does the whipping system need cover-ups, in order for party politics to work

I’ve not been posting my letters to the Daily Express, so here’s a catch-up on a few.

29/10/2014., I wrote:

Ann Widdecombe has used her column to advance the case for Fiona Woolf taking the chair on the committee investigating child abuse.
The appointment has been opposed, by many involved in calling for the investigation, on the basis that Mrs Woolf has attended several dinner parties, with her near neighbour Leon Britton.
The problem seems to be that he was Home Secretary at the time when previous investigations were felt to have been inadequately completed.
Some of them seem to feel that Leon Britton may need to be treated as a hostile witness and that someone, so socially close to him, as Mrs Woolf, may not be as impartial as would be needed.
The defence, offered by Ann, is that they move in circles where such a level of acquaintance is meaningless and would debar herself from passing judgement on a number of decidedly reprehensible character’s.
She concludes that a replacement to Mrs Woolf would be drawn from the ranks of similarly placed people and would therefore be pointless.
She misses the point that those calling for an alternative chairman are asking for someone, who would not be from the closed ranks of such Establishment figures.
They are asking for someone with greater knowledge of people involved in child abuse. Someone, who is unlikely to be accused of a cover-up.
This does not seem an unreasonable basis for selection of a chairperson.
Indeed, from what we know of Ann Widdecombe, if she was offered such a role, she would turn it down, to avoid any suggestion of impropriety on her behalf.


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