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If Dave feels entitled to sell our medical data to drug companies, what about our blood, or our organs.

August 31, 2012

NO2ID is a group set up to oppose the use of identity cards, because they do not trust the Government to use it purely for our benefit.

They recently sent out a newsletter pointing out that Dave’s promise that medical records will be anonymised is a sham.

Companies are already busy correlating any data that they can pick up on you. ………..Cookies on your computer. Goods bought, tagged by your loyalty card. Visa transactions. Oyster cards and similar. Charity donations. Anything that can be attached to your name and that can go straight into digital format.

This is in addition to data-miners such as the “free” toolbars that keep trying to download to your computer and all those T&C’s that you sign onto. (microsoft recently sent out a notification of new T&C’s, which basically says you use their stuuf, then they own anything that they can find out about you.

Your medical records contain most of your personal details.

If they are anonymised simply by removing your name, it would take seconds for someone, who wanted to put your name back onto their copy of your medical records, to cross-check your details (address, age, post-code, phone number, empoloyer etc.) and do so.

How anonymous is that?

The Government feels entitled to sell your medical records to  Drug Companies etc.

What would they want with that information?

Well! They have drugs to test and they need to do blind testing on selected people (i.e. the people being tested won’t know) and they have to have controls.

Consider if you have a prostate condition, which can be controlled with specific drugs, owned by a specific drug company. Suppose another drug company has a possible alternative that it wishes to test. No point in giving it to women, or young healthy men. It’s aimed at a specific group.

With £ Millions involved, there would be pressure on G.P’s. (not all are virtuous) to prescribe this new drug, without letting their patients know that it is experimental and may not work, or may have side effects, such as growing breasts (There are men taking Spironolactone as a cure for baldness, who found this happening).

These people could find that their prostate problems get worse and could even experience death, through their bladders bursting (see Thales).

What about the controls? Those getting a placebo. They would not be afforded the relief that they sought and might suffer bladder problems also.

Should the Drug Companies be allowed to do this?

Should they even have access to this information?

Would a Good Government sell such information, or would it legislate against such misuse?

Consider further.

If a Government believes that it has a mandate to sell your medical information, how would it feel about selling your blood?

Answer, it’d feel fine, because our Government was selling our blood to New York City (privatised medicine) until they refused to buy it after the BSE (mad cow disease) problem.

We, apparently buy blood products from the Americans (at least the American donors get paid for their blood) and that caused a little flurry of concern when some haemophiliacs contracted HIV from it.

Would it stop there?

Let’s add in DNA details, which are incredibly quick and cheap nowadays and which are probably logged somewhere for most people.

With your DNA profile, you can be identified as a cross-match for someone, who might need a kidney.

Such a DNA databank might be a good thing but in view of the previous observations, how secure might one feel about holding onto one’s kidney’s?….Or Liver, or cornea’s, or bones, or teeth, or anything else that could be usefully harvested?

I do not trust the Government any more than a sheep should trust the the shepherd and I resent this Government selling my Medical details to the highest bidder.



January 25, 2010
As a subscriber to the no2id newsletter, I was intrigued by the IDsmart advert in your publications, as this seemed much cheaper than the ID card first proposed after 9/11 and which has been “gone but not forgotten” ever since.
I checked the no2id website ( At and found that there are, allegedly, hidden strings.
 I found this:
‘Please note that you are required by law to keep IPS informed of any changes to your personal information. The guidance notes which accompany the form explain how to do this. If you deliberately choose not to let IPS know that your details have changed, you may have to pay a civil penalty of up to £1,000. Once you update your details, the penalty may be waived.’

Why pay £30 for something of little benefit, just so that you can be fined £1000, if you are forgetful?
As the website points out, you need a passport before you can apply for the card, so why not use your passport, when you travel abroad.
You know the passport will be accepted. Why risk being hassled by some East European cop, who doesn’t know that the idsmart isn’t just a home-made joke card?