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Don’t privatise BBC2

August 29, 2015

Letter to Daily Express 28/8/15

When we talk of BBC, we usually think of BBC1

There, we’ve lost Newsnight to a Luvvies gabfest show.

Breakfast News has become a chat show plugging theatre productions, various artistes and charity sponsored cause célèbre.
Question Time seems to have become a platform for politicians to practise re-gurgitating their party lines.
Whilst Daily Politics seems to have edged closer and closer to a vehicle for pushing the Andrew Neil World view.
BBC can’t openly run advertising breaks, so seems to have opted for expensive and annoying promo’s of upcoming programs.
It has lost a lot of its justification for remaining independent.
Except for BBC2.
BBC2 has always produced shows, which cater for those, who aren’t entertained by:

Reality(?) shows, which seem to rely on humiliation.

Variety acts, which rely on hooping and hollering to mask the their low standard.

Soaps and other melodrama, with constant major tragedies and screeching women.
BBC2 has always shown quality programs on Science, History and all those area’s, which Libraries categorise as non-fiction.
Now I find that BBC2 has restored the News program with its “Victoria Derbyshire”.
I’ve only seen it with Naga Munchetty, but she is perfect in this role, delivering and presenting without any sign of bias, or hidden agenda.
If the BBC is privatised, it’d be nice if this channel could be kept, separately, as a Public Broadcast Service.