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@DailyMirror Jack Blanchard should name the malcontents or tell them to “put up, or shut up”

December 21, 2015

email to Daily Mirror 21/12/15:

I found the item by Jack Blanchard to be biased and deeply worrying.
He refers to “moderate” MP’s wanting to oust the leader elected by Labour member’s.
While it may be fair to describe Jeremy to be on the Left Wing of the party, it must be surely be more correct to label these rebel MP’s as being Right Wingers. Otherwise, he’s implying that many Labour MP’s are further Right than these rebels.
His repeated reference to unnamed Senior sources speaks volumes about the character of those he is fronting.
Why hasn’t the cowardly “One Shadow Cabinet Source” resigned, instead of casting suspicion on all members of the Shadow Cabinet.
Shouldn’t the Editor of this paper, allegedly representing the ordinary Labour voter, be calling on MP’s to support the leader, for whom they have voted?
Shouldn’t the Editor of this paper be a supporter of Democracy rather than giving air to a mouthpiece for those at the back of the classroom.
They speak of ousting Jeremy Corbyn but how? The voters would just re-instate him.
Or, is it to be a coup? Some procedural manoeuvre in closed session to exclude ordinary members from voting? Something worthy of Militant Tendency?
If there is a coup, ending any pretence of Democracy, it’ll be the death of The Labour Party.
So far they’ve relied on people of my generation, from the Industrial area’s, to continue voting against the Tories.
But the Industry has gone and the Folk History is dying along with those who remember it.
Why would people vote for Moderate Tories, rather than Austerity Tories, or UKIP Tories?
It appears that two of those parties will be uniting to get us to vote to stay in the EU, just as they united to get Scotland to stay in the Union, probably with the same degree of sincere pledges.
Nigel Farage must feel gleeful, after reading Jack Blanchard’s News story.

@David_Cameron @Ed_Miliband .Honest Andy is a Glove #NHS

September 15, 2014
Posted to Daily Express  15/9/14
Andy Burnham’s call for the NHS to be exempted from the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is disingenuous at best and almost Clegg-like in its intended duplicity.
The Labour Party, under Ed Miliband and his inner clique of advisor’s, is committed to membership of the EU.
The EU is committed to signing upto the TTIP, which will be in place before Cameron’s illusory 2017 EU Referendum.
Once this treaty is in place (which by itself should be triggering a Referendum), there will be no way back for the NHS and Burnham must know this.
Part of this new treaty will create a judicial body, which will arbitrate on any Government legislation, which the Multi-nationals object to.
E.g. The present Government is brokering a deal to hand over controls of much of the NHS to an American organisation, which will presumably be expecting to make a good profit.
If Andy Burnham were able to persuade his boss to end this contract, they would likely sue for loss of earnings, despite any faux exemption, and win.
The likelihood of Ed Miliband acceding to such effrontery from one of his shadow cabinet, is no more likely than that Labour will make any mention of EU membership in the coming election campaign.

the Great War resulted in a backlash against Capitalist greed

February 24, 2014

The Great War (WWI) was caused by rampant Capitalist greed and its mass murder of plebians resulted in a reaction amongst the Working classes against their “betters”.  Soldiers who went off to war as hat doffing wage slaves, returned, not only disenchanted with the worth of their leaders but fired up by tales of the Russian Revolution.

Europe was rife for revolution, which was why the banker’s backed Hitler against the opposing street marching gangs of Communists. It was why the Nazi’s were able to burn down The Reichstag and successfully blame it on the Communists.

It was why, in Britain, the Ruling Classes back-pedalled on suppression of the Working Classes and allowed them a better standard of living and the birth of the Labour party.

British men had gone off to war and suddenly found a meat free diet replaced by a meat laden one. Women confined to Purdah had been released to the factories and tasted financial independence. Men returned from War, fit, even those who were mutilated, trained in combat and inured to death.

The likes of Churchill, who had condemned so many to death in Gallipoli, realised that trying to re-impose the sort of heavy-handed treatment meted out in Tonypandy, Liverpool etc. would not work, especially as the Army was filled with like minded men.

It wasn’t until the fall of the USSR and the retreat of the threat of Communism, in the late ’70’s, that Capitalists deemed it possible to return to a regime of suppression.

The attempt by The EU to cast the Great War as a victory for the unifying of a pacified Europe was an attempt to recast our vision of the conflict. Some Europhiles may actually see it in this rose-tinted light but only by blinding us to the injustices that are being masked.

It was a relief to have Fred Forsyth condemn the celebration of this carnage and call for a commemoration instead, which is what I said in this letter to the Daily Express.

Printed Version:

GreatWar- no big triumph of Democracy
I was relieved to read Frederick Forsyth’s take on the First World War and why its forthcoming commemoration should not be a celebration (“Senseless slaughter in the mud”, February 21)>
The line that looked like being taken was that this was to be a celebration of how we had all learned to live in harmony in a greater Europe.
This war was not a glorious triumph for democracy, it was a consequence of the greed of vested interests.
The European powers and the youthful USA were all empire-building and, in my opinion, looking either for territorial acquisitions or sole trading rights with foreign nations.
There was also the acquisition of armaments.
This was called `The Great War, to end all wars’ because no one who survived it could believe that politicians would embroil us in yet another one.
This name was in no way to celebrate how fantastic a job it had done in unifying Europe.

Original letter:

I was relieved to read Fred Forsyth’s take on W.W. 1 and why its forthcoming commemoration shouldn’t be a celebration.
The line, which was appearing to be about to be taken, by the supporters of David Cameron (presumably guided by Brussels) was that this was to be a celebration of how we had all learned to live in harmony in a greater Europe.

This War was not a glorious triumph for Democracy, it was a consequence of the greed of vested interests.
One of the causes being that, which my History books referred to as “The scramble for Africa”.
The European powers and the youthful USA were all Empire building and looking either for territorial acquisitions, or sole trading rights with foreign nations.
Another aspect was the acquisition of new armaments, such as flying machines and tanks, by politicians and Generals, who wanted to posture on the World Stage and/or play “soldiers”.
This was called “The Great War, to end all Wars” because no-one who survived it, could believe that politicians could be so callous and greedy as to embroil us in another.
The naming wasn’t to celebrate how fantastic a job it had done in unifying Europe.

Europhiles seem spectacularly oblivious to the present situation in the Ukraine, the recent wars in Yugoslavia (as was), or the persistent political unrest in Spain, Greece and Italy.
The imposition of a United States of Europe has all the signs of a dangerous attempt to hold down the lid on a kettle.
All that does is allow the pressure to build up and become more powerful, when it blows.