I’m glad that Obama has come out in favour of protecting the Internet

28/10/2014 I wrote to Daily Express:

The story that Social media websites have become the chosen platform of terrorist groups is worrying.
The worry is not that the terrorists have access but that the Authorities may try to restrict access.
Social Media has been a gift to the masses in promoting Education, Social contact and democtratic discussion.
Attempts to restrict its use should be resisted by all of us.
Yes, there are trolls and bullies abusing it but these people would still exist without Social Media and they’d not be exposed to view.
Terrorist groups using Social Media are being more easily tracked than when they used physical contacts.
In the US, there are politicians trying to restrict full access by charging for priority services. So far they have been successfully opposed.
If Our Government wishes to have a democratic and well-informed Society but is concerned about US companies dominating The Internet, then it needs to consider encouraging home grown ISP’s etc., free from foreign control


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