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roads are often only just wide enough for a bus, fining motorists for driving too close to cyclists, is bad law.

June 3, 2016
The call to fine motorists, who drive too close to cyclists will only serve to antagonise both groups.
As with the use of mobile phones, most prosecutions will only occur after an accident, when it is too late to benefit anyone.
At least with mobile phones, the culprit has a choice, whereas, at times, the only choice possible with cyclists (and horses) is to sit behind them and wait for a chance to accelerate past them.
Of course I’m assuming that the cyclist is solo, hugging the verge and not having to dodge potholes etc.
I’d love to get on a bike and get some exercise but as a motorist I’m too aware of how dangerous it can be.
The correct action would be to build separate road networks, for bicycles, motorists and pedestrians.
The present mish-mash of pedestrian precincts, cycle lanes and now this threatened fine doesn’t even paper over the cracks.
Instead of spending £60Bn on HS2 to get a few VIP’s from London to Manchester in 1 hour, rather than 2 hours, why not examine the old footpaths, Beeching axed railway lines and canal towpaths to see if they can be utilised?
Separating different forms of traffic doesn’t have to be one-dimensional, either, major towns often have underground trains and overhead walkways.
If we are going to Victorianise Britain, let’s have politicians capable of taking Ministerial office and using it to achieve something more than the advancement of their own political career by enacting poorly thought out stop-gap laws.



Hillsborough cover-up proves need to protect Social Media from politicians.

May 3, 2016

letter sent to Daily Mirror (28/4/16)

Thank you for Brian Reade’s piece on Hillsborough.
It sums up the attitude of the establishment towards football supporters and other members of the “lower social orders”.
It is still prevalent, as witness Cameron’s confusion over his “favourite” football team.
It’s good that the curtain has been ripped aside exposing those responsible to Public view.
However, Brian Reade also makes an important point about mobile phones and Social Media.
It’s a point to remember when attacks are made on the alleged evils of Social Media, E.g. troll’s, revenge porn and child porn.
Attacks which often precede demands for greater regulation of such media by Government.
Social media doesn’t create these people, it exposes them to view and, as Brian Reade said it would have exposed the callous treatment at Hillsborough and those lies spread by the officials responsible.
Social Media provides us with a much greater say in how we are governed than one insignificant vote every five years.

published in Daily Mirror:
#Brian Reade’s Hillsborough comment (Mirror, April 28) summed up the
attitude of the establishment towards football supporters.
|t’s good that the curtain has been ripped aside, exposing those
responsible to public view. Brian also makes an important point about
mobile phones and social media.
Social media doesn’t create bad people, itjust exposes them. And as
Brian said it would have exposed the callous treatment at Hillsborough
and the lies spread by officials.
Social media gives us a much greater say in how we are governed than
a vote at the polls every five years.

Mobile phone tumour.

November 3, 2009

I recall an article, from several years ago, that announced that a Swedish University team had detected a disruption of the process of mitosis in cells.
That is, as cells divide and the chromosomes replicate, some damage may occur.
I know that chromosomes are much smaller, than the wavelength of mobile phone radiation, but it seems possible that the research is valid.
If so, then this could result in tumours.
Usually a damaged cell will be caused to die (apoptosis) by its neighbours.
Occasionally a cell does not die but will be unable to perform its proper function and find its proper place in a tissue. It will just begin reproducing without control. This lump of damaged cells is called a tumour and does damage simply by the process of squashing neighbouring cells and maybe cutting off their blood supply.
Some tumours can grow, choke their own blood supply and either die off completely or just cycle between growth and death.
Any tumour in the Head is going to damage something vital, whereas a tumour in some places can be inconsequential, until a cell breaks off and enters either the blood stream or the lymphatic system, where it can travel to another more important and more vulnerable site (meta=change. stasis=place).
Maybe we shouldn’t panic, yet, but I’ll stick to emergency use only and try to limit it to texts. I certainly wouldn’t want a child to use one, unless, perhaps, they used an earpiece.
Remember that the Government has a vested interest in suppressing any warnings, having sold the airwaves to the mobile phone Industry, who obviously have a vested interest.
The switch to digital TV is to free up further radio frequencies for sale for similar usage.