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why can’t the political class make intelligent decisions on the #NHS ?

April 16, 2015
If I catch a cold, or flu, then it’s a case of stay indoors with plenty of hankies etc.
If I, subsequently, secure a bacterial infection, with swollen glands and discoloured mucus, then I need antibiotics.
I understand that abuse of antibiotics has led to a situation, where antibiotics could one day prove ineffective.
I understand that we need to delay this situation, by limiting their use to situations where these infections could lead to serious complications, rather than mere suffering.
This is achieved by requiring the need for a doctor’s prescription.
On the face of it, this is not a big deal, especially if you can “go private” and buy a prescription, without too much bother, or delay, or even proof of need.
The problem occurs only with the NHS, where GP’s are under so much pressure that patients could be dead, or recovered (albeit with possible long term physical damage), before an appointment can be procured.
There needs to be an alternative to the present system.
Before GP appointment were imposed on us, sufferer’s sat in the Surgery waiting room sharing their problems and building up a degree of herd immunity.
This situation was transferred to walk-in centres, where a form of triage meant that fewer qualified doctor’s were needed and patient’s merely required patience.
The present problem seems to have arisen with haphazard and casual closure of walk-in centres and the attempt to replace these with call centres.
As personnel, sitting on a switchboard, can not write prescriptions, or organise scans etc., those plebians requiring such treatment, are turning up at A&E’S, which were not designed to cope with such cases.
It would seem logical to re-instate Walk-in centres, or remove micro-management of GP’s, but that would require politicians to admit to being inept.
A stop-gap could be to trust Pharmacists to prescribe antibiotics, arrange blood tests and organise scans, prior to a G.P. appointment.
The big issue being raised, as the cause of the failure of Government austerity measures is the entirely unexpected(!) issue of an ageing population.
Referred to by the derogatory term of bed-blocker, it can’t be too difficult to start building convalescent homes, freeing up the emergency beds.
Alternatively, as many of these elderly patients could be treated at home, why not organise a system to attend on them at home, instead of requiring on emergency services to ferry them into A&E.
Instead of politicians being “Leaders of the Nation”, we could do with a few problem solver’s managing the house-keeping.

@number10gov What would happen if a privatised trust hospital went bust?

June 29, 2012

It has always been the plan that the NHS would be privatised. That’s why all nursing ranks were re-categorised and their jobs de-skilled. De-skilling meant that wage bills would be lower, even though service levels would suffer.

The idea of setting up trust hospitals and GP groupings is simply to make bite size chunks for selling to privateer’s, with prices according to locale and catchment (same pattern as schools).

To ensure that people would fall out of love with the NHS, the Trusts were filled with administrator’s and paper pushing systems that made services less accessible.

The Walk-in centres eased the transition but, having served their function, they are now to be closed down, forcing plebs to join lengthening waiting list queues.

Lengthening queues causes disaffection and cuts costs through “too late” diagnoses.

The next stage was to cause trust hospitals to go bankrupt, through overspend on non-essentials and inefficient procedures, which a privateer could come in and immediately cut away, leaving a leaner more profitable enterprise.

This stage has arrived.

Already one Trust has gone bankrupt (helped by that wonderful scam opf buying new build using PFI (┬áie. Gov’t approved loan shark deals).

The Gov’t will reluctantly write off the outstanding debts and sell the trust off to the highest tender (these are of course commercially sensitive so the public can’t be told the details, such as the amount contributed to party funds, the placing of selected personnel on the privatised boards etc.).

The big problem that Government is not discussing what happens if this privatised hospital goes bankrupt doing its own PFI type scammy deals.

Do they save the hospital by paying off its new debts, putting out new tenders, maybe even selling the debt-free hospital to the same private entities, now operating under a new corporate identity?

How long before they realise that like the trains, water supply etc. such services can not be operated in the National interest by people motivated only by profit.

In wartime, these services are nationalised because they need to work effectively. It’s only in peacetime that greedy politicians collude with

But they never explained what would happen if the privatised Hospital also ran into debt. If we don’t bail them out we lose a hospital. If we do bail them out then they’ll repeat the process, because it’s an easy way to make money