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@empireofthekop My version of The Liverpool Way

May 29, 2012

For me The Liverpool way was the Shankly way and that involved the following.

The ball rarely went backward any distance and never in a panic. In a panic, kick it at their goalie, not ours.

The team had a spine of an excellent Centre forward, Centre Half, Centre back and Goalie.

Backs were chosen for stolidity rather than scoring potential, even so, they sometimes went forward, when the opportunity was there.

Forwards were wingers, who weren’t afraid of taking the ball into the area, given space.

The midfield did overlaps with the forwards and the backs.

We almost always had a Xabi, Murphy or Molby, who could put a long ball on a sixpence, or spot an attack before it developed.

Match halves opened with a 5minute blitz and closed with a 10 minute blitz.

The first half was defensive, allowing Shankly to spot weaknesses and strength’s and possible change’s in play (guided by reports of Scouts).

The second half was an attacking game, with the Kop sensing the change and chanting “attack!attack!attack!”

Player’s kept their places in the team, until they were injured, allowing them to know where balls would get played and to work up tactic’s and set-pieces with their partner’s. The familiarity of player’s with the idiosyncracies, of their team-mates, more than made up for the opposition spotting their weaknesses, bcause players became aware of them and adjusted accordingly.

For me, that ended, when Liverpool Executive’s decided to become European (with a Director of football) and insist that players become expert on all parts of the pitch, as though they had no specific talents that lent themselves to a particular niche ~(jacks of all trades, masters of none).

That may not be what other’s see as the Liverpool way but it’s mine.

The short sharp passing game was something that we only latched onto when Borussia München Gladbach, taught us a lesson, at Anfield, but I accept that that is now part of the Liverpool game., although the aspect I particularly enjoyed was Steve Heighway and David Fairclough style runs, terrorising the back-pedalling defences and petrifying the Goalies.