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#Occupy Our Governments need to realise that they will sink with us

March 10, 2012

At one time when Governments had spent themselves into debt and weren’t able to tax their way out, they invaded somewhere and robbed enough to pay off their debts.

The Greeks just robbed neighbouring cities, then learned about Empires from the Persians and this idea was taken over by the Romans, etc.

Essentially much of the wealth that was robbed was in the form of slaves, who could do enough work to feed themselves and their masters.

The Industrial revolution saw a big change, where Britain had enslaved its masses and also had steam power to provide the wealth that enabled it to take on an Empire.

Unfortunately other European nations also industrialised and joined in this colonisation. i.e. raping weaker countries and enslaving their peoples, too.

Britain did best, because they had got in their first, but the scramble for Africa caused friction between the European powers and resulted in WWI.

The protagonists had plenty of domestic and foreign slaves, so they were squandered in this war and all Eoropean powers lost a lot of their wealth.

There was still plenty of coal (and now oil), so this wouldn’t have been too much of a problem if France hadn’t got greedy and pauperised Germany, without actually taking responsibility for its people.

This led the Germans into trying a bit of catching up and a lot of printing of money.

To underwrite the debt The Germans did a bit of conquering, led by a nutter, and we had WWII.

This was quickly followed by a lot of elbows-out jostling with China and Russia, exploiting the fact that they had a lot of fossil fuels and a lot of surplus people.

Unfortunately, both sides also had the Atomic bomb, so WWIII was not an option.

Instead, we had skirmishes; Vietnam, Korea etc. upto Iraq and Afghanistan. (Iran may have been next on the list but they could get nuclear any day now, especially as their Islamic pals, in Pakistan, are already nuclear capable).

Meantime, the printing of money has got further out of hand.

Privatisation (i.e. selling State assets to oil rich sheiks etc.) has helped pay the interest of the debts but some countries such as Greece have no assests left, except their people.

This is our present situation.

Paper money is being printed ever  faster.

Western governments have been desperately trying to squeeze more out of their masses, by further privatisations but the only asset, which the energy-poor West now has, is its people.

This is why Democracy is being dismantled and why Occupy and other protest groups are springing up, aided by the Internet. This in turn has led to attempts to throttle the Internet and the build up of private police forces (militia).

It seems likely that Democracy will lose out, eventually, (though hopefully not so) as all populations have plenty of sociopaths, psychopaths, Judas goats and other “useful idiots”. People, who can be used to divide and conquer the masses, of whom the majority will march silently to the Slaughter House, unless they can be alerted to their potential fate.

Basically the options seem to be revolution and the re-negeing on all debts, or the acceptance of a state where Democracy ends and we re-enter slavery. The population would become a commodity to be sold with the old, the weak and the useless, being disposed off in other ways.

The third alternative is for Governments to re-nege and to seize back state assets, it’s just a question of whether the richer More oil etc.) countries will allow it and if our Rulers realise that, ultimately, they are in the same boat as us.



Wind Power is energy consumer @GreenParty. Energy is wealth. Poverty is slavery

January 10, 2012

Ultimately money is derived from energy, whether it be fossil fuels, nuclear,manpower or some alternative energy source.

You can’t create a new kind of money unless:

(a) you back it up with the energy resources to pay for it,

or (b) you can scam people into accepting it.

The second choice is the political choice and works as a sort of Ponzi scheme, which is why Europe is in a mess and we (now we’re running low on North Sea Oil ) are doomed to follow.

Hitler relied on choice (b) to re-build the German Economy but effectively lost the War because he couldn’t access the Oil fields of the Middle East.

Argentina is stirring up South American countries, because ownership of the Falkands gives access to potential oilfields both in The Falklands and, through International Treaty, and in Antarctica.

Problems in the Middle East are all about the Oil.

Problems in Venezuela are all about the Oil.

Problems in Eastern Europe are all about the Russian Oil/Gas.

Problems in Alaska are all about the Oil.

Windpower , in the UK, is being artificially subsidised, because Windpower costs more (oil) energy to produce than it provides.

Scandinavia is peaceful because it has abundant HEP.

