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radio 5 live

October 31, 2010

I wasn’t able to watch the Liverpool- Bolton match live, as Sky had bought it. I had to settle for the Radio Commentary from BBC 5 live.

I expected to have to give up trying to follow the match but I was pleasantly surprised. I could  distinctly make out every word of the commentary, without losing the background sounds. Better still the commentary  wasn’t filled with superfluous comments, excessive superlatives or any hyperbole. The commentators were, in my opinion truly non-partisan, being scathing about bad  and foul play from both teams. I really enjoyed listening, despite Liverpool only gaining the win in the last 6-7 mins.

 If I have to rely on match commentaries, because the F.A. have sold out to Murdoch, then I look forward to further Radio 5. coverage.

I almost forgive the BBC for its Licence fee demands. (please note the “almost”).

Does prison work (bbc sunday morning live)

October 31, 2010

The premise is that (A)” prison doesn’t work”  but, we are hearing three other debates.(B) “the wrong people are being imprisoned”, (C)“imprisonment is recompense for the victims” and (D)“ prisons turn small time offenders into hard line offenders”.

Each aspect should be negotiated separately.

(A)  Prison works in the sense that if you are in prison, you can not commit crimes and the public is that much safer.

(B)  True. Judges seem to act more harshly against those who represent an affront to the establishment (not paying TV licence or showing disrespect to politicians and judges). People, who cause physical or mental suffering to ordinary members of the public are being given repeated warnings and set free to repeat their actions.

(C)  Imprisonment is no more help than counselling, or cash,  in terms of recompense. It does offer a glimmer of hope to victims that they will not be subjected to a repeat of their treatment.

(D)  Eventually, an offender will end up in prison and will meet these crime tutors, anyway. The recent case of Wesley Gordon is an example. For most of his life he has been trained by the judiciary, through repeated second chances, to believe that he is immune to legal retribution. His abuse of those around him has escalated until he has casually raped a young girl (no thought of her harm is discussed in these cases) and had to be sent to prison. He meets his future crime tutors in a more receptive frame of mind.


October 30, 2010
As a Liverpool supporter, I should be enjoying the media using Wayne Rooney as a figure of ridicule and contempt, but I can’t.
He’s an ordinary bloke in an extraordinary situation.
I agree that he’s overpaid, for  his particular talents, and he does seem to be a trifle obtuse, when it comes to his gonads, especially as his wife seems a perfectly, pleasing partner.
My thoughts, though, are that he bears very favourable comparison with the likes of the former owners of Liverpool F.C., our M.P’s, Lords and Eurocrats, their self assessed earnings, assorted Bankers and their bonuses, Monopolists such as Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates and many of the rulers of countries, such as Mugabe, who are treated as honoured guests, when visiting our shores.
Lastly, in the latest wage negotiations with Sir Alex and M.U.F.C., I am puzzled as to why no stigma has been attached to the people, who control the purse that Rooney’s wages are paid from.
It is they, who have contrived at the situation, where players, who have a very short working life, come and go, bartered for as commodities, with just one thought upper-most. How can they maximise their profits?
As with Christiano Ronaldo, a renewed contract just means that the club can set a bigger price on him, when they sell him off; perhaps, next year.

Airport and security alert abuse

October 30, 2010
The news of the latest bomb scare cause concern in two ways.
 First,  that information has been given out that the danger was evaded by a tip-off from an MI6 agent, working undercover.
It would have shown so much more concern for a brave operative, by pretending that Airport Security had been the means by, which the plot was foiled.
Instead of providing a justification for the heavy-handed treatment of airport passengers, the incident raises concern that all the abuse suffered by air passengers, in the name of security, would not have been effective in this case.

N.Chamberlain Mk.2 follow up

October 30, 2010
How many people, who pay attention to politics, were taken in by David Cameron’s “peace in our time” act.

 Letter sent to daily Express after Dave’s triumphant return from supposedly fighting Britain’s corner, in Brussels.

Brussels wanted to impose a 5.9% tax and David was going to insist on it only being 2.9% , a level not only greater than the inflation rate but an incredible arrogance, in view of how many of the people of Europe will be feeling the chill this Winter.

He has returned, from his  unnecessary jaunt to the feeding troughs of Brussels, proclaiming this pre-arranged victory and expecting plaudits.

It may be true that you can fool some of the people, all of the time, but not when those people are the only one’s paying attention.

N.Chamberlain Mk.2

October 30, 2010
Sent to the Daily Express on 28/10/10

The news being presented, regarding the Eurocrat Budget, seems to presage a “peace in our time” announcement.

The information that we will still have to accept a 2.9% increase, instead of a 5.9% increase, looks far too much like a sell-out being announced in advance.

If that is the case, why is Mr. Cameron even bothering to travel to Brussels, unless it’s a chance to buy some Duty-free?

In fact, what difference has this change of Government made? What has really improved?

Yes!  It’s still early days but there are no signs of anything truly changing before the next General Election.

No more prisons are planned, so vicious criminals will continue to be released to “care in the Community” schemes.

Some Quango’s are being shut down, only to be replaced by new ones, with Coalition appointees.

The I.D. card has been (allegedly) scrapped but the database continues to be expanded.

MP’s are still paying themselves too much and their excessive expenses have been legitimised. The latter may have been unnecessary, as the “Quango” that enforces the F.O.I act, which enabled the expenses scandal to be unearthed, is to be scrapped.

