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@Daily_Express @thesundaytimes. Plebgate: a conspiracy to create a conspiracy to whitewash Mitchell ?

December 23, 2012

This is a copy of an email to Nick Ferrari, following his piece supporting Andrew Mitchell’s alleged defence, presented by Michael Crick on Channel 4, which seems to rely on a two second clip of an evening shot (of stock footage?) of the gates, outside Downing Street.

The major part of your column, in this week’s Sunday Express, was devoted to proclaiming Andrew Mitchell’s innocence.

I don’t know if you have been privy to inside information, which you were unable to mention, but the only evidence provided for public viewing was a very short clip of the exit from Downing Street.

This clip had no date stamp but more significantly it failed to show Mitchell emerging.

If this evidence were presented in court, it’d need a corrupted judge to accept it.

Like yourself, I am perplexed by the need for 30 detectives to be applied to this case. As you say, a single plastic copper should have been enough to resolve this case

There is only one reason, which I can think of, to explain why this false witness has not appeared in court; they need time to create further “evidence”. E.g. falsifying the police log and persuading the two pleb officers to confess to being part of a conspiracy (the assertion elsewhere in the paper that there was a “conspiracy of at least one” (sic!) suggests a directive to produce evidence of a conspiracy, implicating more than one officer.).

Essentially the two officers, who were sworn at (admitted by Mitchel) are being accused of lying about the noun following the swear word. Instead of detectives, it would seem there is a need for story-teller’s who can fabricate a justification for these two policemen to contrive this specific embellishment.

I, personally, don’t find this turn in the story convincing. My suspicion is that the only conspiracy is an attempt, emanating from Tory H.Q. and being fed to us via Media hacks.

I suggest that Mitchell will be back in office soon and the police inquiries will result in low key dismissal of the two officer’s for not confessing.

2014-2015 could prove to be “interesting times” #occupy

December 18, 2012

The recent announcement that the redundancy notice period is to be halved from 90 days to 45 days made me think of how this would affect those being laid off this year (why do they pick the Christmas Period? Is it just snide, or is there a genuine commercial reason?).

Depending on how big a paycheck people have received, the effect of Osborne’s attack on the working classes and their demotion to benefit scrounger’s should be getting felt during 2013.

Of course, he’s announced that he’s going to make further onslaughts but they may not be felt until just before the next General Rlection, when everyone will vote Labour thinking that they offer refuge.

The problem is envisaging what happens next.

I reckon that we’re a year behind Spain and two years behind Greece.

A quick Google gave me this

Ignoring all the articles about how Greece will be kept in the Eurozone by more, never-to-be-repaid loans, from our Taxes, we get:

  • A makeshift bomb exploded at the offices of the far-Right political party Golden Dawn near Athens
  • The 89-year-old mother of a former Greek prime minister has been reportedly linked to a Swiss bank account containing more €550 million (£446 million).
  • Greece’s recession-hit businesses face “annihilation”, a leading chamber of commerce has warned, as a fatal combination of falling sales and job cuts meant the country was in its worst economic shape for 14 years.
  • Workers angry over austerity cuts and tax rises have launched a Europe-wide string of rallies and strikes on Wednesday, shutting transport, grounding flights and closing schools.
  • Greek police fire teargas and water cannon at protesters hurling petrol bombs outside parliament.
  • Greek court dismisses charges against ‘Lagarde List’ journalist (a list of those with private Swiss bank accounts)
  • Greek leaders have been left embarrassed by the failure of a controversial attempt to prosecute a magazine editor for naming alleged account holders in an offshore bank that had been protected from tax investigation for two years.
  • Greek journalists caught up in a wave of sackings and arrests believe they have be targeted in a government drive to muzzle the press to prevent publication of a list of senior ministers who have taken bribes from the business sector.
  • Who will stop the Sado-Monetarists as jobless youth hits 58pc in Greece?
  • Greek riot police fired tear gas to disperse protesters at an anti-austerity rally in Athens held during a national general strike as EU leaders……..
  • Riot policemen are seen covered with paint thrown by protesters during clashes in front of the parliament building
  • A demonstrator uses a slingshot to hurl stones at riot police officers  
  • A car drives through thick smoke as flames from a fire creep over the safety barrier of a motorway in the region of Nemea, near Corinth

There’s lots of similar stories but one bright point is that Greek banks have not been as crass as the British and American banks, which orchestrated the sub-prime crisis.

Whereas the U.S had homes turned into derelict houses with families turfed out into makeshift shelters, the Greeks have acted more intelligently

Let’s hope our banks follow this example, because it is certain that we will have massive mortgage defaulting, in a climate where putting people on the street is equivalent to a death sentence.

