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MP’s could drown

December 31, 2009

If Global Warming is an undoubted fact and, as such, is embedded in all relevant Government policy decisions, how soon can we expect to see Parliament, Whitehall and Government archives moved to higher ground.
I suggest somewhere nearer the centre of the country.

Unfortunately, the latest predictions give a mere one metre rise over the next Century ( and this would only seriously affect the area’s east of the Blackwall tunnel (

However, MP’s might like to consider the effect of a breech getting into the Tube train tunnels. Besides potential flooding of a vital service, there’s also all the archive and Civil Defence storage facilities to consider. Engineers might also like to do an assessment of the effect on surface structures, as the whole of London is sitting in an Artesian basin, with problems for supplies of drinking water and land movement.

Still I suppose the Government’s on top of all that.