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This is a parliamentary democracy, you have no right to any further say in how the country is run.

October 23, 2011
What a contrary lot we British are.
Apparently, 52% of those polled would choose to come out of Europe and 72% want there to be a referendum on this issue.
People just don’t seem to understand Parliamentary Democracy.
It doesn’t matter what political candidates say before the election, it’s what the leader of their party says after they have
achieved power that counts.
In this particular case the majority of those eligible to vote (53.4% ) gave their support to a Conservative, a Labour, or a
LibDem candidate.
You surrendered your right to any further say in what the Prime Minister chooses to do, in your name.
It was you, who engaged in an illegal war against Iraq, not Prime Minister Blair (or President Bush, as some
Parliamentary candidates do not represent you, as was originally intended, they represent the policies of their party leaders
Under a Parliamentary Democracy, the leaders of the three main parties are empowered to deny the expressed wish of the majority of the British people, using a process of Blackmail and/or corruption, euphemistically referred to as “a parliamentary whip”.
Apparently 70 to 100 MP’s will have refused to be blackmailed, come Monday. These people are correctly labelled as renegades and could well be expelled by their parties.
That leaves over 550 who either believe that they are meant to loyally represent their party policy, (not the wishes of their electorate), or are more concerned about losing party patronage than in acting as parliamentarians and standing up for true Democracy.
The fact that they are destroying this country is an irrelevance. The majority of you voted for them and accepted this system (T&C’s applied).
Either read the small print or vote for a candidate, who does not represent a large party.