Think of anywhere that is peaceful and they have abundant energy resources.

Think of anywhere that is in turmoil and they have a dearth of energy.

Places with oil are problematic, because their energy is in easily transported oil.

When the Saharan countries get busy with Solar power and build Supergrids, they’ll be super-rich.

Countries, such as Britain, will have internal squabbles over the remnants North Sea Oil. We’ll probably surrender the Falklands, because Argentina will bribe the U.S.A. with a cut of the action and France will supply the weaponry.

We will have a bit of wind power and slavery.  I prefer the word slavery to poverty, because that is what poverty is. It’s the reliance on your own muscle power to provide the energy/food that you need to feed yourselves and your rulers.

The alternative would be to exploit the nuclear fuel  and coal stocks that we have, providing our Green political masters haven’t sold them off.

and we will probably rely on exports of organ parts etc. to those with oil, unless we re-educate The Greens to prefer Coal and Nuclear power over virtual slavery.

Stephen Fry: Golden Age of Greece based on slavery

October 31, 2011

Stephen Fry does have a blinkered view of Classical Greece. In one program he perpetuated the myth, held dear by our ruling class, that everyone in Athens had the vote and,  hence, was a democracy.

This is like saying that the Southern States of America were a Democracy.

You have to redefine “rule by the people” by defining who counts as “the people”. In both cases the gentile and beautiful world enjoyed by “the people” relied on the Labours and Misery of the slaves.

No matter how comfortable the lives of the slaves, they had no say in the running of the State or in running their own lives.

My fear is that we are being guided back along the road to those pre-Socialist regimes, where only some people count as citizens.

We are to some extent on the way, with most of us only getting a vote on who is “king” for five years at a time, with a view to European Unity, where we get to vote for someone to vote for our Euro Emperor, every ten years, or whatever.


The house slaves of Victorian Britain

September 12, 2011
Written to the Daily Express.
Your article on life below stairs was interesting but appeared to slide over one important aspect of such employment. 
The section on accommodation gave a hint with its reference to the maids (sic!) being berthed well away from the menservants in the “virgins wing”.
My understanding, from conversations with my parents about family History, is that the lower orders found it very difficult to live as married couples and that, as with the slaves portrayed in the TV series “Roots”, such marriages as did happen, were frowned upon and had to be “over the brush”, to avoid the consequent possibility of dismissal.
Few servants would have had sufficient savings to do more than barely survive, once dismissed from Service and the threat of moving out of a Grand House into one of the brick favela’s, portrayed in The road to Wigan Pier, would have been sufficient motivation to put up with these Conditions of Employment.
The lucky ones, died in service but those who grew too old to maintain their posts, would die destitute in the Workhouse.
It is worth remembering that the point of Charles Dickens writing Oliver Twist was not to provide the basis of a hit musical but to shame “Upstairs” folk into giving more thought to how they were treating their fellow man and, at the same time, to express his opposition to the Victorian values, later espoused by Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair.

Stephen Fry and Athens

August 20, 2011

I know that Stephen Fry’s love of the Golden Age of Ancient Greece is engendered by an interest in  their acceptance of certain practices (although  in the case of the apparently butch Spartans, it constituted their version of the buddy system).

I know that he has studied the works of renowned Greek thinkers.

Unfortunately, he seems to have been blinded to the basis of Athenian wealth.

On a recent QI, he eulogised ancient Athens as being an example of true democracy.

To do this he has had to restrict his view of who counts as people.

He is almost certainly aware of the slave economy of ancient Athens and undoubtedly aware that conditions were not dissimilar to those for Negro slaves of the Southern States of America.

I quite like Mr Fry, but his program is based, to an extent, on refuting statements that are less ill-founded.


August 18, 2010

I keep getting emails that warn about Islamification, particularly with respect to Sharia Law. We never seem to get any balanced discussions in the Media on the allegations made in such emails, so I’ve passed the following one on to the Daily Express. If its content is pure hogwash then it’s time this was clearly stated and acted upon. The fact that there is no discussion lends support to the perception that it is being suppressed to maintain Public Order and, in the manner of Neville Chamberlain and his piece of paper, in the hope that the problem can be handled by the next Government.


