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Bye-Bye coalition and Good Riddance, when you finally go.

June 7, 2014

A leader in the Daily Express prompted this letter:

I, for one, am pleased that this coalition Government has caused Westminster antipathy towards any future coalitions.
No-one voted for this present coalition, which has disappointed , if not angered, the majority of the electorate.
Many, such as myself, were looking forward, towards a minority government, headed by the party with the most MP’s.
This would have been a victory for Democracy, whereby Labour, or Tory policies could only be implemented with the consent of the majority of our elected representative’s.
If Clegg hadn’t offered his MP’s as voting fodder for Cameron’s cabinet, the Lib Dems wouldn’t be looking like an ex-party.
I like to think that if, instead of selling his voters for a seat in Cabinet, he had been a Statesman and let his MP’s have a free vote on anything, which they had not committed to in their own manifesto, then Lib Dems might well have cut some of the ground from under UKIP and stole Labour and Tory voter support from those desperately wishing for a democratic government


Was QI showing EU bias?

May 18, 2014

Is Stephen Fry pro-EU, or is it his QI elves?
I’ve just watched an episode where the panel was asked to play a fun version of call my bluff based on silly EU regulations that were, in some cases, reported in The Press.
Of course they were all laughable bluff’s
This is the Aunt Sally form of propaganda and must have pleased the likes of Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband immensely in this week of Euro elections.
These falsehoods about the EU had been foolishly believed by many, so “logically”, if anyone says anything bad about the EU, not only must that be untrue but —–they are fools and you will be too wise to believe it,—- even if it appears in The Press.
I must admit that I fell for the one about the straight banana’s but then I had the story about the EU sugar policy and the near collapse of the Jamaican economy to give it credence: This backed by years of butter mountains, milk lakes, fishing quota’s (which destroyed the UK fishing fleet), VAT fiddles etc.
Cynic that I am, I expect to see this episode of QI in the run-up to the next General Election

populism is a good thing, not an insult

April 25, 2014

This is a letter, which I sent to the Daily Express (24/4/2014), along with the published version.

Original version:

You report that Nick Clegg will charge UKIP with being populist and xenophobic.
If this is true, then Nick Clegg really isn’t in touch with the British people.
Clegg sees himself as a good European, who wants to progress the takeover of Britain by a Franco-German superstate.
Anyone who opposes this is, by his standards, a xenophobe (a racist?).
Few of this generation of voters will have been told who Quisling was but Clegg risks attracting a comparison.
Neither Churchill, nor Thatcher were loved by those on the Left, but the majority of voters still swung behind them in their xenophobic repulsion of foreign invasions.
The British electorate is xenophobic in the face of an aggressive influx of aliens but is accommodating of those fleeing persecution.
The Jews fleeing Hitler and the Asians fleeing Idi Amin were accepted, albeit with some whinging (like late arrivals in a theatre).
The present influx is not people fleeing persecution but an imposition, engineered by “Good Europeans”.
More damning, in electoral terms, is Clegg’s assertion that UKIP is populist.
It doesn’t damn UKIP, it damn’s Clegg.
Populism is only a dirty word in The Westminister village.
For the rest of the UK, it is synonym for something which we have long been denied i.e. political representation.
Like most of the political elite, he eschews democracy for their own peculiar concept of leadership.
They see themselves as shepherds, forcing the dumb sheep to better pasture, whereas, many of us see them as Judas goats, being lead by their own masters.
Labelling UKIP as xenophobic will do them no harm.
Labelling them as populist may actually attract support from those who have stopped bothering to vote.

Published version:

Nick Clegg insults prove how out  of touch he is
YOUR report that Nick Clegg believes Ukip is populist and xenophobic left me astounded (“Frantic Clegg fights to halt Ukip’s surge”, April 24).
If he truly thinks this way, then Mr Clegg really isn’t in touch with the British people.
Neither Churchill, nor Thatcher was loved by those on the Left but the majority of voters still swung behind them in their `xenophobic’ repulsion of foreign invasions.
The British electorate is xenophobic in the face of an aggressive influx of aliens but is accommodating of those fleeing persecution. The Jews fleeing Hitler and the Asians fleeing Idi Amin were accepted.
Populism is a dirty word only in the Westminister village. For the rest of the UK, it is a synonym for something that we have long been denied i.e. political representation.
Labelling Ukip as populist may actually attract support from those who have stopped bothering to vote.

