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Stephen Fry: Golden Age of Greece based on slavery

October 31, 2011

Stephen Fry does have a blinkered view of Classical Greece. In one program he perpetuated the myth, held dear by our ruling class, that everyone in Athens had the vote and,  hence, was a democracy.

This is like saying that the Southern States of America were a Democracy.

You have to redefine “rule by the people” by defining who counts as “the people”. In both cases the gentile and beautiful world enjoyed by “the people” relied on the Labours and Misery of the slaves.

No matter how comfortable the lives of the slaves, they had no say in the running of the State or in running their own lives.

My fear is that we are being guided back along the road to those pre-Socialist regimes, where only some people count as citizens.

We are to some extent on the way, with most of us only getting a vote on who is “king” for five years at a time, with a view to European Unity, where we get to vote for someone to vote for our Euro Emperor, every ten years, or whatever.