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Nuclear War Scenario’s

November 28, 2014

Back when a Nuclear War was an ever present threat, the Government built secret survival bunker’s, which most of us didn’t know about. As a teenager I was only aware that when I heard the sirens, I’d only have 4 minutes to wonder if it was real and decide and how to spend the remainder of my life.

Since Glasnost and the cessation of the Communist threat, these bunker’s have been abandoned and TV crews given access.

The impression is that a Nuclear War was survivable and for the present generation it probably doesn’t really impact on them, how frightening it was.

The scenario’s that are presented are of a latter day Hiroshima. I.e. just a very large bomb. Even the post apocalyptic films of the time don’t really capture the full picture.

There were various sizes of bomb, ranging from the 1 kiloton (Hiroshima) up to a 50 Megaton.

Let’s deal with the 50 Megaton first, because that was a more likely scenario.

The problem with this one is that it relied on surprise and avoiding any anti-missile defences which we might have had and which the Russians didn’t know about. That last bit was a joke, as we now know that the Russian military knew more of our secret’s than the Prime Minister of the day.

If this bomb dropped on Birmingham, it would have turned the Midlands to glass and kill all the population of the UK, either through blast, suffocation or radiation damage.

The blast would have flattened every building in England and Wales and burned anything that could burn. The blast would have sufficiently expanded the air that those in bunkers and sheltered by hills would have been sucking on a near vacuum and would have suffocated. If they survived that the counter blast, of returning, oxygen depleted, air, would have seared their lungs.

Anyone in Scotland, Ireland, or Northern France, who survived this would likely suffer from radiation. Let’s just clarify this. It’s usually spoken of as radiation burns, or radiation poisoning but you’re actually being shot through by the equivalent of millions of tiny sub-atomic bullets.

Most of those bullets damage the water molecules in your cells, creating heat, some damage a bit of cell wall, creating heat. Most of the damage just creates heat but some will damage the DNA etc. Usually the cell dies, sometimes it turns cancerous. The same things happen when you get an electric shock, or are X-rayed. But the difference is like the difference between being hit by an air rifle pellet and machine gun fire.

Your flesh is effectively cooked, in parts, internally and externally. You might be lucky enough to last long enough for all your internal organs to heal but there will be scar tissue throughout your body and possibly Cancer. You may survive the cancer but your gonads may be affected, meaning that your off-spring will have mutations. Most mutations self-abort, those which don’t aren’t usually beneficial.

Most likely the radiation will kill you and you’d have to be unlucky to survive it.

Of course, the soil etc., that wasn’t vitrified in the blast, will go up in the atmosphere and rain back down over a wider area for quite some time; so people in nearby countries will get doses of radiation poisoning and there will be random deaths through cancer.

This effect was seen after Chernobyl, when Welsh lamb was off the menu for quite a few years, until the radio-activity on Welsh hills had fallen to levels where the expected death rates were considered acceptable.

Why would Russia do this? Because the rest of Europe would have immediately surrendered to the advancing Russian Army, whilst The USA would have shrugged their shoulder’s and decided there was no profit in going toe-to-toe over a cremated corpse.

It was this scenario combined with consequences from Chernobyl, which woke up politicians to the effects of the Nuclear Winter and a reason for agreeing not to use nuclear weapons. Strange that our politicians insist on keeping hold of such weapons!

The alternative scenario was the multiple warheads, with two options.

Both involved hundred’s of 1kiloton bombs, which would take out key sites e.g. Until recently Burtonwood, near Warrington, was a huge underground store with everything from ration books to tanks and aircraft. There would probably be three missiles intended for that location and three for Warrington town centre, itself. The idea would be to occupy the UK, afterwards, so the first option would be to go mainly for airbursts. The other option, ground blasts, would possibly take out the command bunker’s under each of the Town Halls and the various supply dumps but it would throw up nuclear fall-out, which, depending on the prevailing wind, would contaminate the countryside destroying its value for occupation and posing a risk to invading troops. The scenario, hoped for, by the Government would be the one that they might survive.

In quick reach of the politician’s and the “Important” people were (and maybe still are, for the VIP’s) bunkers better than Saddam Hussein’s, which, if you recall, was capable of surviving anything but a direct hit by a nuclear missile.

They would only have a four minute warning, so essential plebs needed to be aware of them and based in close enough proximity.

By essential plebs, I mean police, medico’s, artisans and breeding stock ( secretaries, perhaps). The police were to be armed and their first job, when it was safe to emerge, would be to round up all able bodied survivor’s for administrative purposes.

