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@bringbackBR (#NHS). My MP is a Labour Whip (Shadow Cabinet member) and her comment may interest you.

August 29, 2014

This is my MP’s response to my signature on a petition email ref. future fare rises. I’ve isolated one sentence put it in Bold Face for emphasis.

As she is a member of the Shadow Cabinet, I would say that they still don’t favour this, or any other re-nationalisation.

Rather, their intent is to make privatisation “work”.

Yvonne Fovargue MP House of Commons
22 August 2014

Dear Mr Shale
Thank you for contacting me regarding rail fare increases and the ownership of the rail network.
I appreciate and share the concerns of passengers who are faced with steep rail fare increases and I know this is having a serious impact on household incomes. Rising rail fares and season ticket prices, which have gone up by 20% on average since 2010, are also contributing to the cost of living crisis that is affecting people across the country.
I believe there needs to be real reform of our railways in order to reduce costs and improve services for passengers. The Government should, for example, impose a strict cap on rail fares, reform ticketing and remove the power for train companies to `flex’ fares.
The Government have also made a real mess of their rail franchising programme. Their disastrous handling of the West Coast Main Line franchise has cost the taxpayer at least £55 million and they have taken the unnecessary and dogmatic decision to privatise Intercity services on the East Coast Main Line even though East Coast is working well and will have returned around £1 billion to the taxpayer by the end of this financial year.

There should, of course, be no return to old style British Rail and there can be no blank cheque.

However, it is clear that the current system is flawed and that we need to find a better way forward so that franchising arrangements reflect value for taxpayers’ money and create a more coherent system.
I know that the Shadow Transport Team are looking at pragmatic and affordable solutions to this as part of their policy review process and I can assure you that will continue to follow this closely.
I will continue to bear in mind the points you raise and I thank you once again for writing to me and for sharing your views.
Yours sincerely
Yvonne Fovargue
Labour Member for Makerfield

Turkeys vote for Xmas

March 26, 2013

Our Society is being dismantled as State services and assets are sold off.

It’s happening because privateers can make money from what are effectively monopolies, which can not be allowed to fail, no matter how much of their income is ripped off in bonuses and shareholder profit’s.

Politician’s are motivated to enact this policy, partly by personal greed  and partly by donations to their political funds.

Those funds are needed to exercise influence on the unaligned by bribes, preferment and advertising campaigns.

Election Campaign Advertising is the main usage of this graft.

Advertising to persuade us to keep voting them back into power, allowing them to continue dismantling our Society.

We vote for our own destruction. we need a new political system that eschews party politics and their advertising campaigns.

We don’t need Sky TV media bundles style of policy choices. we need MP’s who try to reflect the majority views of their constituencies


#NHS 38 degrees want your MP to sign an early day motion to make privateer’s pay tax

February 15, 2013

This is an e-mail, which I received asking me to email my MP asking her to sign an Early day motion on protecting the NHS.

Unfortunately my MP says that, as a member of the Labour front bench, she can not vote (and I assume sign) early day motions (No! I don’t see why either).

I post it here in case others want to join in.

Right now, Jeremy Hunt is making some big decisions about competition in the NHS. He’ll be relying on advice from the health regulator, Monitor. But behind closed doors, private healthcare companies have been pushing for new tax dodges to help increase their profits. [1]

38 Degrees members have already persuaded Monitor to rule out allowing private companies in the NHS off paying their corporation tax a few weeks ago. But other tax breaks could still happen. [2] Now, Tim Farron, a senior Lib Dem MP, has tabled a motion in parliament which tells the government that private companies profiting from the NHS “must be expected to pay taxes on that profit in full like any other company”. [3]

The more MPs who sign the motion, the more pressure Jeremy Hunt will be feeling when Monitor’s recommendations land on his desk. Can you ask your MP now to sign up to making sure private healthcare providers pay their tax?

Of course, it’s taxes that pay for the NHS. So it might seem strange that companies making a profit from delivering NHS services would be trying to wriggle out of paying their fair share. But nonetheless, that’s what could be about to happen – and it’s up to Jeremy Hunt to put a stop to it.

The government doesn’t want another huge showdown over the NHS. A parliamentary Early Day Motion signed by dozens of MPs can act as an early warning to government that they could be about to have a big fight on their hands. If Hunt sees lots of MPs signing up, he’ll realise exactly how embarrassing this issue could become.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt will make his decision soon. So now’s the perfect time to turn up the pressure. Click here to email your MP asking them to sign the early day motion now:

Thanks for being involved,

James, Ian, Hannah and the 38 Degrees team

I like this blog

August 29, 2012

This man is obviously intelligent and has obviously researched his topics.

My reading of his blog  suggests that he is finding that a lot of what’s going on at the top levels of policing has been made suspect, as politicians scramble to get their nose’s in the privatisation trough’s.

To an extent this has created an edge to his testimony but that doesn’t negate his truth.

His concern’s are from a working copper’s point of view of The Police being upholders of morality as well as upholder’s of The Law and that Police should be moral and ethical.

Unfortunately, The Police are not run by people of the same metal. They are run by politicians, who are largely amoral, but will soon be run by privateer’s, who are inclined to be immoral (or at least asocial).

More people need to speak up about their perceptions (whether, or not, they be valid) of what’s wrong with their immediate sphere of experience.

We may not change the World but at least we can try.

@number10gov What would happen if a privatised trust hospital went bust?

June 29, 2012

It has always been the plan that the NHS would be privatised. That’s why all nursing ranks were re-categorised and their jobs de-skilled. De-skilling meant that wage bills would be lower, even though service levels would suffer.

The idea of setting up trust hospitals and GP groupings is simply to make bite size chunks for selling to privateer’s, with prices according to locale and catchment (same pattern as schools).

To ensure that people would fall out of love with the NHS, the Trusts were filled with administrator’s and paper pushing systems that made services less accessible.

The Walk-in centres eased the transition but, having served their function, they are now to be closed down, forcing plebs to join lengthening waiting list queues.

Lengthening queues causes disaffection and cuts costs through “too late” diagnoses.

The next stage was to cause trust hospitals to go bankrupt, through overspend on non-essentials and inefficient procedures, which a privateer could come in and immediately cut away, leaving a leaner more profitable enterprise.

This stage has arrived.

Already one Trust has gone bankrupt (helped by that wonderful scam opf buying new build using PFI ( ie. Gov’t approved loan shark deals).

The Gov’t will reluctantly write off the outstanding debts and sell the trust off to the highest tender (these are of course commercially sensitive so the public can’t be told the details, such as the amount contributed to party funds, the placing of selected personnel on the privatised boards etc.).

The big problem that Government is not discussing what happens if this privatised hospital goes bankrupt doing its own PFI type scammy deals.

Do they save the hospital by paying off its new debts, putting out new tenders, maybe even selling the debt-free hospital to the same private entities, now operating under a new corporate identity?

How long before they realise that like the trains, water supply etc. such services can not be operated in the National interest by people motivated only by profit.

In wartime, these services are nationalised because they need to work effectively. It’s only in peacetime that greedy politicians collude with

But they never explained what would happen if the privatised Hospital also ran into debt. If we don’t bail them out we lose a hospital. If we do bail them out then they’ll repeat the process, because it’s an easy way to make money