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@bruciebabe what a pitiful misunderstanding of Socialism and of Capitalism and of Free Market Forces.

August 17, 2014

If you go here:

you will see what is claimed to be an accurate description of socialism.

Below is a revision of that piece, from a different perspective:

@bruciebabe begins with a simplistic version of “The Market”
 A simple but effective mechanism that puts the customer first, providing the goods and services that the customer wants at the price and quality that they need and is the reason major calamities like wars, epidemics and natural disasters are quickly overcome.
This mechanic also ensures that the most efficient possible use is made of all resources, from labour and capital through to crops in our field and minerals in the ground.

The following is my continuation/version of what he then wrote:

Then along came the evil of greed. Manifested with punishing the hard working by extorting their labour to give to the lazy and feckless a mechanism whereby they maximised profits and minimised costs to improve their own standard of living at the expense of the health and well being of their employees (impersonalised by referring to them as Labour, a commodity).

To prevent this requires that the state takes control of most things with the moral superiority of treating all men as of value. They protect the individual’s life from cradle to grave and regulate to protect him from the depredation’s of domestic, as well as foreign aggressor’s.
This social care based system was successfully implemented after the second World War, in the form of the Welfare State. Ordinary people have ceased to die of diseases caused by poverty and the rich can longer talk of employing a little man to carry out the menial tasks, because under this system the average height of plebs has increased by six inches. It is called socialism.

Britain was a socialist country but we now have a neo-liberal government and some of the biggest sectors of our economy are now run badly by privateer’s using artificial markets in what are actually cartels.(e.g. Gas,Elec., Rail,Water).
As part of the extending of this process, of raping State Assets (I.e. Assets paid for out of General Taxation), successive Governments have begun a process of debilitating the rest of the executive structure of the Country, selling off, piecemeal, the prison Service, the probation Service, the Police Service, The NHS, Education etc. They seem to be examing the best means of doing the same job with the Armed Forces, Tax collecting, the Judiciary and presumably, when TTIP is signed up to, Government itself.
This process has been accelerated under The Shock Doctrine, to use alleged Austerity measures to  reduce wages and working conditions, whilst shovelling more and more of tax income into the pension pots of privateers’  share dividends. Feckless parasites, leeching off the labour of the masses, whilst berating those unable to secure employment as scrounger’s.

Earlier he wrote seven articles to explain some of  the many evils of socialism. Here they are collated in one place:
Why socialism is evil #1, equality  
The poor want a fair deal. disgusting!
Why socialism is evil #2, envy.
The poor are eating too well. If a million poor people each had £1 taken off them and given to me, I’d be millionaire
Why socialism is evil #3, control freakery
They want to prevent me selling them horsemeat and calling it beef.
Why socialism is evil #4, financial ineptitude.
They want to spend less on shareholder’s and more on the welfare of plebs.
Why socialism is evil #5, they think they know better than the market.
They know that the Market has the sense of a fox in a hen coop.
Why socialism is evil #6, they pretend to be nice.
They are nasty to those who would prey on the masses.
Why socialism is evil #7, financial sleaze.
They don’t know the true meaning of financial sleaze.

Read the above and you will understand that the Conservative party and New Labour party truly are the nasty people of British politics. They have done immense damage to Great Britain in countless ways by applying their evil and avaricious dogma. Their fellow travelers are The City and the bankers, such as Goldmann Sachs, who bankroll them.

What have trade unions done for Great Britain?
They’ve given the masses a chance to see that it is possible for their children to grow up safely in a world free from the horrors that their great grandparents endured, when Trade Unions were illegal.

What is in these articles is not an in depth study of the evil these people have suffered, that would take several books. It is merely a misguided attempt to smear them and obscure the evil done under the doctrine of step on your fellow man and break his neck.

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The British aren’t left wing or right wing. Their politics are based on what is fair

April 11, 2013

Those on the Left are supposed, by the political careerists, to be in favour of soft drugs, to favour positive discrimination, to be anti-military, anti-police, anti-prison, pro-shirkers.

They are supposed to have every shade of extreme view.

They are supposed to be rabidly pro-gay.

They are supposed to be the instigators of all the Political Correctness declarations that bedevil our lives.

These statements are only true of the professional leftists.

Most people, whom I have met, whether Tory, or Labour voters, don’t hold these extreme views. They don’t embrace the badged philosophies of the main parties.

The common theme that I meet is that of fairness and justice (not to be confused with Justice).

For me, Socialism and Christianity embrace these two principles, whereas Capitalism has become inextricably linked with exploitation of others and the worship of Mammon.

If Capitalist principles were bound to Christian principles, then Capitalism would be embraced as helping a friend, or brother, in time of need.

In Britain, pre-Thatcher, Interest levels were kept low by anti-usury legislation, which was scrapped to enable Banks to profit from the introduction of credit cards.

(The damage done, by credit cards, later led to the demand that the concept of APR% be introduced as a political sop).

The demand, now. is to re-introduce anti-usury legislation (

If politician’s used fairness as the litmus test of their policies and abandoned party dogma, they would come a lot closer to being democratic representatives of the Nation and would have to justify their views both to us and themselves.

Capitalism isn’t the problem it’s greedy capitalists and incompetent politico’s

January 28, 2012

This is my response to Guardian’s

“Capitalism only creates misery – we need a system that puts human wellbeing first.”

Capitalism is a useful means of funding business start-ups.

The problem arises when the power it has is used to destroy good businesses for profit or corrupt the political process.

The first scenario arose back under Maggie, when many firms, which had trading difficulties, were asset stripped instead of just being stripped fitter (the main benefit claimed for private enterprises).

The second scenario, although originating in the John Smith Institute, was again seized on by Maggie.

That is the notion of privatisation.

Gas etc. had, wisely, been nationalised, because the plethora of independent enterprises was causing chaos.

The State (funded by the taxpayer) bought these companies up , standardised and modernised them, before Maggie sold them off.

They lie in the hands of cartels.

These work against the public good and show one area in which Capitalism needs to be removed from the equation.

I.e. where it acts against the good of the Nation.

Essentially those facilities that an enemy nation would target, in the event of war.

Privatisation is also contrary to public interest, when it relies on State funding and is enforceble by Law.

Here I include BBC licensing, most Arms-Length organisations, quangoes, PFI’s etc.

Keep Capitalism but keep it in check.