I’ve copied the text of a serial email into notepad and the onto here, not for publication as a letter but as a request for comment.
It’s about sharia law and reflects a common theme in emails that are being forwarded.
I assume that you are probably aware of such emails but as nothing is ever printed, there seems to be no support or refutation of its content that can be referred to.
What, as a National newspaper, is your take on its content?
John Shale
Muslim Women

20 years from now, I might be in Heaven –bye !!
This was written by a woman born in Egypt as a Muslim.
This is not hearsay, and it will scare the life out of you.
Make sure you read the paragraph (in red) towards the end.
Joys of Muslim Women
By Nonie Darwish
In the Muslim faith a Muslim man can marry a child as young as 1 year old and have sexual intimacy with this child. Consummating the marriage by 9.
The dowry is given to the family in exchange for the woman (who becomes his slave) and for the purchase of the private parts of the woman, to use her as a toy.
Even though a woman is abused she can not obtain a divorce.
To prove rape, the woman must have (4) male witnesses.
Often after a woman has been raped, she is returned to her family and the family must return the dowry. The family has the right to execute her (an honor killing) to restore the honor of the family. Husbands can beat their wives ‘at will’ and he does not have to say why he has beaten her.
The husband is permitted to have (4 wives) and a temporary wife for an hour (prostitute) at his discretion.
The Shariah Muslim law controls the private as well as the public life of the woman.
In the West World ( America and Britain ) Muslim men are starting to demand Shariah Law so the wife can not obtain a divorce and he can have full and complete control of her. It is amazing and alarming how many of our sisters and daughters attending American Universities and British Universities are now marrying Muslim men and submitting themselves and their children unsuspectingly to the Shariah law.
By passing this on, enlightened American and British women may avoid becoming a slave under Shariah Law.
Ripping the West in Two.
Author and lecturer Nonie Darwish says the goal of radical Islamists is to impose Shariah law on the world, ripping Western law and liberty in two.
She recently authored the book, Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law.
Darwish was born in Cairo and spent her childhood in Egypt and Gaza before immigrating to America in 1978, when she was eight years old. Her father died while leading covert attacks on Israel . He was a high-ranking Egyptian military officer stationed with his family in Gaza .
When he died, he was considered a “shahid,” a martyr for jihad. His posthumous status earned Nonie and her family an elevated position in Muslim society.
But Darwish developed a skeptical eye at an early age. She questioned her own Muslim culture and upbringing.. She converted to Christianity after hearing a Christian preacher on television.
In her latest book, Darwish warns about creeping sharia law – what it is, what it means, and how it is manifested in Islamic countries.
For the West, she says radical Islamists are working to impose sharia on the world. If that happens, Western civilization will be destroyed. Westerners generally assume all religions encourage a respect for the dignity of each individual. Islamic law (Sharia) teaches that non-Muslims should be subjugated or killed in this world.
Peace and prosperity for one’s children is not as important as assuring that Islamic law rules everywhere in the Middle East and eventually in the world.
While Westerners tend to think that all religions encourage some form of the golden rule, Sharia teaches two systems of ethics – one for Muslims and another for non-Muslims. Building on tribal practices of the seventh century, Sharia encourages the side of humanity that wants to take from and subjugate others.
While Westerners tend to think in terms of religious people developing a personal understanding of and relationship with God, Sharia advocates executing people who ask difficult questions that could be interpreted as criticism.
It’s hard to imagine, that in this day and age, Islamic scholars agree that those who criticize Islam or choose to stop being Muslim should be executed. Sadly, while talk of an Islamic reformation is common and even assumed by many in the West, such murmurings in the Middle East are silenced through intimidation.
While Westerners are accustomed to an increase in religious tolerance over time, Darwish explains how petro dollars are being used to grow an extremely intolerant form of political Islam in her native Egypt and elsewhere.
(In twenty years there will be enough Muslim voters in the U.S. and Britain To elect the President by themselves! Rest assured they will do so… You can look at how they have taken over several towns in the USA .. Dearborn Mich. Is one… And there are others…) (Britain
has several cities now totally controlled by Muslims)
I think everyone in the U.S. and Great Britain Should be required to read this, but with the ACLU, there is no way this will be widely publicized, unless each of us sends it on!
It is too bad that so many are disillusioned with life and Christianity to accept Muslims as peaceful.. Some may be but they have an army that is willing to shed blood in the name of Islam.. The peaceful support the warriors with their finances and own kind of patriotism to their religion. While America and Britain is getting rid of Christianity from all public sites and erasing God from the lives of children the Muslims are planning a great jihad on America .. (and Britain) ..
This is your chance to make a difference…! Pass it on to your email list or at least those you think will listen..
Some of those I’m sending it to WILL NOT!
Put your head back under the covers so you can’t see the boogie man!

