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Who’d a thought to attack a vault on the Weekend?

April 16, 2015
Sent to the Daily Express (11/4/15)
The recent diamond vault attack makes one wonder about the Security firms in charge of these matters.
Every film, ever made, where there is an attack on security vaults, has had the criminals led by a genius, who figures out that the best time to attack is on a long Bank Holiday weekend, when they’ll be able to use their jack-hammers, thermic lances and explosives, without fear of being overheard, or interrupted.
Obviously I’m not alone in seeing this pattern, as I seem to recall quite a few real-life cases, where the criminal master-minds may have also been watching these films.
I can’t figure out why the people making a good living keeping safety-boxes, money, bullion and gem vaults secure, haven’t figured that it might be that bank-holiday week-ends could be a good time to just pop a head around the door.
In fact, I imagine that most ordinary people would look in on their most prized possessions on a daily basis, especially if they knew that other’s knew of and covetted them.