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@MartinSLewis I tried emailing this but got referred to the FAQ’s page

August 23, 2012
One of the issues that you have dealt with has been the problem of consumers, accidentally, or otherwise, setting up continuous credit card payments.
As stated, this is usually not a problem except for rogue companies exploiting new unilateral credit card company’s decisions to continue making payments, until stopped by the rogues taking your money.
As you have stated, the problem is that Banks will not comply with their own customer’s request to stop the payments, even if the cards are cut up, without permission from the people taking the money.
You reported that banks insist on their customer provide proof that they have attempted to contact the other party and ask them to stop taking payments.
As you can see, I have CC’ed this email to two others.
It occurs to me that your organisation has the expertise to set up a sort of freelance affidavit service.
People could sign up for free and simply copy emails to you, as a sort of proof of posting.
It could prove useful, having an independent witness to having sent an email on a specific date.
If there’s anything in it, I’d appreciate a little kickback.