Single Mothers

April 1, 2010

 All political parties have committed themselves to supporting single mothers but they are also committed to a stabilised Society, based on the family unit.

These two aspects are, by themselves, a source of confusion.

Political parties also have to bear in mind that the country is in debt and that most of the world’s problems are caused by overpopulation.

This is in turn complicated by the fact that politicians can only achieve their goals by re-distributing wealth and that wealth is based on having a young and well equipped workforce, which is why they encourage fecundity amongst single mothers and, periodically, encourage mass immigrations.

 OK! What can be done?

First examine what wealth is.

It is the ability to do work.

Oil etc. provide energy, which does work.

This was the whole basis of the industrial revolution, when we moved from man-power to fossil fuels. It was this factor that decided most of the theatres of operations in the Second World War and which has made the Middle East a large scale theatre of continuing conflict.

It’s probably true to say that Islam would still be an insignificant religion on the world stage but for the oilfields in the Middle East. 

So first thing is to recognise that we no longer have any oil reserves and that the USA is probably going to force us to surrender our potential access to oil in the Falklands and Antarctica.

Then we need to consider how we can supply our energy needs.

As a low-lying island we don’t have much HEP but we can access wind, wave and tidal energy. The trouble with these is that they are limited in quantity and their supply is variable.

There is no satisfactory way of storing energy, so not only are these resources problematic, it makes solar power a pretty ineffective way forward (unless we adopt a policy of national hibernation).

The only viable way forward is to copy the French and Japanese, who are similarly placed, and to take the nuclear option.

We have large supplies of nuclear fuel and there are still sufficient skilled personnel around to establish new Magnox reactors. We might have to rely on the less stable PWR reactors, from the USA, in the meantime, but long term, it’s the only alternative to reverting to manpower, i.e. effectively slavery (bondsmen, serfs, slaves or wageslaves).

 Once we have established a basis for our wealth, we need to consider the size of our population and how to meet its other needs.

Bear in mind that the Second World War proved that we cannot feed ourselves. This is more especially true, since we allowed the French to devastate our fish stocks, on joining the EEC.

Bear in mind that each generation (about 30 years) our population has traditionally grown by 2.4 children, whilst World annual growth rate is about 2%.

 We need to look at reversing the reliance on a growing population and begin trying to reduce the size of the population.

China has proven that force and compulsory sterilisation doesn’t work.

India has proven that bribery doesn’t work. (They tried giving out Transistor radios to men who’d take The Snip)

So what’s left? Not much.

Social/peer pressure will only have a minimal effect and then only if we stop encouraging people to have children through tax incentives and benefit payments. But, Unless someone comes up with a better option!!

 Unfortunately our concern to help single parent families actively encourages the more feckless of our young women to see motherhood as a state subsidised career.

Such payments are an even more serious problem, because our politicians consider that to cease paying out these bribes will cost them any hope of being elected. (They assume that enough single mothers bother to vote).

We have to stop giving money to women for having children.

It may be painful in the short term but what is the point of bringing children into the World, if, as History teaches us, they are condemned to a life of misery?

In Victorian times, they didn’t have a cheap and effective form of birth control, other than “sleeping on the baby”.

