Electoral commission made up of MP’s running scared. @Ed_Milliband @David_Cameron

I’ve just got this email,which shows how democratic the electoral system is.

This group was originally wanting to use the “none of the above” name (as in Brewster’s millions) but it’s specifically verboten, in case it attracts votes from plonker’s who don’t realise it’s actually a “political party”, opposed to party politics.

This argument was accepted and the group scratched around to find an acceptable alternative.

NOTAVOTE was accepted by the MP’s who run the Electoral Commision but now they’re all running scared and looking at scraping up any votes.

They’ve presumably been scared by the 600 vote margin between Labour and UKIP in the recent bye-election.

They daren’t risk allowing any alternatives for those who might be disaffected, traditional voters.

They are despicable.



Just to let you know the Electoral Commission have suddenly decided the NOTA name is no longer useable as a party name and we have until Tuesday to respond.

Anything you can do to help and share via the NOTA page/group on Facebook would be great. Our initial statement has already been seen by nearly 10,000 people so keep sharing.

We won’t let the campaign die when it just about to build up a head of steam.

Regards, Mark Flanagan


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