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Big campaign on mobile phones won’t last. There’s more cuts on the way.

March 7, 2017

Letter ( a bit ranty) to the Daily Mirror, editted.

Raising the fines for motorists using a mobile phone won’t work.
Many consider it essential to their employment and that being caught is an acceptable risk.
The only way to change their behaviour is to increase the frequency of being caught.
This means more cops (LOL), some new technology, or access to phone records.
The last would have to be coupled with CCTV along Motorways etc.
The real problem is that it would be another intrusion into privacy and would probably be handled by someone like G4S.
Personally I can’t see it being stopped, especially as pressure on prisons is likely to make killing someone, whilst driving and phoning, is likely to incur a smaller fine.

#The only way to change the behaviour of mobile users is to increase the possibility of being caught. This means more police, new technology and access to mobile phone records.
Personally, I can’t see it being stopped.


roads are often only just wide enough for a bus, fining motorists for driving too close to cyclists, is bad law.

June 3, 2016
The call to fine motorists, who drive too close to cyclists will only serve to antagonise both groups.
As with the use of mobile phones, most prosecutions will only occur after an accident, when it is too late to benefit anyone.
At least with mobile phones, the culprit has a choice, whereas, at times, the only choice possible with cyclists (and horses) is to sit behind them and wait for a chance to accelerate past them.
Of course I’m assuming that the cyclist is solo, hugging the verge and not having to dodge potholes etc.
I’d love to get on a bike and get some exercise but as a motorist I’m too aware of how dangerous it can be.
The correct action would be to build separate road networks, for bicycles, motorists and pedestrians.
The present mish-mash of pedestrian precincts, cycle lanes and now this threatened fine doesn’t even paper over the cracks.
Instead of spending £60Bn on HS2 to get a few VIP’s from London to Manchester in 1 hour, rather than 2 hours, why not examine the old footpaths, Beeching axed railway lines and canal towpaths to see if they can be utilised?
Separating different forms of traffic doesn’t have to be one-dimensional, either, major towns often have underground trains and overhead walkways.
If we are going to Victorianise Britain, let’s have politicians capable of taking Ministerial office and using it to achieve something more than the advancement of their own political career by enacting poorly thought out stop-gap laws.