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@DailyMirror Jack Blanchard should name the malcontents or tell them to “put up, or shut up”

December 21, 2015

email to Daily Mirror 21/12/15:

I found the item by Jack Blanchard to be biased and deeply worrying.
He refers to “moderate” MP’s wanting to oust the leader elected by Labour member’s.
While it may be fair to describe Jeremy to be on the Left Wing of the party, it must be surely be more correct to label these rebel MP’s as being Right Wingers. Otherwise, he’s implying that many Labour MP’s are further Right than these rebels.
His repeated reference to unnamed Senior sources speaks volumes about the character of those he is fronting.
Why hasn’t the cowardly “One Shadow Cabinet Source” resigned, instead of casting suspicion on all members of the Shadow Cabinet.
Shouldn’t the Editor of this paper, allegedly representing the ordinary Labour voter, be calling on MP’s to support the leader, for whom they have voted?
Shouldn’t the Editor of this paper be a supporter of Democracy rather than giving air to a mouthpiece for those at the back of the classroom.
They speak of ousting Jeremy Corbyn but how? The voters would just re-instate him.
Or, is it to be a coup? Some procedural manoeuvre in closed session to exclude ordinary members from voting? Something worthy of Militant Tendency?
If there is a coup, ending any pretence of Democracy, it’ll be the death of The Labour Party.
So far they’ve relied on people of my generation, from the Industrial area’s, to continue voting against the Tories.
But the Industry has gone and the Folk History is dying along with those who remember it.
Why would people vote for Moderate Tories, rather than Austerity Tories, or UKIP Tories?
It appears that two of those parties will be uniting to get us to vote to stay in the EU, just as they united to get Scotland to stay in the Union, probably with the same degree of sincere pledges.
Nigel Farage must feel gleeful, after reading Jack Blanchard’s News story.

who worries you more ISIS, or Osborne? we’re bombing ISIS.

December 10, 2015

The principle of terrorism is that people are supposed to be scared of a sudden, unexpected and horrible death.

So scared that they’ll cause their Government to take action, presumably to accede to the terrorists demands.

It’s a false philosophy.

Hitler’s bombing of civilians was meant to terrorise civilians populations into calling on their Government to surrender.

It didn’t work.

Those countries, which did surrender, did so because  their Governments had allowed their armies to be poorly equipped and led by pencil pushing Generals.

The IRA didn’t win. Ireland is still divided and, realistically it is less likely to be united, because of the fresh hatred engendered by their campaign.

I can’t see ISIS/ISIL/Daesh succeeding in their pretence to want to create a European Caliphate.
I can’t envisage demonstrations in London, calling for the Government to convert to Islam, make it the State religion and replace itself with some mad mullah.

In fact. Who’s worried about terrorists?

Do you have chat’s with your friends about terrorist atrocities? Can you name anyone killed in in the last large attack in London?
Is ISIS a real concern for anyone?
Attacks are rare and focus on major conurbations. They attack pepople, who are utterly forgettable, except to their friends and families.

The IRA killed Louis Mountbatten and made a cack-handed attempt to blow up Thatcher.
This lot don’t go anywhere near the MP’s who voted to bomb Raqqa.
One wonder’s if they are a sincere threat, because they only attack people about whom our politicians care nothing.

In general, it appears to me that most people, whom I meet, feel more threatened by the actions of our own politician’s, rather than these alleged terrorists.

The continuing attrition of our police forces, soft sentencing and unwillingness to prosecute anything but open and shut cases means that our streets are not as safe as they once were.
Women walking dark streets are more concerned that they may be raped and, perhaps, killed, than  be attacked by a “lone wolf” terrorist.
Noting, of course, that two recent stabbings at Poundland and a Tube station were by men, who would, at one time, have been in mental institutions.
Deaths amongst young people have been at the hands of drug dealers and the gangs that have sprung up, because of lack of concerted effort by Government.
I can recall dozens of reports of young people being shot by those connected to drugs; none by those connected to ISIS (except those in Paris who were connected to both).

Personally, I’m more concerned, in my daily life, of driving.
Camera’s replacing Police means that on certain roads (not Motorways, which are still sometimes patrolled), madmen will drive at ridiculous speeds and take ridiculous risks.
Camera’s also mean that, when you go somewhere unfamiliar, locals will try to force you to exceed the speed limit, then suddenly disappear from your rear-view mirror, as you approach a camera, then roar past you, as you as soon as it’s passed.
Another aspect of the replacement of traffic cops, by camera’s, is that all all other road traffic offences go unchecked. Significantly, as the long, dark nights draw in, more cars with one failed headlight are seen. The driver’s never notice, because, quite often, the other headlight becomes full beam for some reason.
Lack of police also means that dark clothed cyclists, without lights are a growing hazard.

How many of us feel safe that Cameron’s NHS will be able to look after us should we need it, especially when ambulances are under cheapest tender contract to a company, whose prime concern is profit?
There’s a whole raft of concerns related  to Osborne’s terrorist austerity regime. which are causing much more concern than ISIS: we have people suffering from flooding, people having their home seized to pay for care home fee’s. People attending foodbanks, people with two hour commutes because of lack of cheap housing, people with disablities, women past their previous pensionable age, with minimal State pension to rely on, the homeless (including unchecked illegal immigrants).
ISIS aren’t as big a threat, or concern to voter’s, as our own Government.