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No coalitions, please. Just drop policies that won’t be accepted. That’s democracy

April 25, 2015


Sent to the Daily Express 19/4/15

There’s no need for any coalition’s.
The leader of the majority party forms the next Government and moves into Number 10.
If he/she wants to admit opposition MP’s into the Cabinet room, that can be on an ad-hoc, or honorary basis.
The big issue facing that leader is which policies will obtain support from the majority of MP’s.

If there is a contentious policy in his/her manifesto, then he/she can simply offer a vote of intent.

If it’s voted down, then he/she can either shelve the policy, or face losing a major vote.

How that works with a fixed term Parliament has not been made clear. They don’t have to call a new G.E.
Either way the leader has attempted to honour their manifesto promise and other leader’s will have to consider their own manifesto stance’s.
That’s not a sign of a weak Government but of a strong democratic choice.
Those policies, which he/she can be sure of cross-party support, will be put in the Queen’s speech and should be, not only successful, but popular with the majority of the electorate.
A Government is not strong, when it can impose unpopular policies but when its policies have popular support.
No revolution was, ever, against a popular Government.