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@bbclaurak @BBCTwo prog. shows that both #euref campaigns were about manipulating people

August 8, 2016

Laura Kuensberg’s program focuses on how the political experts fought the Referendum on demographics and tactics.

They were angling to manipulate public opinion and not listening to it.

People were asking for explanations of why they should vote leave/remain.

What people were really saying was “You’re the experts, stop telling us why WE should want to leave/remain and tell us why YOU want to leave/remain”.
“Why do you experts not agree?”
“You have the same inside knowledge, so what makes YOU personally want to leave/remain?”

We didn’t get those answers and that, subconsciously, caused suspicion.

The nearest we got to a personal answer, was from Corbyn and Farage, which was why the likes of Mandelson hate and despise them.