Wounded were to be shot, as a necessary expedience.

Radio would establish the highest ranking survivor’s, a new Government would be formed and a chain of command would be established with dictatorial powers (the true origin of the word being applied).

Most of us would be dead, dying or euthanised. The benefits for the survivor’s would be questionable.

Privatisation = blackouts in Winter and hosepipe bans in Summer; welcome to Britain.

November 25, 2014

I read this on Facebook and added my own comment below:

”Belgium is already set to selectively switch off electricity in parts of the country this winter with its energy capacity at a low of 2 percent. The UK, at a seven-year low of just 4 percent capacity, is also cutting it fine… According to the global insurance company Allianz in an extensive report on blackout risks in the US and Europe, “privatization and liberalization” have contributed to “missing incentives to invest in reliable, and therefore well maintained, infrastructures.”…/…/the-coming-blackout-epidemic

The lights may go out sooner than you think.
my addition:
This a consequence of privatisation. When Fiddler’s Ferry was bought by an American company, California had a blackout because the same company had no spare capacity to cope with a sudden hot spell (air conditioners). The first thing privateers do is sell off spare capacity. It also happened when water was privatisef with reservoirs sold of as landfill and then building sites. That’s why we have hosepipe bans, which will get worse with a rapidly increasing population and nowhere to build new reservoirs.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas, 1936.

November 25, 2014
So British jihadi’s will have to wait two years before being allowed to re-enter the country. What does this mean?
When does the two years begin and where do they stay? If they stay in Syria, then that makes the exercise pointless, as they could immediately apply to come home and just renew their application every so often.
They could decide to wait in the South of France, which would please the French, who have their own Jihadists.
Of course, under Schenken their Jihadi’s could come here, a sort of terrorist exchange, with our Security forces having to double their number’s as they liaise with various EU security forces, keeping tabs on each other’s jihadi’s.
More worrying, we have a present day scenario reminiscent of 1936, with Brits going oversea’s to fight on both sides of a war between two ideologies.
At home, we have the Home Secretary wanting to place a political contact in every GP surgery and School . A Home Secretary who already has the power to seize people from their beds, in the middle of the night and try them in secret courts, or, under The European Arrest Warrant, rush them off to foreign parts to be held for an indeterninate time in a foreign jail.
The allusion may be seen as fanciful but at what point did The German people start to become fearful of their own Government?

It’s not immigration that politicians should be criticised for it’s the incompetence of catering for it.

November 24, 2014
We’re sacking nurses, police, firemen, soldiers and other public servants.
I.e. making talented people jobless.
If we are to have an open door policy on immigration, shouldn’t we be creating jobs?
Shouldn’t we also be building more affordable housing, for our newcomers?
What about the infrastructure i.e. more power stations, more reservoirs, more sewers, sewage treatment plants, waste recycling plants, roads, schools, hospitals.
This would also go some way towards creating the jobs we need for our newcomers, or are they merely here to do skivvy work and live in shanty towns?
There’s plenty of land outside of the South-East.
Perhaps, we could start with the grouse moors.
We just need to collect the tax cash that’s being sent to places like Luxembourg, the cash spent on EU bailouts, the cash we’re wasting on vanity projects such as HS2 and Brussels.,
Mostly, we need a Government, which understands its function and the distinction betweeb Governing and ruling

watch out #NHS. Privatised Post Office wants to discard unprofitable bits.

November 23, 2014
Sent to Express 19/11/14
Presumably, when the Post Office was privatised, Member’s of Parliament debated possible consequences.
I would expect that MP’s, particularly those with a widespread catchments, would have ensured that the Post Office would be required to continue to be a National Service able to ensure that tax demands could be delivered to the most isolated homes.
If Parliament hasn’t failed us, again, then why would the Post Office be telling us that they will have to consider cutting deliveries to less profitable locations?
What control does Government have over such National Services, once they have been privatised?
What’s more important is what happens after the EU signs us up to TTIP and Big Business can question Government controls?
What responsibilities will Politicians have?
What purpose will they have?

so UKIP hasn’t published a manifesto. Are they worth anything?