@Ed-Miliband will take us into EU and doom the NHS

February 18, 2014

Letter, as sent to Daily Express:

Does N.Clegg genuinely believe that there is any chance of a Lib-Lab coalition?
Does he genuinely believe that a sufficient number of Lib-Dem MP’s will be returned to Parliament, for him to have any chance of gaining a seat in Cabinet?
Even if Labour don’t gain an overall majority, so as not to be able to form a Government, who would Labour align with?
Indeed, would Labour need to form any alliance, at all?
Only UKIP oppose membership of the EU and they are unlikely to gain enough support, from rebel Tory and Labour MP’s, to force a referendum.
Once it is clear that Ed Miliband has the votes to commit to Europe, our fate will, likely, be sealed and any other issues will be of little, or no, consequence.
Barroso has already told us part of what awaits us.
He promised that we would be forced to allow immigration for anyone with EU documentation.
He made no comment about the EU treaty with the USA, which will make it impossible for Labour supporters to see the re-nationalisation of the NHS, the railways, or our energy supplies.
He made no mention of the moves to see our Justice system replaced by the Napoleonic Code favoured by much of Europe.
One wonders why we should even vote for a Parliament, which seems destined to become merely a State legislature, like those in America, whose main concern seems to be whether, or not, to legalise marijuana and who to award the contracts for the management of our State-run schools, hospitals and prisons.

Letter, as published in Daily Express:

Labour would not be good fit with Lib Dems anyway
DOES Nick Clegg believe there is any chance of a Lib-Lab coalition?
Does he truly believe a sufficient number of Lib Dem MPs will be returned to Parliament for him to have any chance of a Cabinet seat?
Even if Labour won without a majority, why would the party align with Clegg? Only Ukip opposes the UK+s membership of the EU and Ukip is unlikely to gain enough support to force a referendum.
Once it is clear Ed Miliband has the votes to commit to Europe, the UK’s fate will be sealed.
Eurocrat Jose Barroso has told. us what awaits us (“Brussels to foil UK curb on migrants”, February 17). He claimed the UK would be forced to allow immigration for anyone with EU documentation.

Nick Clegg re-defines patriotism using the logic of a Quisling. @UKIP

November 19, 2013

War is abhorrent.
The best way to avoid it is to open your boarders to the invading hordes and allow them to walk in.
You can avoid them pillaging the country’s wealth by agreeing favourable trade deals and offering to fund the subsistence of their settlers.
This, of course, means that levies must be raised on the native population to fund their new neighbours. A small price to pay to avoid bloodshed.
To ensure a reduced social friction with the invaders, it is essential to accept their rule of Law, even if it means a neighbour may be dragged from his home in the middle of the night, by your own Gendarmerie, and sent off to a prison in the homeland of your new “partners”.
This is, it seems, the  patriotism of Nick Clegg.
At least, when Marshall Petain and  Quisling accepted such a patriotic form of existence, the invaders wore a smart uniform and carried guns to persuade those of their countrymen, who couldn’t accept such a beneficial arrangement.

@labourpress Is Ed Balls serious about borrowing Cleggie’s idiotic view on the Winter fuel Allowance

June 3, 2013

Version posted to Daily Express

Is Labour intent on losing the next election?
 Ed Miliband is intent on saying nothing about an EU referendum but Ed Balls feels relaxed about announcing that he’ll means test the Winter fuel Allowance.
Is Ed Balls showing his lack of a grasp of basic economics, or is he showing his contempt for his core voters?
Ignore the public aggravation engendered in assessing qualification for entitlement to the Winter Fuel Allowance, i.e. asking us whether we’re poor enough to deserve it.
How much will it save after the cost of administering it?
If he raised the rate of tax by 0.5%, he would effectively recoup the Winter fuel Allowance from the “rich” pensioners, at minimal cost and with minimal friction.
Assuming that he grasps the economic idiocy of this plan, it must be that he thinks Labour voters are mean minded and Socialism really is the politics of envy.
The Conservatives are scoring own goal, after own goal, at the moment.
Dave Cameron must be hoping that not only can he lead the Tories into the next election but that the two Eds are his opposition.

Version printed

Fuel allowance proposals don’t add up to a saving
IS Labour intent on losing the next election? Ed Miliband is happy to say nothing about an EU referendum while Ed Balls is relaxed enough to announce he’ll means test the winter fuel allowance (“Balls: We will scrap winter fuel aid for all”, June 3).
Mr Balls is either showing little grasp of basic economics or contempt for his core voters.
Forget the public aggravation engendered in assessing qualification for entitlement to the payment, i.e. asking if we’re poor enough to deserve it but how much will actually be saved after paying the cost of administering the plan?
If he raised tax rates by 0.5 per cent, he would recoup the same amount from ‘rich’ pensioners at minimal cost and minimal friction.
The Tories are scoring own goal after own goal, so David Cameron must be praying that he can lead his party into the next election with the two Eds still in business.

