P.M. is trying to increase danger of dictatorship, with power to strip voters of citizenship rights.

sent to D.Express (1/9/14) but not published.
If you’ve nothing to hide, then why worry about stop and search, carrying an identity card, going down the police station and answering a few questions.
If you’re not a jihadist, then you needn’t worry that you’ll be stripped of your citizenship.

If you trust your politicians and your Government, then the above statements are all valid.
Although few people would say we trust them, even fewer would believe them capable of abusing such power.
The problem is that once such Laws are in place, we can do nothing, if those untrustworthy politicians prove worse than we thought .
Add in the fact that it is the nature of those, who seek power, to take as much power, as is freely given and we have a cause for concern.
I believe it would be unwise to allow any of our present cohort of politicians, the right to decide to strip any of us of citizenship, without recourse to some severely limiting and meaningful check on that power.
Politicians are sufficiently well paid, to expect them to come up with a less simplistic solution to the problem of returning Jihadists, who are not likely to declare their intentions.


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