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Olympic hype is more important than traditional walking days.@occupyolympics

May 29, 2012

A “Killjoy” thought on the Olympic hype.

Around here, “Walking Days” (a centuries old tradition) are being banned, because “we” can’t afford the Policing of them.

Such bans began just before the banking crisis, as part of dismantling the Police Force.

Now we are to have “The Olympic Torch” procession holding up traffic, all over The Land.

The expense must be huge but obviously well worth it, when political prestige is at stake.

Local traditions are nowhere as near as important as the political pretence that the Olympics is for the People.

That is, as opposed to the rich and powerful, from all over The Globe, who can afford tickets and who will be taking over The Capital, for The Summer.

At least there has been no mention of Councils demanding we pay a licence fee to hold street parties to celebrate Our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.