The Welfare Benefits bill is unlikely to be genuinely reduced, as there are no jobs out there, except for illegal’s working at slave wages.

Admittedly some PFI schemes have been scrapped but, undoubtedly, it won’t be long before stories leak out of new Capital projects using taxpayer money to fund private ventures.

There has been no cessation of the Snooper’s Charter. Council’s can still, conceivably, check the emails of people, who don’t sort their rubbish into the correct Wheelie bin, in case they are planning to use said Wheelie bin to carry out a terrorist attack. (purple for explosives, green for hand grenades and black for machine guns.).

The privatised Rails System is still a mess, even after the recent rationalisation.

Bankers are still set for huge bonuses, paid for by tax money.

Small businesses are still being sent to the wall by Government bureaucracy and taxation.

Council House tenants will still need housing, as will the continuing and, apparently, increasing  influx of immigrants.

Again, the question, What changes are in place that could possibly justify the euphoric confidence in our future, which we are supposed to be feeling?

protect the predators

October 25, 2010

I worry about the polar bears. Their habitat is shrinking, apparently, and they’re having to move back on land, again, and live as their Grizzly bear ancestors did.

This probably means that we’ll hear more stories of Norwegians, Russians and North Americans being attacked by these ferocious but indolent predators. They probably can’t chase down caribou, as their kissing cousins, the Grizzly can, and will attack slower prey, such as Humans.

 The reference to kissing cousins is because one case of cross-breeding has already been documented, which may well have been a consequence of this threatened diaspora. Apparently the cross was like a bigger, stronger Grizzly. It was not made clear whether, or not, this cross-breed was fertile or a mule; so we don’t know whether, or not, we’ll be seeing a new species, which we will have to worry about protecting.

The good news is that Tigers are in no danger of becoming extinct, because, whilst they might be dying out in India (where they occasionally feed on the peasants, who, unfortunately, have little sympathy for the tiger’s plight), their population is booming in California, which now has the biggest proportion of The World’s (I have to keep remembering to Capitalise the definite article, when it is attached to a proper noun) total population of Tigers.

russian democracy

October 25, 2010

Watching David Dimbleby travelling through Russia, by train, it seemed that he was making some telling political points.

The first was that in Czarist Russia, you could be sent to prison for preaching Democracy. In Communist Russia, you could be sent to prison for preaching Democracy and, now, In Capitalist Russia, you will be sent to prison for preaching Democracy.  The poor Russians haven’t sussed out that if you have a parliamentary democracy, with a two party system, you can con the people into believing that they live in a true Democratic system. Maybe, as in China, they can’t trust each other enough to transfer power between cliques, every 8 to 12 years.

The other cameo that struck a chord was how the poor Russian Government was having to import foreign workers, in this case Chinese, because their own people were too indolent and didn’t know how to work hard for two-thirds of their normal pay. Still with Globalisation, it’s a sort of piety, in that it allows the transfer of wealth from the slightly better off nations to the slightly worse of nations. The sort of charitable intentions that help the oligarchs to salve their consciences as they bask on tropical beaches, sipping their cocktails and worrying about how to help the poor of The World.

Public apologies and political correctness

October 24, 2010
Who made the BBC’s Political Editor, Nick Robinson, put out an apology that none of us believe to have been sincerely felt?
Whilst one can sympathise with the protestor, seizing a chance for some air-time, and one can empathise with the reaction of a man, who’s being harassed, whilst trying to do his job, this apology is just irritating. It seems yet another aspect of the p.c. mentality, which is trying to strait-jacket everyone.
Management is about enabling one’s staff to perform their function with maximum efficiency, not putting them in a situation where they will eventually fail and then humiliating them for it.
Who can feel any respect for the “suit”, who, presumably, thinks he has earned his salary by forcing this apology.
Perhaps a re-think about having commentators standing in front of the Houses of Parliament, as though that ever gave more credence to the words that are often a repeat of what has just been said by the studio commentator.

entrepreneurs or leeches

October 24, 2010


David Cameron’s declaration that the next ten years will be the age of the entrepreneur and will see a huge change in the nation’s fortunes is a frightening echo of a similar statement by Margaret Thatcher (presently in the process of beatification, apparently).
I presume this is in response to an article about Hargreaves-Lansdowne (, which claimed that Margaret Thatcher was the best thing to happen to entrepreneurs.
What the boss of Hargreaves-Lansdowne, referred to was the process of replacing our reliance on an industrial base in favour of a reliance on what was referred to as our invisible exports sector.
“Please Mr. Cameron, do not go further down this road”. 
Within a year of that declaration a national debt zoomed as Insurance companies tried to recover from taking bad risks in America’s Hurricane hit regions. Many LLoyd’s names went bankrupt and domestic insurance rates started their persistent upward trend.
This was a portent of what was to come in terms of further bonus driven mismanagement of institutional funds, where City Traders gambled with other people’s money. This was the road that led to sub-prime mortgages and the present sorry state that we are in.
Of course Hargreaves-Lansdown would like David Cameron to emulate Maggie’s endorsement of the entrepreneur culture, they are part of it. (
Stockbrokers and bankers will be snuffling up their bonuses and the Government will be printing P45’s, faster than the £50 notes that will be used to light the cigars of these entrepreneurs.