I believe that 2015 is the Gov’t’s target date for full privatisation of the Police and NHS.

The newly privatised NHS will not cope with the level of illness’s created by homelessness and private police forces will need to become armed militia to cope with the English (Scots and Welsh will have more compassionate rulers) dissidents.

(a thought; you don’t have to speak English to crack skulls)

The old Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times” could well fit the next few years.

When the crunch comes there won’t be enough British Police and British troops to keep order.

December 17, 2012

I’m not signing any more on-line petitions.

This Government is using them as a distraction, to fool us into believing that anyone is taking notice of our concerns.  (please don’t rob me!)

Unless an action personally inconveniences them they will roll over us like a tank in Tiananmen Square.

Protests don’t work if they happen in London when Dave is in Singapore.

Protests need to inconvenience those who matter, those who can bring about change.

Problem is that these things have been anticipated.

There are probably contingency plans to prevent blockading Dave into No. 10, or preventing access to Goldmann-Sach’s main offices.

We are tagged and supervised to an extent that allows non-conforming individuals to be isolated and dealt with, the same way that a dairy farmer can identify and match a cow, by its ear-tag, with its milk yield and pie potential.

Every car and mobile, since 2005, has a GPS chip.

Every CCTV is linked into our version of TrapWire.

Credit cards, passports and even M&S clothing have RFID’s for tracking and identification.

All school children now have their details on a national database.

Anyone dying of cancer (that’s 30% of all death’s) will have their DNA recorded (allegedly anonymised but in such a way that this is meaningless).

Also applies to legal immigrants and convicted criminals.

Registration on the Electoral roll is being changed.

It will be on an individual basis and those not voluntarily registering will be identified and recorded.

The electoral roll will be fully available for retail. If you don’t want your details to be sold on then you will need an exceptional excuse (e.g. being rich or a public figure, you can plead security aspects.).

#occupy too little, too late?

December 13, 2012

Eventually people will check out the principles of Friedmanism.

They’ll read about Milton Friedman’s Chigago School and their Effect on the lives of people in S.America.

They may follow the connection , via Reagan getting Maggie to buy their bonds (IOU’s) and realise that the repealing of hard won rights by Maggie, her praise of Pinochet’s Gov’t, the wholesale privatisation  of state owned utilities (bought and modernised by Tax money, because they were too incompetent for the Nation to rely on). All this was pat of the same theme. Rob State assets and give them to rich organisation’s.

Maggie did it out of a misguided belief in extreme Conservative ideology.(akin to the Republican fiction of the early American pioneers all being rugged individualists, rather than the peace loving farming communities that eventually settled the country)

Her successor’s, Tory and Labour, continued Friedmanism, because they had seen that the route to personal power lay in the “political donations” that accrued from assisting rich organisations to asset strip the Nation.

The destruction of the NHS and the destruction of State Education has been manoeuvred for since that time. Restructuring schools and hospitals along the lines of top heavy companies, with pretend Boards of Director’s.

Smaller but profitable organisations have been sold off at fire sale prices; Forensic Science services, tax collection, air traffic control etc. New Labour even created a company (Capita), which has become one of the biggest provider’s of State Services, with funding direct from the Treasury. PFI’s also helped to rip off public funding during this period, as politician’s worked up the nerve to complete the process.

The banking crisis,  which may have been a consequence of  bankers (the best brains, paid extremely high salaries and bonuses and continuing to do so) being incompetent, or not, has laid a foundation for this Government to go full speed ahead to privatise these services. With evidence that the Police, the Armed forces, The Fire service, Ambulance, Coastguard, Border Agencies, Post Office and anything else that the Public needs and can be made to pay for will be privatised, by the time Labour gets back into office.

To help implement this, on time, The Gov’t is bringing in legislation to compile a national database, with DNA profiling, Surveillance technology (our own version of Trapwire) , including GPS tracking (paid for through road pricing) and give snooping privileges to all colours of public functionaries, including their hired help (e.g. PCC’s hiring G4S or Serco.

There are signs that, as I say, people are waking up to what is happening and this can be seen through other blogs:

The problem is that the process has become a runaway juggernaut and the only people who can stop it  are scrambling to get on board.

The Euro money go round (buying IOU’s/Government Bonds and then selling them back at a fraction of what has been paid), austerity measures (sacking people and embezzling their pensions)  etc., etc. are all means of transferring money from the 99% into the hands of the 1%.

They won’t stop until they create the situation that has led to historic bloody revolutions.

They are like a fox in a chicken coop. They are in a feeding frenzy, without any thought of tomorrow.

