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David Cameron: saviour of democracy?

September 8, 2011

In a way, I’m almost glad that David Cameron is refusing to listen to popular appeals to exit the European madhouse.
All three leaders of our main political parties seem to share an almost axiomatic belief that the British voter has nowhere else to turn but them.

 Party may  leaders believe that voters, such as reader Alex Smith, may no longer vote for their traditional choice, but that they have no real alternative.
Cameron, Clegg and Miliband probably believe that the next election can be fought over the Economy whilst other issues, such as European Statehood can be ignored.
They believe that sufficient of their core voters will still turn out in support, if only to prevent their opponents gaining power.
My hope is that as the tax and service cuts bite deeper, as crime, illegal immigration and  street violence continue to rise and as European leaders get bolder in their crass demands, more people will realise that our politicians just don’t care about the meaning of Democracy. Their only concern is access to power and the riches that it provides.
My hope is that our political leaders will be rudely surprised.
A few voters may switch to UKIP and some may turn to the BNP but it’s also possible that the core Tory and Labour vote may simply melt away as most of the Lib Dem vote already has.
This could happen to a much greater extent than Cameron et al might anticipate, with many Backbench MP’s clinging on by the slenderest of majorities.
Perhaps a new Coalition Government could be formed but it would be unable to Govern without the support of the minority parties and their own Euro-rebels.
Although David Cameron may believe that he has a mandate for a few more years yet but he could well be mistaken, as events  seem to be unfolding that could force an early election.
Angela Merkel’s support is unwinding in Germany, as her coalition Government loses successive state elections.
The efforts to shore up the Euro, which have led to her loss of support, seem to be increasingly frenetic and despairing and
David Cameron could be left with Sarkozy as his only ally, in trying to maintain Rompuy as European President.
Cameron’s arrogance could be the saviour of British Democracy, as Europe becomes unravelled and more voters become aware of Mr. Micawber ‘s economic principles.