November 23, 2014
sent to Express (21/11/14)
One of the criticism’s levelled at UKIP is that no-one knows where they stand on issues other than getting out of the EU.
To an extent, they are stating policies for them, so they can, then, attack them.
I’ve no doubt that people would like to know where UKIP stand on other important issues and, maybe, UKIP leaders are being deliberately obscure on such issues; playing the Tony Blair game of being all things to all men.
However, this may not be as significant as the main parties would like it to be.
Consider how the other parties set up their manifestoes as a sort of Pick’n’Mix bag.
After a General Election, the party, which has gained power, dips into their manifesto and delivers on those issues, which were make-weight and chucks away the significant ones, which we suspect that they had no intention of delivering on.
This time round the two governing parties seem to have blatantly lied on at least one major issue each.
People no longer believe Party political promises, except for this one promise on leaving the EU.
If UKIP gains significant power and doesn’t force an EU referendum, then their support and their party will disappear faster than a snowflake landing in Hell.
The only chance of killing off UKIP would be to have a Referendum now.
Labour could go back to campaigning on the NHS, Conservative’s could go back to campaigning on The Economy and the Lib Dems could go back to trying to persuade us that Nick Clegg has any integrity.

Ministers, stop printing league tables and assuming that you’ve earned you money

November 23, 2014
Sent to Express today (23/11/14)
My training as a Scientist tells me that judgements need to be based on accurate objective measurement and my training in Work Study tells me it is possible to also quantify things in a subjective manner.
In both cases, the numbers are merely the basis for analysis, by a trained mind.
The analysis is then subject to scrutiny, criticism and negotiation by other trained minds, before being presented to Society as trustworthy.
We trust the airlines and authorities to ensure that the planes we fly in and the pilots, in charge, are safe. We don’t ask to see their certificates or number of flying hours, before booking a flight.
When a politician decides to invest in shares, he does not just stick a pin in the paper, or merely look at the share prices. He consults his contacts in business, his contacts in Parliament. He looks at how the competition is faring and the stability of the market but in all cases he is mainly depending on the considered opinions of other’s, whom he trusts.
When it comes to Surgery, for myself, I’ll hope to wake up afterwards, better able to face life.
I’ll hope that my surgeon and his staff were competent and that their professional decisions weren’t confounded by administrative policies.
I’d hope that the Hospital’s administration were keeping an eye on that surgeon’s statistic’s and making informed decisions on his performance based on sound clinical judgement, rather than on how they reflect on the hospital’s image, or its profit and loss margins.
We’ve already seen the damage done by naked exam league tables, in schools.
It’s time Minister’s ceased washing their hands of their responsibilities and reverted to using such data for analysis by their highly paid professionals, so guiding themselve’s in their highly paid function of Ministering their departments.

the present generation needs to remember that it was my generation which created the environment they pride themselves in.

November 22, 2014

When I  was a kid, Dave Whelan was one of the big boys. Possibly a Teddy Boy, but certainly someone whose formative years were in the surroundings of wartime Britain.
“We” were killing “them” and “they” were killing “us”.
You can’t get more racist than that.
Your side were using flame throwers to turn their soldiers into human torches and films were made, applauding this.
As a child of those years I learned that a chair was a chair and an Italian was a Wop, or an Eyetie. The older generation may have felt contempt when using such epithets but as a kid I learned the words without the connotation.
We used words that I would be pilloried for writing down here. One such is designated as the n-word in Modern Britain, although strangely this euphemism is more semantically loaded than the original word, as it was then used.
In the USA, this word had always been used with contempt and only seemed, to me, to become unacceptable in Britain, when the Civil Rights marches in the USA made us aware of the visceral reaction amongst those people who now call themselves African-Americans. That didn’t really work in this country and after playing around with black, or coloured and rejecting both, we seem to have settled on black, which has also replaced the Latin word “negro” on official documents. (this is probably the only case in the language, where the Anglo-Saxon word is more acceptable than the Latin version).
Other words now unavailable include “queer”, although I was at college before I heard one refer to himself as “gay”. It was another 20 years before the word “gay” became the”correct” term.
What is now referred to as the c-word was, I thought, the accepted word for that part of a woman, until I came across the word “vagina” in a copy of Penthouse magazine.
There has always been a generational thing with words. Words such as “fuck” and “shit” are freely used Today, although, you could be arrested for using them in my youth. There, again, my dad blew his top, once, when, as a teen, I told him that I felt “chuffed” (look of puzzlement on face of reader, who has never come across this word which is of similar origin to “shagged”).
My generation will continue to try to avoid using such words in front of a generation which would verbally stone us to death for using them but they can’t expect us to feel the righteous indignation that they revel in, when one of us slips up. Nor can they expect us to consider talk of “fisting” and “bum-love” as topics for polite conversation, We aren’t desperate to be considered as non-homophobe.
Remember; It was our generation that changed the Law, so these acts were no longer punishable by imprisonment.
It was also our generation that brought in the Race Relations Act and welcomed Asians, as British Citizens, fleeing Uganda. People who were rejected by India as foreigner’s.

