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Riots could be used to create a police state

August 9, 2011

I was told recently that the reason the regular army is being cut back is because the Government is planning to create a domestic militia to replace the Police in terms of crowd control.
I dismissed this as a bit too right wing; too much like the situation in places such as Syria.
The present riots, by criminal elements, is, worryingly, the sort of ammunition that proponents of a civil militia would seek to use to justify such a scheme.
They also lend support to calls for ID cards, which combined with CCTV and face recognition software would enable such criminals to collected house by house.
A situation, created by the deliberate debilitation  of our justice system, could, because of these riots, lead to a Police State, where any attempt at lawful protest could be deemed criminal and treated as such.

The Dictatorship of Britain

July 21, 2011

A worrying aspect of the hacking case is the possible repercussions.
I was taught that Government is split into three branches, which hold each other in check.
These are the legislative arm, the executive arm and the judiciary.
We have already seen Parliament take control of the judiciary through the constitutional Reform Act 2005, which now has The Treasury deciding length of sentencing of criminals, through its budgetary control of the Lord Chief Justice, Kenneth Clarke.
We have all seen how disastrous this has been in terms of increasing criminality.
The gradual privatisation of branches of the Civil Service is weakening The effect of the Executive arm.
Now David Cameron, in response to the alleged corruption of police by member of News International, is proposing that non-police be appointed to senior posts within The Police. This poses the possibility of a future Prime Minister being able to place a Political ally in charge of The Police.
Threats to take closer control of The Press pose a further danger of political control over The Fourth  balancing power in our Parliamentary Democracy.
We are moving closer to the day when one man/woman could effectively have direct control of The Civil Service, The Police, The Courts, The Press and possibly, when all the realigning of the armed services are complete, an Army, which is too small to act against external aggressors, but in a strong position to act against domestic terrorists, whoever they might be.

Towards a police state.

March 25, 2010

While the Minister for Identity tries conjuring up possible uses for the  ID card – more fantasy than reality, but telling nonetheless [1] – the Home Office has continued to use every trick in the book to manufacture ‘demand’.

Its latest manoeuvre, buried in yet another obscure regulation – The Licensing Act 2003 (Mandatory Licensing Conditions) Order 2010 – is due to come into force this October. This measure, undebated by MPs and passed on the nod, is one of the first cases where showing ID for an ordinary everyday function is being written into statute.
 Less formal age checks creep ever wider, but from this autumn a pub or club MUST have an age verification policy, and MUST ask anyone who looks as if they might be under the age specified in that policy (which could be 18 but could equally be any arbitrarily chosen age which makes the
premises safe(?)) to show “identification bearing their photograph, date of birth and a holographic mark”.  
Note ‘identification’ not ‘proof of age’, and the conveniently limited definition of what constitutes valid ID. Mandating forms of ID is a step closer to compulsion – they can’t entice enough young people to apply for an ID card, so they’ll coerce them instead.  
Moves like this, as trivial as they may seem, are designed to entrench state identity control – serving Whitehall agendas that will not die easy, no matter which party is in power.