Life was so bad, then, that the average height of a Working Class adult was in the order of 4’3”, whilst it is on record that 60% of the men, in Manchester, volunteering to enlist for The Boer War, were deemed unfit to serve. That was political and down to the majority of the population having a very restricted access to resources but, with overpopulation, you get the same effect.

Originally, the CSA was intended as a means of shifting political responsibility for this problem, off politicians, by transferring it to those men who provided the sperm. This, however, has proven to be a complete b***s-up and has merely created a means by which women have become legally entitled to gouge any male, who is prepared to shoulder his responsibilities, whilst encouraging the feckless of both sexes to believe that The State should shoulder the responsibility for rearing their progeny.

Discarding the CSA Quango, this would still be the best route to take.

I.e. make men responsible for their own off-spring.

Socially this will be easiest, within the family unit, where the woman provides the man with more than a few minutes pleasure for his sperm donation and contributes to the rearing of the children, by allowing one spouse (historically this used to be the male but could be the woman, nowadays) to be the breadwinner and the other managing the daily affairs of the home. 

What about the drones?

I.e. Males, who are happy to donate sperm but who are not either prepared, or equipped, to pay for their generosity.

Options would include free vasectomies and/or man-power options.

(Right-wing? It’s all a question of when does liberty become liberty-taking)

These would range from essentially jobs that were carried out by slaves in Roman times, to the work-gangs of the American penal system. Bear in mind that Roman slaves often had a very good life and we would not be offering perverts and bullies the option of abusing such men.

Again! How right-wing does this all sound? But what’s the alternative? In terms of Aesop’s “The Cricket and The Ant”, what are the Ants expected to do? 

There are, of course, various social aspects to consider:

What about the women, who fall pregnant whilst drunk? What about women who are raped?

In Victorian Britain these women would be condemned to the Workhouse (think Oliver Twist), after appealing to the Parish Council.

A form of Local Council set within a National framework of options might be the best way of offering a humane but fair framework of deciding individual cases. (Fair to Society, the woman and the child). The options might include abortion, sterilisation or communally funded benefits but the actual decision would be made by those involved in the long term interests of that Community. 

At present we have a ridiculous situation where French Law is decreeing that we should pay for the children of people resident in other countries. This system would mean that individuals would have to be members of a particular community to warrant any assistance and the French could “Allez vous faire…”. 

Long term we need to reduce our population and this can only be achieved by a proper education  in terms of social interactions and historical precedents.( N.B. By Education I do not mean indoctrination, which seems to be the modern political use of the word)

Les Miserables

November 3, 2009

Watching Victo Hugo’s Les Miserables, this time from the opening credits, I was struck by the hero’s assignment to the galley’s for stealing a loaf of bread.
Of course I knew that it was common in this country for extreme forms of punishment e.g. hanging for stealing a sheep, deportation for stealing bread.
What struck me was not the severity of the punishment but the acceptance of it by Society.
I had always taken it as simply the fact that it was a “dog eat dog” situation, where the rich and powerful felt a need to enforce strict and oppressive measures against the poor and desperate.
The use of Galley’s reminded me that in the  pre-industrial West, we needed slave power as the basis of the Economy. Draconian laws were the means by which Government found the manpower to man the Navy and to colonise new lands.
The onset of the Slave ships was a natural consequence of the existence of a centuries old slave markets, along the North-West coasts of Africa and the agricultural exploitation of the West Indies.
George Stephenson got the Steam age underway in the 1820’s, removing the need for slave power. It was this that may have led to William Wilberforce’s success in his campaign, which eventually succeeded in the The Slavery abolition Act of 1833.
Society’s attitude was beginning to change and Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist was published a few years later.
Victor Hugo’s setting of Les Miserables was set at this time but written much later, possibly reflecting the French judicial system, which, even Today, believes in a presumption of guilt, and was lagging behind public sentiment on the level of repression shown by the Law.

The Industrial Revolution and the exploitation of fossil fuels are what have led to Today’s plebian, such as myself, having life-styles, which would have been the envy of Emperor’s in previous centuries.
When the Fossil fuels run out and our indolent and incompetent politicians have failed to exploit alternative energy sources, there will have to be a regression to a world of Les Miserables but with a massively larger population to cater for.