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@DailyMirror thanks to Alison Phillips for “the outraged”

August 10, 2016
I totally agree with Alison Philips’ little rant about the Outraged.
It’s good that people object to anti-social behaviour but there is an element of pitchforks and firebrand mentality in some people’s race to be outraged.
There is also an element of hypocrisy in outrage triggers.
For instance, we all know what the c-word is and I can use that euphemism freely, safe from attack but if I used the actual word that the c-word represents, “the outraged” would pour forth from their anonymity and savagely berate me.
Similarly, if Jimmy Carr cracked a joke about dumb blondes, there’d be letters in the paper’s but the same joke about a named woman (Katie Price is usually a target) would be blithely accepted, no matter how biting or cruel it was. (defended by “get a sense of humour”).
The worst is political outrage, which soils serious debate.
I agree that a gong for Sam Cam’s hairdresser is outrage-ous but where was the same degree of outrage when he gave an MBE to his own hairdresser?
Thanks for the “outraged”.
I was trying to think of a neat term for such soap-box orators, having had to reject prodnoses, puritans and pod-people.
Maybe “the outraged” will catch on and quieten down over-reactions.

You’ll thank me for it later.

April 2, 2011
We are all aware that In  Tudor England, sewage was allowed to run down gulley’s in the centre of the street and that right up until Victorian times, sewage and drinking water were able to mix.

It wasn’t until Victorian times that this was found to be the cause of Cholera outbreaks and legislation brought in to force sewerage to be installed.

There was public outrage at what was claimed to be an unnecessary expense and inconvenience. Since then it has become obvious that those busybodies knew best and we all embrace this legally imposed facet of our lives.

Ever since then, the great and good have taken it on themselves to enact laws that protect the Public from themselves and disdain public opposition.

But at what stage do we call a halt to this “we know what’s best for you” culture?

Smokers are rapidly becoming public pariah’s, unless they smoke Cannabis (having smoked a joint is almost a badge of honour  for the chatterati) , and cigarettes must now be sold “under the counter” . Is that last act, absolutely necessary?

We have a picture of a grinning Stockport Councillor, proud to be protecting the Public for themselves, by imposing a ban on Chip shops having salt cellars on top of the counter.

We have some self-appointed Green Guardian telling us that we have to pay £400 to install “smart” meters. How Smart are they? When it gets cold and dark, in Winter, will I feel any better, shivering in the dark, knowing that if I could read the meter, I would be cheered by how I’m helping to Save The Planet?  I might be a little depressed thinking that that £400 means that whoever  imported it from China, at £4 each, is probably Wintering in The Caribbean .

Finally, we have the whole of Westminster, cheerfully ignoring calls for a referendum on membership of the EU, because they know that it is in our best interests. They know that,  in the words of Adrian Monk, “We’ll thank them for it later”

Prodnoses and Puritans

February 2, 2011
Response to Daily Express article about grave decorations.
I, too, find the grave decorations, featured in your news article, displeasing and I understand the reference to Poundland but I do object to someone else, by virtue of being an elected Councillor, feeling that they can impose their own aesthetics on others.
There seems to be a proliferation of prodnoses and puritans seeking to impose their own views and prejudices on the rest of us. The recent story of a woman forced to re-paint her house from a tasteful light blue to a garish yellow, because a Council Official felt that it didn’t blend in with the locale is another example and a recent TV report tells of a local, rather stout doctor, calling for an extra Council tax on fast food outlets, allegedly to “help battle obesity”, all suggest that it is becoming too easy to limit other people’s liberties, to match our own prejudices.


March 25, 2010

hooray for the folks of Huntingdon, West Virginia.

Apparently, they made Jamie Oliver cry. What was his crime? Jamie Oliver is a self-righteous, public school (British sense of the phrase) prig, who likes to pontificate on other peoples choice of foodstuffs. I despise the arrogance of these people, who pervade the media of British Society, constantly talking down to us.

It seems that the Huntingdonians have an alleged partiality to eating pizza for breakfast. OK it’s loaded with fat and carbohydrates(bad foods, according to the food fascists) but we are supposed to eat a large breakfast (break your night’s fast) to get your blood sugar levels up for the day and give you a chance to work off the calories through your daily activities.

In your face Jamie Oliver and other prodnoses.

Footnote: I can’t stand pizza; it’s gloopy and expensive. Cheese on toast is much nicer,quicker and cheaper.