@Daily_Express @David_Cameron @Ed_Miliband use ttip to trigger an EU referendum now.

Letter to Daily Express (5/9/14)
Fred Forsyth’s piece, on the Tories chances of returning to Gov’t, was good upto halfway through it.
I believe that he is correct in saying that Labour supporters are becoming antagonistic towards the EU but missed that a strong component of that antagonism is concern over a particular issue: the EU signing us up to the TTIP.
Freely, giving the Banks and large Corporations the power to sue Governments is incomprehensible.
For the Left this is mostly seen as furthering the Americanisation of our Health Services (I can’t refer to them as the NHS, anymore).
Fred points out, in another piece, the irony of Cameron calling for a united European armed force to oppose Russia, after having devastated our own military forces.
Fred could have pointed out that this action negates any claim that David Cameron will threaten to let us leave the EU, as it implies further commitment to staying in the EU..
He’s correct in believing that Boris is popular, across all voter’s. However, he’s popular because he can’t lie very well, not because he is considered an election winner.
If Cameron really wanted a chance at re-election (and I’m not sure he’s bothered), he’d forgo this artificial delay of a referendum until 2017 and seize on the TTIP treaty change as triggering an immediate referendum, forcing Miliband to publicly declare his allegiance to the EU, TTIP and the death of a free NHS.

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