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March 24, 2010

Carcraft must have hired a politician for their advertising department. If I remember it correctly, a recent advert on the radio (playing on the Government’s scrappage allowance scam) claimed “We will give you a minimum £2,000 part-exchange allowance on your old car, on selected  models. Yes! a minimum of £2,000 part-exchange on your old car”. Or something very similar.

 The phrase “selected models” rather spoils the triumphal nature of this message. I’m pretty sure that any model that is valued at just under £2,000 will not be eligible.

Perhaps I’m too harsh. Dealers will usually offer £300, or so, part-ex, anyway, as that’s already figured in to their profit margin. These cars are usually sent straight to auction (not scrapped) for whatever they can get. Only cars that are worth £2,000, or so, would be traded on.

A lot of advertiser’s are using variations on this “scrappage allowance” to try and imply that customer’s are being subdidised.