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The boat people aren’t just our problem. They are Africa’s problem, also

April 25, 2015

Sent to the Daily Express 23/4/15

The Mediterranean boat people are coming from sub-Saharan Africa. i.e. Somalia and Eritrea.

By-passing Egypt and ignoring Saudi-Arabia, they are motivated to negotiate the likes of the Qattara Depression to reach the fartherest part of Libya and then risk a dangerous Sea voyage.

Modern telecommunications means that many must be aware, by now, of events in the Mediterranean.

Such strong motivation means that trying to stem the flow seems as futile as the attempt to prevent Jews reaching Palestine in 1946.

Parceling the migrants out to various European countries may be possible but not necessarily desirable for the countries they are leaving, or the countries they are sent to.

Creating a safe zone in Libya can only be a stop-gap solution, as the Libyan’s may react to such an imposition in the same way as Palestinian’s reacted to a safe zone (Israel) for Europe’s Jewry.

Long term, the solution is to make their own homelands safe.

It can’t be done without the support of The West but the rest of The World needs to play its part, particularly Africa.

Political direction must come from neighbouring African countries, such as Kenya, which is already suffering from the effects of armed incursions.

African countries can’t just shut their borders and expect the West to sort it.