It’s our fault that the present generation holds the views that allow them to sneer at our generation. We created their mores.

Fred Forsyth’s idea of moving oversea’s aid fund into an aid corps would increase aid and reduce corruption.

November 10, 2014

This letter to the Daily Express (7/11/2014) was published.

I think it fits in with Socialist principles but most, on both political wings, might not:

Put elite British force in charge of oversea’s aid.
I like Fred Forsyth’s idea of switching foreign aid money to a British corps but I would not give it the MoD to administer. (“Send armed forces to rescue”,November 7).
The MOD have already made it obvious, in Afghanistan, it is incompetent in terms of both purchase and Supply.
It needs a new Ministry to take the helm, one that is not headed up by academics but instead led by business men, working alongside ex-military personnel
The personnel for the corps itself could come from all those experienced Service personnel presently being sacked and sacrificed on the altar of political ideology.
 When these highly trained people are not needed for relief efforts, the Corps could be of service here, training the next generation of reservists, with the relevant skills, to be drawn on in a case of multiple emergencies.


I like Fred Forsyth’s idea of switching foreign aid money to a British aid corps but I would not give it the MoD to administer.
They’ve already made it obvious that they are incompetent in terms of purchase and supply, in Afghanistan.
It needs a new Ministry, headed up by business men (not academic’s) and ex-military personnel, carefully chosen by a select committee of unambitious MP’s.
The personnel could come from amongst all those experienced Service personnel being sacked; sacrificed on the altar of political ideology.
When these highly trained people are not needed for relief efforts, the Corps could be of service here, training up the next generation as reservists, with the relevant skills, who can be drawn on in a case of multiple emergencies.



voter’s are disaffected because politician’s and the Media are openly unconcerned about what we think.

November 10, 2014

I sent this to the Daily Express 7/11/2014:

One of Britain’s less obvious but very important weapons during WWII was the BBC.
Not just because of its transmission of coded messages to the underground, or its potential to mislead the enemy on troop movements, but mainly because of its perceived honesty.
We may have been lied to about the number of aircraft shot down, I don’t know, but I and most of the World believed the BBC to be truthsayer’s.
The BBC continued to hold the confidence of the people through their reporting of poll tax riots and other issues such as the Vassal case and the Profumo scandal.
Since the time of John Major and Bill Clinton, we’ve become aware of greater willingness by politicians not just to lie and cover up (Saville,Cyril Smith) but to actually attempt to deceive us (Gummer’s burgers, EU treaties).
Now we distrust everything they say and the Media through which they say it.
The BBC seems to have lost trust from all sides.
Viewed as controlled by the Right and staffed by leftards.
Their camera’s catching Government and EU showpieces but barely aware of numerous protests around the country and giving minimal attention to those that can’t be ignored.
BBC Newsnight has lost a mellowed Paxman and gained a poetry reading format. Questiontime seems to be mainly about fobbing off criticism substituting honesty  with misdirection, acceptance of error with obfuscation, replacing a sharp attentive audience with claques.
The Prime Minister and his Deputy both came into office on repeatedly avowed pledges, which have not just been dropped but aggressively worked against.
Does anyone give credence to the “I” in IPSA?
Just this week we’ve been told that a dossier on MP’s expenses has been shredded.
Another dossier on child abuse has been lost, coincidental with the Home Secretary having to apologise for two unacceptable chairs for the inquiry. Due to be replaced by a new truly impartial chair. who might need said dossier.

Is it any wonder that the figures produced by anyone, even  slightly authoritative as the UCL’s, is seized upon.
It doesn’t matter if the two academics, writing this report on immigration, have an agenda. Any contradictory evidence emanating from sources, from anyone connected to any of the main parties is to be disbelieved.
Any attacks on Miliband on a personal basis is evidence of the nastiness of the political debate, in general. Similarly, attacks on UKIP, as being racist, are seen by many as evidence of an attack on worried voters by the political elite.
The only way forward, that I can see, is for individual MP’s to rebel against their whips, to clean house of the political careerists and placemen.
They need to read the epetitions (instead of ignoring them, as I know one MP was advised to do) and listen to the voters during the next round of canvassing.
Then they need to search amongst themselves for people of integrity to lead them, instead of the present appointee’s.
It won’t happen but some such change is needed before the present system becomes untenable and austerity becomes the least of our worries.