-Membership, as part of an attack on the 99% .

Whichever one wins the next election, would claim that the destruction of the NHS was a fait accompli and would scoff at anyone calling for its re-nationalisation.

Protest’s will achieve naught, as the whole establishment seems to be on side with privatisation (I’m not even sure about the Union leadership).

If the NHAP could win at the ballot box, fighting off the whole of the Establishment and the Media, it could become a true representative of the electorate and bring back true Democracy.

The National Health Service is the keystone of what was fought for by Old Labour and those who came back from WWII.

The desire for it threw Churchill out of Office and could be a key to uniting Plebs, across the parties, against their present greedy agenda.

#occupy This is a bit of a ramble but Occupy is a year old and we’ve got nowhere

November 13, 2012

I wonder how long it’ll take to sink in for the majority of younger people to realise what Osborne’s austerity Britain and Blair’s flexible workforce really means. (other countries will have counterparts to these)

My generation had it lucky, in that we were born into a country coming out of the Second World War. We were still on rationing, which is why our average height is less than that of Today’s generation.

We had no wars to be conscripted for, by the time we were old enough to fight, so we missed Korea and Malaya.

We just had nightmare’s about WW III .

Point is we had full employment and an education system that allowed the more able plebs of my generation to escape dead-end jobs.

We had a National Health Service that kept more of us alive to enjoy the State pension that then reduced the number of old and infirm who died of poverty.

My parent’s generation had fought for and won a better life for us and themselves.

These were people who had been born into the Depression years.

The Austerity period caused by the rich and greedy.

The period that caused the conditions, which culminated in the Second World War.

(But for The Wall Street crash, Hitler would never have been more than a bitter, semi-castrated failure.)

The World of my parents had my father having to turn down a scholarship ( a private funding to enable bright working class kids to get educated past the age of 13), because he had to get a job to feed his younger brother’s and sister’s (the contraceptive pill and reliable condoms came in the ‘60’s).

He was lucky (bright enough) to gain an apprenticeship, as a cabinet maker, at a time when unemployment was severe and set to become more so.

These were the days of “blind scouse”, “working the lump”. A time of dragging yourself off your sick bed to get into work (hoping to fool the foreman that you were fit to work), because you knew that were hundreds of younger fitter men, queueing at the factory gate on the off-chance that they would get your job.

These were days when racism and any other –ism was an aspect of trying to ensure that you didn’t go under, like men adrift in the Ocean fighting each other, just get hold of the side rope on a lifeboat.

If you want a flavour of life for a pleb during the depression (and our Global future), “Grapes of Wrath” gives a hint, “Sullivan’s travels” almost shows it but then misses out the bit about the women. This was just after The Great War, when millions of men had died in the trenches, leaving millions of women without any possibility of a husband to support them. Families were unsustainable and most plebeian couples split up.

Only the upper middle class couple’s portrayed in films could afford a family life.

“Flying down to Rio” and “Golddiggers of 1920” showed the length’s that “Good Girls” had to go to, to earn a “respectable” living. Prostitution was rife, although “Society” pretended not to notice.

The sign’s of our future are apparent now.

Most people are unemployed, about to become unemployed, part-time employed, or on courses to learn to be bitter about being unemployed.

Those who are interviewing for jobs will find employer’s a lot pickier and basically looking to pay you less than the person that they sacked to make way for you.

State services are being privatised.

Whereas the police try employ moral, conscientious and educated personnel. G4S, who will take over, will look for the same calibre of personnel as worked at Auschwitz. I.e. not too moralistic and happy to obey whatever orders are given.

The NHS (Virgin Care) will probably use the same system to diagnose your ailments as Virgin uses to diagnose your broadband problems. Probably the same call centre, on the Sub-Continent, and probably with the same efficacy.

NICE will probably adjust their equations on who is eligible to get specific levels of treatment, such as to maximise Virgin Care’s profits and minimise costs to the State. The effect will be to lower life expectancy to that prevalent in the 1900’s with prescription charges relative to minimum wages being such that plebs will have to chose between starvation, hypothermia and / or dying of ailments that are still, at present a thing of the past e.g. tuberculosis, Scarlet Fever (can’t pay your Water Rates, use the communal toilets.), Pneumonia, STD’s etc.

Our parent’s escaped that life, partly because the 1% were afraid of the Red Revolution spreading from Russia and partly because soldiers returning from War, knew what the likes of Churchill had had planned, if he had been re-elected.

We nearly had a revolution in the ‘70’s (funded by Russia) and the Occupy movement could have been the basis of a modern revolution but that one will be subverted.

The advances in surveillance, the power of databases, ID tied to DNA, RFID’s, the propaganda technique’s of Goebbel’s (refined by modern understanding of group dynamics and advertising) the repeal of so much legislation tied to civil liberty. These aspects of Government and others such as infiltration by agent saboteur’s and pseudo-greenies will ensure tight control of the Plebs.

Change won’t come unless the downward spiral of intellect amongst the 1% (as evidenced in G.W.Bush) occurs faster than the weeding out of the more spirited plebs, as was attempted in Chile.

#PCC election. Vote Independent and keep the political hacks out.

November 9, 2012

Theresa May says she will validate the PCC elections no matter how small the electorate.

So, those claiming that we shouldn’t vote or we should spoil our ballot papers will not achieve their alleged intent of discrediting these politically contrived posts.

These posts are intended to facilitate the privatisation of the police, by putting political hacks in positions to negotiate contracts with Groups such as G4S and Serco.
Those political hacks and their parties are hoping that the turnout is small and that their hardcore voters will get them into power.
If you don’t want no-neck thugs replacing the police, you should vote for any independent candidate’s.

I’ve voted for an Independent (magistrate) as first choice and leaving UKIP as my only available second choice.

@BBCNews Obama was re-elected. Anything happening over here?

November 7, 2012

I am glad Obama won. (I only hope he is able to follow Democratic objectives, instead of those of the 1%).
However I was not one of those caught up in the media excitement of the election campaign.
Who, on this side of The Atlantic, really was so intensely interested?
The few (?), who were interested, would have stayed up until 4 a.m.listening to the “we don’t know who’s ahead”, “who do you think will win?”, “who are you voting for?” and ” here’s Jeremy Vine with some colourful graphics and some fanciful extrapolations”.
What I find truly ridiculous is that the following morning, we awake to the BBC News channel, obsessed with further endless, pointless and inane speculation on whether it was the right choice, or whether he would be allowed to sort things out, this term.
Not content with programming that has as much point as a discussion of next week’s lottery numbers, they give us a re-hash of Jeremy vine’s trying to get excited over his graphics, their interpretation and a prediction of a result that we already have.
G4S has is taking over the Police.

I know nothing about the candidates for Greater Manchester PCC,

Virgin is buying up the NHS, while Ed Miliband is trying to play the invisible man, and Hurricane Sandy is heading this way.
If this is an independent BBC, then do we need it?