If there was a General Election Tomorrow, Ed Miliband would become P.M.

September 28, 2011

If there was a General Election Tomorrow, Ed Miliband would become P.M.

Despite what politico’s say about his conference speech, he has said enogh to convince a lot of core voters that he is not New Labour.

It doesn’t matter if he holds true to his unspoken promise.

David Cameron became Prime Minister because og Nick Clegg’s support and voter’s abreaction to Brown and Blair.

Lib Dem’s support will fade away, especially as they will have to campaign as a subset of the Conservatives.

Lost Labour voters will come out to vote against Cameron, his disdain for the electorate’s wishes and the old Tories that are emerging from the woodwork to feed on the public purse.

The only problem for Ed Miliband is his avoidance of talking about Europe.

 Any “we must stay in Europe” statement,  will send many voters to UKIP but they are still seen as also-rans and probably won’t affect the outcome by much.

David Cameron: saviour of democracy?

September 8, 2011

In a way, I’m almost glad that David Cameron is refusing to listen to popular appeals to exit the European madhouse.
All three leaders of our main political parties seem to share an almost axiomatic belief that the British voter has nowhere else to turn but them.

 Party may  leaders believe that voters, such as reader Alex Smith, may no longer vote for their traditional choice, but that they have no real alternative.
Cameron, Clegg and Miliband probably believe that the next election can be fought over the Economy whilst other issues, such as European Statehood can be ignored.
They believe that sufficient of their core voters will still turn out in support, if only to prevent their opponents gaining power.
My hope is that as the tax and service cuts bite deeper, as crime, illegal immigration and  street violence continue to rise and as European leaders get bolder in their crass demands, more people will realise that our politicians just don’t care about the meaning of Democracy. Their only concern is access to power and the riches that it provides.
My hope is that our political leaders will be rudely surprised.
A few voters may switch to UKIP and some may turn to the BNP but it’s also possible that the core Tory and Labour vote may simply melt away as most of the Lib Dem vote already has.
This could happen to a much greater extent than Cameron et al might anticipate, with many Backbench MP’s clinging on by the slenderest of majorities.
Perhaps a new Coalition Government could be formed but it would be unable to Govern without the support of the minority parties and their own Euro-rebels.
Although David Cameron may believe that he has a mandate for a few more years yet but he could well be mistaken, as events  seem to be unfolding that could force an early election.
Angela Merkel’s support is unwinding in Germany, as her coalition Government loses successive state elections.
The efforts to shore up the Euro, which have led to her loss of support, seem to be increasingly frenetic and despairing and
David Cameron could be left with Sarkozy as his only ally, in trying to maintain Rompuy as European President.
Cameron’s arrogance could be the saviour of British Democracy, as Europe becomes unravelled and more voters become aware of Mr. Micawber ‘s economic principles.

Cleggie yanking our chain

July 17, 2011

Today’s Andrew Marr show had Cleggie talking of the coalition yanking us back from the precipice and creating the conditions for financial stability.

This man is a Walter Mitty.

We were being edged over the precipice by Brown and the bankers. If he’s yanked us back, it’s only a temporary reprieve whilst Dave scavenges organs to sell  and pay for his place on the Euro gravy train.

When Dave’s drained the last drop of  blood…. “Ware, below!”

Surgeon who ranted at the PM and Clegg

June 24, 2011
I can’t say that David Nunn acted appropriately in regards to David Cameron.
However, wouldn’t we all prefer the Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon of the Department, in which we were a patient, to express more concern over our well being than that of politicians on a photo-shoot?
Perhaps David Nunn should have been spoken to about his manner but then he should have been spoken to before allowing his authority to be undermined.
The NHS reforms being introduced are allegedly about putting medical decision making into the hands of GP’s but here we have a man who appears to have been fighting a one-man campaign against administrators making medical decisions.
The Trust, presumably all worthy, non-medical and never to be named people, has won.
The Trust has suspended this man and now presumably has a basis for replacing him with a less troublesome more compliant and perhaps less well qualified, or experienced, person.
The Camera showed a man in a highly emotional state, “who ranted at the PM and Clegg”.
People in such Senior professional roles don’t get into such highly emotional states over a simple question of hygiene protocols. My impression is that this man was primed to go off and David Cameron might like to consider, who invited him to this venue and what their role has been.