It took a hundred years of oppression, before the French Revolution sprang into being.

The 22nd Century could prove climactic.


tail wagging the dog ~2 @niexecutive

December 11, 2012

A severe case of the tail wagging the dog may be seen in Northern Ireland, where a political decision could potentially undo decades of careful negotiation and compromise on compromise.
We have a situation in Northern Ireland, where two factions were persuaded to live in comparative peace, if not in harmony.
What fool lights a match in an explosive situation and then blames everyone else, when it blows up. A politician apparently.

We have a situation in Northern Ireland, where the Union Jack has traditionally been flown from the top of a Government building.

It presumably represents, for Unionists,  a sign to the rest of The World that this bit of Ireland houses some Protestants, who still don’t want to live under a Catholic constitution.

Now a group of Politicians have decided that for some reason,  the flag should not be on daily display. (who instigated this decision? Republican bombers? Eurocrats? Or was it a whim of some self important prig?

Whatever the reason, the tail has wagged the dog and the dog is snapping at the tail.
But politicians “know” that the tail wags the dog and that this is not a democracy.

The unionists are rioting and are being denounced by the head politician (the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland) as renegades and potential murderers.

There is no intention of the politicians to pretend to accede to the demands of the rabble, just because they are in the majority.

Their dignity, their authority, their right to power over the plebs must not be questioned.

The peace that was wrought by concession after concession from the warring factions will not be sullied by a concession from the rightful rulers of this province.

This is not a democracy, the tail wags the dog.


tail wagging the dog ~1@number10gov

December 11, 2012

Most people believe that we live in a democracy but there are people, who know that this is untrue.

These people are the politicians.
They know that they are the head of this compact and that they decide what the body, i.e. the people, must do.
If the politicians decide that the body must be slimmed down, the head will deprive the body of the sustenance it needs and they will give that sustenance to politicians of other countries, with whom they want to curry favour.
For those who still believe that we live in a democracy, that the dog wags the tail, consider membership of the EU (essentially a Franco-German alliance with Germany as top dog and France thinking it is).

This is  purely a political decision; no valid argument for this immolation has ever been offered that even the politicians, themselves, have found convincing.
Politicians have never asked us how we feel about being surrendered to foreign rule and David Cameron, is simply the latest in a long line of politicians, who have led us along this path.

There is no doubt that Ed Miliband, his likely successor, will continue along the same path, unless Nick Farage can trip him up.
The dog is snapping at its tail but the tail keeps out of reach and continues to point the way that the dog is being dragged.
David Cameron has offered a referendum in the hope of silencing the yapping but the referendum won’t be about changing direction. It will be about how fast we get dragged.
If the majority of us try to abstain, then like the PCC vote, the result will still stand.
If only 2% of the electorate vote to stay in Europe, from a electoral turnout of 3%, then this will be announced as an overwhelming majority vote in favour of the political decision. It will be proclaimed as an example of true democracy in action and the 97% abstainers will be shouted down as being anti-democratic malcontents.

This is not a democracy, it is an oligarchy and the tail wags the dog

@NO2ID 30% of the population could end up on the Cancer DNA database.Is that a concern?

December 11, 2012

The use of DNA profiling to build up a database that can be used in cancer research is a noble aim but the fact that it is being carried out by a Gov;t that has been trying to build a national database on all of its citizens, for some time, rings alarm bells

The concept of anonymisation seems to make this medical database innocuous but this would seem to make it a pointless exercise.

I find it difficult to believe that the Government would set up a database with just two fields: the DNA profile and the form of cancer succumbed to.

There would have to be other fields such as related conditions and environmental factors that may have triggered the cancer e.g. lung cancer and smoking, skin cancer and U-V exposure or petroleum exposure.

The nature of databases would inevitably mean that there would be a key field, which might well be indexed to G.P.’s surgery and other medical data.

The whole concept of anonymisation is flawed, especially when one considers that the NHS is being privatised, meaning that large medical companies with experience of data-mining, would very easily connect names to profiles and sell the information on.

OK it’s only those who die of cancer, who will be tagged, but 30% of the population die of cancer.

I share the DNA of both my parents, as do my siblings, which means that, although my DNA profile would be excluded (to the best of my knowledge), it wouldn’t be hard to gain a reasonable appreciation of its make-up from my relatives.

OK! why be concerned? I’m not a criminal. No! not as I see it.

However, what if I become further disaffected by losses of civil liberty and I am re-designated as a dissident/criminal, as has happened to those, in many other countries.

A recent cold case was solved when a man was profiled and found to be a close match to that of the perpetrator in the case. A little police work and a close relative of the man was caught and later convicted.  A victory for the whole idea of having a national database of DNA profiles.

