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Scientists and Epidemiologists use statistics but that doesn’t mean Epidemiologists are Scientists

June 11, 2017

“Scientists prove Left-handers can predict the future”

10 left-handers and 10 right-handers play “heads or tails”.
Left-handers win 60% of games.
Players say Left-handers have been lucky.
Scientists say there is no proven link.
Statisticians say there is a 0.2 correlation between being left-handed and the ability to foresee the toss of a coin.
Epidemiologists will publish paper claiming that evidence indicates that Left-handers may have degree of prescience.
Newspapers will report the paper with the headline “Scientists prove Left-handers can predict the future”.
On the basis of the report the Epidemiologists are appointed by Minister of Education to design courses to promote Left-handedness amongst school-children.


@bbc_horizon stop using “Scientists” as a synonym for “Climatologists”

October 18, 2012

I found tonight’s (18/10/2012) episode of Horizon confusing.

It seemed to consist of two parts. The first part seemed to be just another climatologist propaganda piece and immediately got my hackles up.

I had started composing a rant:
BBC Horizon stop using Scientists as a synonym for Climatologists.
Scientists don’t use bogeyman (semantically loaded) terms to prejudice discussion.
“weather weirding” doesn’t explain anything, it just provides a buzzword for those who don’t like to rely on logic.
Scientist’s don’t use labels or descriptions of events, as if they were explanation’s.
Scientist’s justify comparison’s between effects by explaining how the cause’s can also be related.
Scientist’s don’t try to give credence to dubious hypotheses by jumbling their own in among a mass of unrelated but  verifiable cases.

The program slowly slipped into the second part with the phrase “they’re still trying to understand what causes this effect”.
Having effectively stated that climatologists (they’d dropped speaking for all scientists and were now using the oxymoron “Climate scientists”) couldn’t actually justify their claims, the program switched to a realistic approach.
Instead of the people of Rotterdam building wind turbines in the hope that the miniscule change in Carbon Dioxide levels would prevent the ice caps melting, they adopted the more pragmatic view of building holding tanks to store flood water for later gradual release.
Despite allowing some plank to falsely claim that we had had a stable climate for one thousand years, the finishing theme was if climatologists were correct in their prediction let’s do what Canute did, rather than what his courtier’s pestered him to do.

Climatologist’s Jamboree

November 30, 2010
Once again the climatologists push out their publicity shots, to proclaim their right to a cushy lifestyle.
This time they’re off to Cancun, in Mexico. Obviously not afraid of a bit of hot Sun themselves, Although  the fact that its hotels have five-star menus might have compensated that inconvenience.
Although the organisers are a franchise of the U.N. (that organisation originally intended to prevent further Wars but now devoted to general do-gooding campaigns), the Secretariat for Climate Change (UNFCCC) is based in Bonn, with their main contributors being financed by the wealthy E.U.(led by the GCCA, set up by the European Commission, so Europe can build a Global Climate Change Alliance between the European and poor developing countries most vulnerable to climate change).
Although the Media consistently refer to these people as Scientists, implying that they are experts on the causes of climate change, their career paths seem to follow the same sort of routes as politicians and administrators of various persuasions.
Their previous chairman, Yvo De Boer, began his career with a technical degree in social work, from the Netherlands. He gave up his role to become join accountancy firm KPMG. Prior to joining the UNFCCC, he was Director for International Affairs of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment of the Netherlands(Wikipaedia).
His Successor,  Christiana Figueres might more justly call herself a Scientist, as she has a degree from the L.S.E. in Anthropology. While not a Hard Science, involving the Maths that might be needed to examine the effect of the Earth’s erratic motion around The Sun, Solar Winds etc., she is obviously well acquainted with the arguments supporting further conferences. 
Many delegates will be genuine believers (rather than Scientists), as they will consist of leading farm, food, Fair Trade, climate justice, and anti-GE activists, but for many it seems to be just another bandwagon to jump onto.