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@UKLabour @LabourEoin @andyburnhammp extend the idea of one member, one vote

May 31, 2015

I like Miliband’s idea of one member, one vote.

It doesn’t matter if the Unions encourage, or enable member’s to enrol and vote, because it shuts up the Tory Press claims of Unions being the party paymaster’s.

There are many like Derek Hatton, who would return to the fold, as Socialists, whilst having to accept that they are one voice amongst many.

But why not extend it?

If Labour can elect a leader by individual votes then why not allow individual votes on all policies?
Congress can still propose and debate policies.

It can even vote on policy, but let that vote be merely a recommendation to the electorate.

Once the votes are in and counted, then let that be the policy to be pursued.

The party should then invite candidates for leadership, knowing that the leader is bound by those policies for the oncoming year.

This system would tie the hands of the leader, but that is not a genuine problem for candidates, who wish to serve………. only for those, who wish to be served.

It would also allow the party to respond to changes in circumstances, whereby the leader could, on an annual basis, argue for any necessary change, without pundits denouncing them as doing u-turns.

The yearly vote could be tied into the payment of subscription/donations, giving a reflection of how well congress recommendations are being received.

Such a strong demonstration of active Democracy could also draw in the Broadsheet readers, who haver between Tory and Labour, after being spurned by the Lib Dems.

It’d be so nice to get back to a Democracy, instead of elected and corruptible dictatorship.