But, again, it’s a question of trust.

Back when fingerprints first became the big aid in criminal investigation, when people trusted politicians to act in the interest of the people, rather than lining their own pockets, these arguments were gone over and it was the politicians and the Government of the day, who rejected the notion of a national fingerprint database.

Consider the distrust generated by the moving force of privatisation, prompting Today’s politicians. Add the fact that they are not concerned about protecting my Civil Liberty, as was the case in the past. Add their persistent attempts at partial national databases e.g. All school children, all convicted criminals, all immigrants seeking British nationality and probably others that haven’t been exposed by The Press.

A DNA profile of those falling victim to Cancer is a very worthwhile Social tool but it’s not the database that’s the problem, it’s who really wants it, who else will use it (insurance companies?), whether it will be used to  as a form of social control and who can be trusted with access to it.

Tell them “I pay my fair share of taxes; do you?” #occupy @occupyuncut

December 10, 2012

There have been three companies posted as not paying their fair share of tax, recently; Starbucks, Amazon and Google.

The  action against Starbucks has had some success. Even though limited, it’s still a success.

Some tweeters have queried why we have left Google and Amazon alone. Others have averred that we should push / leave it to Government to close the loopholes and take other action.

The last comment is laughable. Even when Virgin and Goldmann-Sachs were guilty of not paying legitimate taxes, the toff’s let them off with a token payment.

We can’t rely on money-hungry political parties to act in the interests of the Nation.

We can’t just boycott Google, because the alternative search engines are so poor and may be just as avaricious.

Amazon could be boycotted but, even if Xmas wasn’t  on top of us, there are too many who are reliant on Amazon to balance their budgets.

This doesn’t mean we should give up; ant bites may not harm but they can make people change their position.

For instance, if you’ve bought things through Amazon, they’ll ask for feedback. Include the phrase “I pay my fair share of taxes”.

It’s an adverse form  viral advertising.

In fact, we can spread this idea, by asking those who send you advertising spam, if they pay their full share of tax.

I asked it of Sainsbury’s, in a response to an advertising tweet, and was directed to their financial statement on their website.

If their published figures are correct, then they paid 33.5% of profits, in tax.

I urged them (via tweetback) to publish this.

If we can encourage companies to advertise their tax input, we can shame those who don’t fairly contribute.

If you fill in a survey, ask it.

If you’re demonstrating factory closures etc., ask it.

If you are in a BBC Questiontime audience ask it (most Cabinet Minister’s have directorship’s and should know the finances of the company paying them)

Boycott where you can, shame where you can’t and tweet the names of organisation’s, who are cheating us and helping to create Austerity Britain

Quality of life is a better reference than degree of poverty.

December 4, 2012

People / politicians quibble over definitions of poverty, when the real decider is quality of life.

Quality of life should be graded by ranking examples of differing living conditions. The problem arises from separating objective and subjective factors.

A prime objective factor is water, qualified in terms of how free it is from contamination, which in itself has objective and subjective factors. Again, using examples, we have water that is cloudy but safe and water that is clear but toxic in some way.

A prime subjective factor is slavery. But there are differing degrees of slavery; from the ball&chain slavery with a sadistic owner, to the love slave of a rich and beautiful woman. from the wage-slave in a boring grind to the CEO of a firm stifled by tax demands.

The whole issue is complex and dependent on the individual and on his interaction with those around him.

Nevertheless, it would be useful to establish a basis from which to work and from which to debate.

Most things can be quantified and then analysed, although the analysis can be faulty, if there are a large number of variables to take into consideration. In the hands of an unimaginative person (as mot of our judiciary appear to be) the fault can have disastrous consequences.

A possible means of countering this is to use the analysis to merely categorise the situation.  By similarly categorising numerous othr situations, which have been reviewed and ranked by the population at large, it should be possible to agree on a ranking that is acceptable to the majority, avoiding debate from those with extremist but vociferous views.

What do we NEED?

water, food, shelter, love, air, freedom, health, spare cash (for luxuries such as travel)

Water    Rate these:

Spring water, glacier water, rain water, gutter water, pond water, sewage water, carrot juice, veg, juice, fruit juice, wine, beer, spirits, liqueurs, blood, milk, urine, gravy, brine, “pop”, squeezing’s from content’s of a rumen, vomit

Food: raw  and cooked ratings for all. Brassica’s, root veg.,  boiled tubers, fried tubers, roast tubers, pulses, soft fruit,  apples, nuts, citrus fruits,

It’s no good I can’t be bothered carrying this thought through but I think the basic methodology is something that I need to work through, sometime., at a later date.